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Once in a while, you come across someone extraordinary— and Andrew is one of those people. He is a qualified reflexologist and aromatherapist,  but he is also so much more than that. 


A natural born healer (it runs in his family) , Andrew’s background as a paramedic means that he not only understands the body from the medical perspective but also how to use his intuition in his treatments.


I am a big believer in reflexology and in its ability to treat ailments and promote healing and relaxation and bring balance to the system. In fact, throughout the years, I have used it many times on a regular basis— as when I was on fertility treatment and trying to get pregnant. I found it extremely helpful then and it’s still one of my favourite body therapies.




Andrew’s reflexology method is very gentle. The minute he began the treatment, I instantly began to relax. He was able to instantly pinpoint my exact health issues just from feeling my feet, from my recent asthma diagnoses to sinus  issues without me having to tell him anything.


As the treatment continued, I could feel that Andrew has a very healing energy which he was imparting to me. He offered kind and insightful advice about my unnecessary  need to judge myself for my immune system issues. Andrew encouraged me to embrace illness as part of my journey, as imperfect, as it may seem. He also suggested ways in which I could relax more and use some visualisations to do this as part of my daily meditation.


Andrew is very empathetic and also knowledgable about reflexology but having a treatment with Andrew is about emotional as well as physical wellbeing. I can highly recommend Andrew to anyone in need of some TLC, gentle healing as well as for a session with an experienced and caring reflexologist. 


Andrew Churcher




Tel: 072 242 3668



Reflexology – R450

Reiki- R450

Tarot readings- R650

See website for information on courses.


Favourite Part

Talking to Andrew while he gently did the reflexology on my feet and gathering wisdom from him about my specific health issues was really amazing. Afterwards, I felt much calmer and able to tackle what I needed to do that day. I also slept very deeply and peacefully that night without my usual wake-ups.  Also, I have since implemented some of the techniques we chatted about which have been very valuable.


Least Favourite Part




Andrew also offers Reiki treatments as well as tarot card readings and if his reflexology is anything to go by, I can’t wait to try them out.



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