As a spa addict and pamper fanatic, I started ‘PamperMeNow!’ to share insider spa reviews and irresistible special offers, as I believe that everyone deserves to be pampered.


After taking a ‘mommy break’, I began managing Facebook fanpages for businesses and fell in love with social media.


My Two Little Monkeys

The “I Love Being Pampered” fanpage was started in 2011 and nine months later, this website was born.


The mission at ‘PamperMeNow!’ is to bring you the best spa information as well as the latest anti-aging, skin care, beauty and body treatment news.


As a ‘PamperMeNow!’ subscriber you can enter monthly competitions to win beauty and body treatments at the best spas, guest houses & resorts in South Africa.


My goal in writing Spa Reviews is to help you learn about new spas and treatments, so that you can enjoy the best in spa luxury that South Africa has to offer.


‘PamperMeNow!’ is not compensated in any way for writing the reviews, and uses a variety of writers who are briefed to provide us with their honest insights & experiences. The reviews are used by the spas as a tool to improve their processes and business. A neutral and fair review is therefore crucial to both of these objectives.


You can also look forward to exclusive Spa special offers that are handpicked & negotiated to bring you the best in spa luxury at prices that you can afford.


I hope that you enjoy reading this blog, whether you live vicariously through the experiences of our writers, or serendipitously discover a special pampering experience that you deserve.


Lastly, I encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with everyone in the comments section at the bottom of these pages, as well as on the Facebook fanpage.


Your Pampered Friend,



Anouschka from “I Love Being Pampered” & “Pamper Me Now!”