Write for Us

PamperMeNow is looking for YOU to get involved by sharing your spa & beauty treatment experiences with our readers.


We would love to hear from anyone who wants to contribute – including our readers, other bloggers, or writers.



What Do You Get Out Of The Deal?


We’re offering you (our readers) free spa & beauty treatments in exchange for written reviews.


If you are a blogger who would like to submit a “guest post”, then you can publish a short summary of yourself in the author’s bio box at the bottom of your post, as well as include a link back to your blog.


How Can You Get Started?


Submit either a spa review or blog post using our existing content as a guideline.


You can review any kind of spa treatment, including beauty and body treatments such as facials, manicures, pedicures, scrubs, wraps, tinting, waxing…you get the idea.


The only condition is that all treatments should be non-surgical in nature. Aesthetics treatments such as botox, laser, peels and needling are fine.


If you want to submit a spa or beauty treatment review then just think back to the last memorable experience you had.


When you write don’t just stick to the facts, make sure to tell the whole story, and remember to let your personality shine through! The best way to do this is to write like you speak, using the same words and descriptions that you would use when telling the story to your best friend.


If we like what we see then we’ll publish your review or blog post.


Once you’ve had something published on the PamperMeNow website, then we’ll send you to spas in your area for free pampering spa & beauty treatments to review!


What more can a girl ask for? 🙂


NOTE: reviews are offered to spas free-of-charge, so that our readers don’t view them as sponsored in any way. Our mission is to be as open and honest with our readers about what to expect from the spa experience.


Are There Any Rules?


There are only 2 rules in “Spa Writers Club”:


1. All the content that you submit to us must be 100% unique & should not have been published anywhere else before. Once you agree to have your content posted on PamperMeNow then the ownership passes to PamperMeNow & it cannot be re-published elsewhere.


2. Your content may be edited, so don’t take offence if this happens – it’s part of the process. Don’t worry, nothing that you have written will be published without your final approval.


OK! I’m Ready – What Next?


All you need to do is send through an email with your blog post, news story or review.


If you’re unsure about your idea(s), or want some feedback before you start writing, then you’re more than welcome to run them past us first.


Each idea just needs to contain a heading, and the list of sub-headings that you would include, plus any reference links you want us to have a look at or might include in your story.


That’s it! Get started now by sending an email to: hello@pampermenow.co.za


We’re looking forward to hearing from you 😀