How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair?

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Halima’s Delights asked:

Good morning I am an indian female and I would like to know what is best to remove unwanted facial hair,waxing damages my skin easily – what would you ladies feel best.thank you


Expert, Linda Niehaus, from The Blue Door, answered:

Hi Halima

Laser hair removal could possibly be your best option depending on your specific skin type and color. Laser hair removal is not always recommended for dark skin, however, if you go somewhere that has the proper technology, you could have satisfactory results. Some lasers are NOT meant for darker skin, and some establishments are not experienced in treating darker skin. The best laser for very dark skin to my knowledge, is the Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength laser. It is designed to bypass the melanin (pigment) in the skin, while targeting the hair follicle and destroying it.


The Lightsheer Laser Diode (we use it) is effective on darker skin, however, in my experience, Type V SKIN TYPE (very dark) is always at risk of hyper pigmentation. Consultations should not be charged for at any clinic, so I suggest that you consult with two or more clinics and after some research, make a decision.


Your only other alternative is to use hair removal cream and in this case I would suggest that you consult with a recommended dermatologist for recommendation on the best cream to use.


Hope this helps.



Linda Niehaus


Try to find a place near you that has the CoolGlide Yag laser. This can safely be used on the darkest skin.”


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Linda Niehaus from The Blue Door




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