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Mahlape Hazel asked:

As a black African lady what kind of skin products can we use 2 soften and become flawles. HELP.


Expert, Sarah Daly, from The Spa Shop answered:

Black skins have more and larger sebaceous glands which means they can product more oil. The oil (sebum) forms a protective layer on the skin and slows down ageing, but can also lead to more congestion in the skin. I recommend regular exfoliation products and treatments, and even fruit acid peels to speed this natural process up. This will reduce dead skin cell build up and allow better penetration of ingredients from products, and less blackheads/congestion. The skin will soften and the peels will also work on pigmented areas to provide a more even complexion.


RegimA is great for black skins and the Simply White range from RVB on the Spa Shop site is also great to even out skin tone and revilitise skins.


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Sarah Daly from The Spa Shop

Sarah Daly


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