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Every year Freebees PR & Marketing hosts a media day with all their clients at the CTICC where we can meet and greet and get all the latest info on new products and trends coming up.


Last year I spent over 3 hours there, so this year I wanted to focus on newness and trends only.


I was typically drawn to a few favourite brands, and enjoyed having a look at their latest make-up trends and hot product launches, as well as meeting the people behind the brands.


One new supplier that caught my eye was Active Lab.



They haven’t officially launched yet, but they have a completely new approach to skin care, and instead of marketing their own brand of beauty products, they will be selling the active ingredients within them.


The tester that they had on display is Hyaluronic Acid which is great for adding moisture to your skin. 


Even though I think this could be an exciting new development in anti-aging products, I’m still in two minds about this.


On the one hand I’m super excited as now we can buy the active ingredients that we feel our skin needs and know exactly how much we are using. Most products don’t actually state how much of the active ingredient it contains. 


However, on the other hand, I’m a little bit worried that we are not recognising the importance of a therapist and her training and experience in knowing which products are best to use for your skin right now. Our skin changes all the time and so should our beauty routine and products. 


So I hope that their products come with a lot of information and guidance, so that people can make an informed decision and not use something that at best isn’t necessary or at worst might actually have a negative effect if used in conjunction with other products.


I’m just putting it out there. As I said, I am actually quite excited about this, and am very keen to see which active ingredients they will be launching and how much information will accompany it. If this offers an alternative with the opportunity for people to educate themselves, then this could be something quite exciting.


I’d love to hear your opinion on this – so go ahead and comment below.


Active Lab


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