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I am always looking for treatments that I have never tried before and only from the most professional people. You can’t take chances with your body or your face. That’s why I am so pleased to have discovered  Best Body Skin in Birdhaven.


Often salons which offer cutting- edge, skin and body treatments can feel intimidating, but no so with Best Body Skin. The staff, team of experts and the bright décor put one instantly at ease—especially important considering I was about to embark on a programme, which included multiple injections to my face!


After an in- depth consultation with somatologist Hajira, we decided to concentrate on the areas of my face, which cause me the greatest concern. Namely, pigmentation, dullness and loss of elasticity due to ageing, lack of sleep and general stress. In other words, I really wanted to try and recapture my youthful glow! No easy feat!


We decided to do a course of carboxytherapy, which consists of injections of into the face in order to oxygenate the skin. I had previously tried carboxy out before under and around my eyes only with excellent results so knew what to expect. Hajira applied a numbing ointment on for at least 20 minutes before each session so really by the time the needles (about ten or so pricks) came, I felt very little except for the strange sensation of gas as it goes under the skin—this does not last long.


This carboxytherapy targeted all of my concerns by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and improving blood flow to the surface of the skin. This was instantly noticeable after the treatment as my skin was incredibly smooth, firmer and almost seemed fuller. This effect was long-lasting but it is a cumulative treatment so the more you do it, the more you see the results.


This protocol was alternated weekly with mesotherapy, a regimen that is, I am pleased to say, relatively non-invasive. It actually does use tiny little micro-injections penetrate the layers of the epidermis but I did not feel it at all. During the process vitamins and other nutrients are allowed to seep into the deeper layers of the skin. It is considered to be a breakthrough treatment for skin – and can be used on any area of the body including for cellulite. This treatment is very quick to do and rarely took longer than half and hour a time.


After more than a month of carboxy and mesotherapy, my skin looked completely renewed—radiant, hydrated and dare I say it, younger!  It’s something that can be done every couple of months for maintenance.


Best Body Skin are on top of all the latest body and skin treatments. Whatever your concern from acne, wrinkles to stretch marks and fat reduction or even the shape of your nose (a doctor there can perform non-surgical rhinoplasty!) this is the place to go. The results will delight you.


Best Body Skin

Suite 104

Wrenrose Court
64 Wrenrose Ave


011 447 9092/9000

082 809 1093





Please contact Best Body Skin for prices.

Make sure to watch out for their specials. They can also tailor-make a package for your specific needs.



Favourite Part

Seeing the amazing results post the treatments and receiving compliments about my skin!


Least Favourite Part

Carboxy is never pleasant and does prick a tiny little bit even with the numbing ointment. However, it is completely manageable and very worth it!



I’ll definitely be visiting Best Body Skin again when my skin is in need of some extra TLC. Next time I’d like to try their Reshape weight loss programme, more injections—but I’m old hat at that now!

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