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Health Box South Africa – Try, Test, Taste

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My dear friend and creator of SA Health Blog (, Emma King, has joined forces with Lisa Raleigh, SA’s top fitness and wellness expert ( ), to create Health Box SA.   Each month, subscribers to Health Box SA are sent a luxurious combination of health, fitness and wellness products. Each item has been tried, tested and tasted by the panel of experts to ensure that what lands up on subscribers’ doorsteps are the latest, trusted and best-for-you products available.     This means no standing in queues, no getting caught by marketing ploys, and no searching for healthy products or substitutes. Health Box SA delivers – to the subscriber’s door – the brand new and best products the wellness market has to offer.   Health Box SA presents a new way to incorporate healthy habits into the subscriber’s life, and is contributing to a revolution in healthier, greener living.   WithRead More

Have You Heard Of Lingerie Letters?

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Today I want to share an amazing little secret that I just discovered.   First, let me introduce you to Lily:    If you love Lingerie as much as I do, then you are going to go crazy about Lingerie Letters, as Lily will send you a pretty pair by post every month.   No-one really sends letters anymore, so the only thing we usually receive in the postbox is our monthly bills. Lingerie Letters will make you look forward to seeing the postman as you wait for your little package to be delivered to your door.   As a lingerie subscription service, they playfully take the schlep out of shopping for panties by sending you a pretty pair by post, accompanied with a love letter. With your preferred style in mind (thongs, briefs or surprise me – love that!) you’re in for a sexy surprise every month.   WhetherRead More

Want To Win an iPhone 4s?

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Want To Win an iPhone 4s?   Get a FREE Dion Wired card & you could win an iPhone 4s!   Click the banner below to join & enter now:   The Dion Wired card looks like the perfect way to pamper my boys.   My son has had his eye on the LeapPad2 for his birthday. He has the Leapfrog Tag Reader which basically reads the stories to him and has amazing sound effects – perfect for long drives and when they need some quiet entertainment in a restaurant.   And if I won the iPhone 4s, it would be the perfect way to spoil my hubby  🙂   Perhaps then I could convince him to get me the digital photo frame that I’ve wanted for ever.   Dion Wired offer Safe, Secure Online Shopping  with an Extensive Product Range and Fast, Free Courier Delivery Service & Free Returns.Read More

Win A Wardrobe Worth R10,000!

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Win A Wardrobe Worth R10,000!       Click here to join & enter now:   When you join you are automatically entered into the competition. You can win a full wardrobe worth over R10,000!   Have you checked out 36 Boutiques free online magazine, and amazing fashion yet? Or stay up to date with fashion trends on their blog.   With clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and even lingerie, there’s surely something to tempt you.   They even have a special ‘budget fashion’ section on the website, with items ranging from R100 – R250.   Recently they also added beauty items like this stunning Bourjois Spring Collection.     Joining is Free & they have Free Delivery & Free Returns!   Join Now & not only will you have access to wonderful fashion, but you’ll also automatically be entered into this awesome competition.   Go on ~ you gotta be in it to winRead More

RegimA Peels

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RegimA products that I received after the peel

I know that some of my friends are pretty wary of peels and thought that some of you might feel the same.  As I was recently invited to experience a RegimA peel, I wanted to share it with you, so that you had a clearer insight into what a peel is and does.   Linda from Kinetic Contours @ The Blue Door, and RegimA invited me to have a peel done last week. I have what some call adult acne or hormonal break outs once a month, and I absolutely hate them. Obviously because they don’t do anything for my vanity or self confidence, but mainly because these buggers are actually darn sore. They come out of nowhere and just sit there for days, even weeks and you just cannot do anything to them except try to avoid them like the plague.   I had heard that peels are greatRead More

The Spa Shop

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South Africa’s online site for spa quality products     A few months ago I came across The Spa Shop on Facebook and was very excited to see so many local products on the site.   Since then I’ve been in touch with Sarah finding out a bit more about how it all started.   Sarah has worked in the Spa industry for many years and has a wealth of knowledge in recommending products, brand and wellness desitations to her clients and friends.   Noticing the exciting move by many companies to the online realm, Sarah decided that this would be a fantastic platform to indulge her professional skills and her desire for creativity – at the same time. After much research on the subject, Sarah chose to stick with what she knows and what she really knows is spa – thus the birth of The Spa Shop.    TheRead More

Kinetic Contours @ The Blue Door (Lipomassage Give-Away)

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Have any of you tried or even heard of Endermologie? I thought not! Which is why I was super curious to find out more and experience it at Kinetic Contours.   Kinetic Contours has been around for several years, but has recently finished renovations at their brand new location, just around the corner of their old premises, and can be easily found at The Blue Door.     To say that owner Linda is a perfectionist, is an understatement. Every room is not only beautifully decorated, but also completely impeccable, with everything neatly and exactly in its place, and all therapists are highly trained and experienced.   Emily is the exceedingly experienced therapist that does the Endermologie and Lipomassage treatments. She only needed to assess my body for a few minutes to affirm that I definitely needed Endermologie (all over body treatment) rather than Lipomassage (targeted for specific areas). Nearing 40Read More

What on Earth is a BB Cream?

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Most of you have probably heard of BB cream by now, but might not be sure what this cream is or does. The list of benefits mentioned on the labels make BB creams sound like little miracle workers from hydrating to brightening, to covering and protecting. So let’s find out.   What is a BB cream? BB cream stands for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm”. As an all-in-one facial cosmetic product, it is promoted as a replacement for serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. Pretty awesome – right?!   What does it do? “It will give you a good base for makeup like a primer, even out complexion like a tinted moisturiser, cover minor imperfections and redness like a concealer, hydrate your skin like your day cream, brighten and perk-up a dull complexion and some will even protect with SPF. Some also promise healing, soothing and anti-ageing properties.“  SOURCE  Read More

Fresh Wellness Launch @ Cellars Hohenort Hotel

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  What a stunning location! You can’t help but immediately relax and feel at peace as you walk through the tranquil gardens of the  Cellars Hohenort Hotel to the Fresh Wellness Spa.     Owner, Jean-Mari, is passionate about creating an unforgettable journey for every guest through meticulous attention to your specific needs. She describes Fresh Wellness as being, “a sanctuary where people in need of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, both physically and spiritually will find their equilibrium.”     She invests in superior products like Dermalogica, Lamelle, Theravine & Shellac, as well as in ensuring that her staff is fully qualified and highly trained.  Attention to detail and supreme service is the main focus and part of their philosophy.   As guests to the launch we were treated to wonderful sweet and savoury treats, a lucky prize draw (yes, I won a prize as well!), wonderful gift boxes and product demonstrations.Read More

Botox: Before & After Pics

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Last week I went to meet Dr Pillay from the Wembley Medi Spa to have my first Botox experience.   I had won it on their Facebook page, and even though I have been curious about Botox, I probably would not have done it yet, had I not won this prize.   The Wembley Spa is really beautifully and tastefully decorated, and heated throughout. The receptionist guided me to a waiting area where I filled in all my relevant details and read some information about botox and possible complications.   I then had my face cleansed and the therapist applied numbing cream to the areas that I thought Dr Pillay might treat. I was keen to have my frown lines between my eyebrows sorted out as these made me look angry at times, according to my son. While waiting for the numbing cream to work, she offered me a headRead More

SPF Not Enough

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We’ve all heard that we should lather on the SPF daily to prevent premature aging. But now it seems that this is not enough to protect our skin from sun damage. Dermatologists are now recommending that we wear a combination of an antioxidant serum followed by a sunscreen.   Sunscreen blocks UVA and UVB rays while antioxidants can aid in fighting free radicals caused by infrared radiation which is actually much more damaging. Even though antioxidants can’t get rid of the wrinkles you already have, they help prevent the breakdown of elastin by neutralizing those free radicals before they start attacking our healthy cells.   Your antioxidant serum should have a combination of Vitamin C (for longer shelf life), Vitamin E (to stabilize), and Ferulic acid, and you should let it absorb completely before applying your sunscreen.   To make matters worse, the chemical ingredients in SPF like Avobenzone andRead More

To Botox Or Not To Botox?

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Angry Mamma

Have you ever considered trying Botox? I have, often. It all started when my 4 yr old son asked me why I was looking so angry. This made me do a double take as I wasn’t angry at all – merely deep in thought and in no particular mood. I had a closer look in the mirror and saw what he was referring to – my deep frown lines – or 11’s as they are also called.    Since then I have been reading up a bit and asking some friends who have done it before and basically it is really important that you go to someone reputable and experienced. My friends who have done it look great and did not have any side effects, but you read some horror stories on line, so I am still a bit nervous.   During my ‘research’ I read some articles by DrRead More