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What Is The Difference Between Brazilian Blowdry and Micro Keratin Treatment?

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I recently heard about a new treatment called the Micro Keratin Treatment and wondered how this compared to other keratin treatments and the Brazilian Blowdry.   The main benefit that I could find is that there is no formaldehyde in the Micro Keratin Treatment so you won’t be breathing in any of those bad fumes.  Intrigued to find out more, I asked the experts at Style Bar & Micro Keratin to answer a few questions.    What’s the main difference between Brazilian Blowdry and Micro Keratin Treatment ? MK works with a much smaller Keratin particle that has the ability to work deeper into the hair and at the same time deposit more of them into the hair strand. This results in hair that is much more repaired soft and smoother making it much easier to style and maintain a style. Its similar to a Brazilian but the technology allowsRead More

How To Find A Good Aesthetic Doctor

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I’ve said many times that if you’re going to have some aesthetic procedures done, that the most important thing to start with is to make sure you find the best doctor around. I’m not advising that you have anything done, but if you have decided on this path, then best you do your homework.   Even though the effects of most aesthetic procedure, like botox and fillers, don’t last forever, you still want to make sure that you don’t end up in the “Botox Gone Wrong” category.    So I wanted to share my strategy for finding the best doctor around.   Google Is Your Friend Firstly, once you’ve decided to have an aesthetic procedure done, start researching for aesthetic medical practitioners in your area. If you live in a big city, then you’ll probably find loads, but if you live in a smaller town, then perhaps extend your search toRead More

Why are actual amounts of active ingredients not listed?

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“Why do cosmetic companies not indicate the actual amount of each active ingredient in their products? How can we compare which products are better value for money if we can’t see how much each product contains?”   Answer: This is a great question but it is a fairly complex one to answer. I do believe we need to divide the answer into over the counter skin care products and cosmeceuticals or skin care products that are dispensed through a doctor’s rooms or a speciality skin therapist. We also need to know that not all active ingredients are created equal so concentrations can also be misleading. There are differences within Vitamin C types, hyaluronic acid, retinol, etc. so concentrations are not the only factor we should be looking at.   Over The Counter (OTC): Almost all OTC skin care products do not list ingredient concentrations and some do not even listRead More

Is Using Lemon Juice On Your Skin A Bad Idea?

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Is using lemon juice or pure lemon on your skin a bad idea? I’ve read that it is, just want it confirmed.   I’ve heard that some people try using lemon juice to lighten their skin, so I asked Dr Dilshaad Asmal (dermatologist) to answer this question for us.   ” Lemon juice is highly acidic with a ph of 2. The skin’s natural ph is around 5.5 -6.5.    If a substance with a low ph is applied to the skin it could cause damage to the protective skin barrier hence causing skin irritations and dryness.”   I’ve also read that when citrus juice interacts with ultraviolet light, it can cause a chemical reaction on your skin,  so all in all using lemon juice on skin is not a good idea.   Dr Dilshaad Asmal   Dr Dilshaad Asmal is a qualified female dermatologist practicing from Rondebosch Medical Centre and atRead More

Botox! All Your Questions Answered

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Having received several questions regarding Botox, I decided to group them all together so that they could be answered in one go.   A big THANK YOU to Dr Alek Nikolic, for taking the time to answer these for us: I want to have Botox but I’m scared of all the side effect I read about on-line? How do I know who to go to? This is a great question but also a difficult one to answer. Upfront Botox® and dermal fillers should only be administered by a qualified medical doctor registered with the HPCSA. Ideally you also need to see someone who is not only experienced (minimum 3 years of treating patients) but who have also been trained according to worldwide accepted consensus recommendations. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify this 100% as any physician who practices cosmetic injectables in their practice will consider they are experienced and that theyRead More

How To Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

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How do you put eyeshadow on without the powder falling all over your face?   There are several tips and tricks to avoid eyeshadow falling on your face and ruining your make-up.   Apply your eyeshadow first, and your foundation afterwards. This way you can clean up anything that falls on your face before applying your foundation.   Apply a primer or a little bit of foundation onto your eyes before applying your eyeshadow. This gives the powder something to ‘hold’ onto.   Use the correct brushes to apply your eyeshadow. Use smaller, denser brushes to apply the eyeshadow, and longer bristled, softer brushes to blend.    Build up your eyeshadow by applying a little bit at a time. Put some eyeshadow on your brush and gently tap some of the powder off before applying onto your eyelids.    You can also use eyeshadow ‘guards’ or even fold a tissueRead More

Can I Get Rid Of Pigmentation?

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I recently received the following questions regarding pigmentation, and Dr Alek Nikolic very kindly agreed to answer them for us.    “How can I tell if my pigmentation is caused by sun damage, is hormonal, or due to ageing? “   This is a difficult question to answer over the net as ideally one would like to take an adequate history, examine the skin and the pigmented lesions, and even do a VISIA skin analysis (computerised analysis that allows us to see below the skin surface) to determine the exact cause of the pigmentation and determine the best treatment approach.   Generally speaking the following are good guidelines for determining what caused our pigmentation to occur:   Melasma: Melasma is identified as patchy and connected brown, tan, or blue-gray facial skin discolorations, usually seen in women in the reproductive years. It typically appears on the upper cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and chinRead More

Meeting The Cosmetics Cop

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Recently we had the privilege of meeting Paula  Begoun, the original Cosmetics Cop & founder of Paula’s Choice Cosmetics.   This is her first trip to South Africa and she’s here to launch her own cosmetics range Paula’s Choice in South Africa.   I personally really enjoyed meeting her and listening to her story as it resonated with me. I started my blog to review spas and beauty products, to be more informed and to share my finding with my friends and now readers. I envisioned being the ‘go to person’ when it came to anything pampering.   I loved her down the earth, matter of fact, way of speaking and that she doesn’t mince her words. If something is complete rubbish, she’ll say it. I know how hard it can be to criticize a spa or product without being rude. Believe me, if something is really crap, I’ll sayRead More

Permanent Beard Removal?

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Johannes asked: Do you do removal of men’s beards permanently? What is the cost?   Dear Johannes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal provides a gentle, safe and effective solution to permanently remove unwanted hair on any body area, including male beards, with long-lasting results.   At Legs eleven IPL salon in Green Point, our focus is on making the latest IPL hair removal technology accessible to everybody with our simple and affordable pricing structure. IPL hair removal is priced at one low rate of just R380 per body area. This means that it will only cost you R380/session for the whole facial area (chin, cheeks and moustache). The neck is considered a separate body area. This is very affordable compared with traditional pricing models for Laser and IPL offered by all other salons, which charge anything from R950 per session upwards for a beard treatment.   Legs eleven usesRead More

Hair Growth Cycles & Why It is So NB To Understand Them

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  Starting my Smooth For Life journey with Legs eleven has been an amazing learning experience so far.   If you recall, my first appointment had to be postponed as I had to take certain medication which was contra-indicated with having treatment.   After waiting 4 weeks, I finally saw Cynthia again and we started my hair free journey.   Starting my Journey   I’ve opted to start my journey on my legs as I hate shaving them and always seem to cut myself.     As usual I was met by a friendly and well groomed receptionist and then waited a few minutes while Cynthia chatted to her previous client.   We had done a  patch test at our initial consultation, so now she shaved my legs (dry so that no hairs stick to the skin) and then we started with the treatment.   They use standard ultra soundRead More

Anouschka’s Rubybox Must Have’s

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It’s always fun to be asked to contribute to a magazine or company that you really love and enjoy working with.   Rubybox wanted to find out…”If SA’s beauty blogger elite could only buy three products from the rubybox beauty store, what would they be?”   When Rubybox asked for my ‘Can’t-Live-Without’  beauty products for Summer, I found it hard to limit myself to just 3.   However, here are my favourite Summer Beauty Products available from Rubybox:   1. Africology Pedi-Scrub and Foot Balm Combo Set   2. Africology Anti-Oxidant Serum   3.  Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan Intesifying Sun Lotion, SPF 15     You can read the full article and check out what other bloggers (Tori from Kiss, Blush & Tell,  Leigh from Lipgloss Is My Life, and Emmy from Rouge) in their online magazine here: Rubybox Magazine   Now it’s your turn!   Tell usRead More

How To Get Rid Of Facial Scarring?

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  Pat Mojakgolo asked: “Hi, im a black african, i am scard by chicken pox but it was more than 5 yrs ago. My skin is now bad, marks, uneven, dry patches.. What do i need to use?“   Expert Sharon from RegimA, answered: “Scar Repair would be most beneficial to assist with the scarring, however it would also be beneficial to have in-salon Peel and Heal Treatments which would enhance the results of Scar Repair and bring about a quicker result.   Should her finances permit, she could also further enhance her results by incorporating Night Renewal booster over Scar Repair as her pm routine to support in Salon Treatment. RegimA Cleanser would be required to neutralise the Night Renewal Booster and the support of Day moisturiser with SPF would also be beneficial. Photos of before and after are always advisable to see the progress. I hope this helps. Kind RegardsRead More