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Tangle Teezer Compact Styler – Pink Kitty

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pink kitty1

I absolutely love my shower Tangle Teezer, and need to get my hands on this cute little kitty ASAP.   Introducing the new pink leopard print Compact Styler Pink Kitty!   An innovative hairbrush that is just too busy being fabulous! Cute in size and big on style, it can be popped into your bag and pulled out in a New York minute to reboot hair in seconds.   It even has a removable cover to protect the teeth from fluff and dirt.     Available from select salons, and for R260.00 from August 2015.   Seriously, this is the best brush to de-tangle anyone’s hair.

Hean Summer Collection Nail Polish

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So many of you mentioned how much you love HEAN products, so I thought I’d quickly share the latest Hean Summer Collection limited edition fun and fresh nail polishes colours.   The names evoke the very essence of summer and are sure to make you smile with shades called Life Is Peachy, Island Girl, Summer Daze, Mojito Madness and Lethal Lemonade.     The Hean Summer Collection Nail polishes are made from a durable vinyl base containing a special blend of three resins, which result in a smooth colour with no streaks and is resistant to chipping. Being sun smart these nail polishes contain a UV filter.   Price : R55.00 (7ml) Put your best foot forwards while keeping your finger on the latest summer nail inspirations by visiting Glamore Cosmetics online store.   The Hean range can be can be bought directly from the online store   Free Shipping onRead More

Esse Range Of Cleansers

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If you love Esse then you’ll love their range of cleansers.   Most people associate probiotics (good microbes) with maintaining a healthy gut, but new research has shown that microbes are also essential for perfect skin.   There are ten microbes for every human cell in your body and this finding has turned the conventional view of skin on it’s head. Skin is a complex ecosystem – an intricate, intermingled mix of human and microbial cells that work together to optimise barrier function and keep moisture in.   Esse has used this new revelation to formulate products that maintain a balance of microbes to slow the ageing process. To do this, Esse uses prebiotics to selectively feed good microbes and they’ve used probiotic microbes in some products to deliver specific results. Certified Organic Fair Trade Beauty Without Cruelty Vegan   Esse Gel Cleanser, 100ml – R160, 200ml – R240 EsseRead More

invisibobble Wild Whisper Limited Edition

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Fancy Flamingo

Newly Launched Wild Whisper Limited Edition   If you haven’t tried the invisibobble yet then you’re probably experiencing some serious FOMO.     The magic trick to invisibobble’s traceless outcome lies in its peculiar telephone cord shape. Wrapped around any type of hair, it distributes the pressure around the circumference of the ponytail unevenly, allowing for the hair to be held strongly, without being too tight, or too loose. This effect of uneven pressure leads to a traceless results.   And there is even more to this revolutionary hair ring! Since it doesn’t tug at individual hairs, it completely avoids headaches. The invisibobble’s smooth surface also treats the hair with care and avoids the split ends which ordinarily arise from tying ones hair up!   invisibobble has just launched 4 fresh new colours in their ‘Wild Whisper’ collection: Queen of the Jungle C U Later Alligator Fancy Flamingo Fata Morgana    The invisibobbleRead More

Best Body Skin Review JHB

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FB cpver

I am always looking for treatments that I have never tried before and only from the most professional people. You can’t take chances with your body or your face. That’s why I am so pleased to have discovered  Best Body Skin in Birdhaven.   Often salons which offer cutting- edge, skin and body treatments can feel intimidating, but no so with Best Body Skin. The staff, team of experts and the bright décor put one instantly at ease—especially important considering I was about to embark on a programme, which included multiple injections to my face!   After an in- depth consultation with somatologist Hajira, we decided to concentrate on the areas of my face, which cause me the greatest concern. Namely, pigmentation, dullness and loss of elasticity due to ageing, lack of sleep and general stress. In other words, I really wanted to try and recapture my youthful glow! NoRead More

Tangle Teezers Blow-Styling Paddle Hairbrush

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Tangle Teezer Full Paddle Brush

The Tangle Teezer is definitely one of my all time favourite brushes and now they are bringing us the styling paddle hairbrush.   For all hair types the innovative teeth allows for free-flow tension so there’s no pulling and tugging. Excess moisture is removed from the hair shaft to guarantee a quicker blow-dry. Your style is left voluminous and shiny with reduced frizz. You’ll be blown away by the results!   Bottle shaped teeth in an overlapping configuration.  Extracts surface water for a quicker blow-dry as hair passes through Contoured edges guarantee a nice return.  The brushstroke holds the ends of the hair right through to the very tip Teeth designed to be more rigid, but in motion gives the gentlest blow dry Rounded tips create a reliable and precise pick up.  Ideal for smoothing hairline waves and kinks Fixed based teeth deliver free-flowing tension. No pulling, stretching or thinning of the hairRead More

Skin Renewal introduces the latest non-surgical facelift treatment

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Before & After pics

Skin Renewal is very excited to introduce the Miracu Threadlift – a non-surgical, no-scar facelift.   The treatment, which has been a hot favourite in Europe and the East for a few years now, is now available via Skin Renewal in South Africa.   During the procedure, which only medical doctors are qualified to perform, multi-strand threads are injected deep underneath the surface of the skin, using different lengths of thin acupuncture needles. The threads are strategically placed, guided by the natural tension lines of the skin. Once placed, they act as a scaffold, lifting loose and sagging skin.     The procedure also stimulates the production of collagen, and further creates a frame for the collagen to attach to, showing effects similar to that of a surgical facelift. The threads are reabsorbed and dissolved over a period of time, but due to the stimulation of collagen, the treatment showsRead More

Bad Skin Habits You Should Break Today

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The Tan Lab Review

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Being in constant pursuit of the perfect tan I’ve tried many sunless tanning products – some decidedly better than others.   Applying your tan is an art form in itself as you don’t want those tell tale streaks or patchy ankles & heels.   I was recently sent a package from The Tan Lab to test and review, which had some interesting new qualities.     Here’s some interesting background info from their website:   “After extensive product testing and research we established that many sunless tanning products contain only one active tanning ingredient – DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). Those containing a combination of Erythrulose and DHA proved to last longer, fade evenly and did not streak.   So, why didn’t all sunless tanning products contain Erythrulose? Firstly, it is much more expensive in comparison to DHA and secondly it takes longer to develop.   At The Tan Lab, we have created aRead More

Morgan Taylor – Cinderella Collection

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 I’m a huge Morgan Taylor fan, so you can imagine my excitement when I was sent a pre-launch press pack of 3 gorgeous new shades from their Limited Cinderella 2015 Edition.   I wasn’t home when it was delivered, but my son told me that “Prince Charming came, dressed in a wedding suit, and brought you something!”   The presentation with glass slipper was truly impressive.   Collaborating with and drawing inspiration from Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action film Cinderella, the collection includes six NEW shades:   Party at the Palace (iridescent teal) My Carriage Awaits (coral creme) Watch Your Step, Sister! (hot pink creme) If the Slipper Fits (light blue glitter) Ella of a Girl (light pink creme) Best Ball Gown Ever (iridescent periwinkle)   I received Watch Your Step, Sister! (hot pink creme), If the Slipper Fits (light blue glitter) and Ella of a Girl (light pink creme).  Read More

New Limited Edition Tangle Teezer

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Limited edition

 Tangle Teezer are bringing out a Limited Edition – Lulu Guinness Compact Styler. Available from end of March to July 2015. This exciting limited edition was created through the collaboration with accessories fashion designer, Lulu Guiness, and is super sweet and sexy.   Both brands are British, quirky and iconic and Lulu’s cut out lips stripe design is a gorgeous accent to the Compact Styler.   I absolutely LOVE my Tangle Teezers and this one would be a top of my list.   Please note that this is a limited edition.  Available end of March – July 2015.  Available from for R260.00  

Top 5 Favourite Beauty Treats Of 2014

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I’ve had many wonderful beauty treatments and reviewed many products this year, so I wanted to share my Top 5 with you. 1. Permanent Hair Removal This is my no.1 favourite beauty treatment this year, as I hardly have to shave at all any more. Yes, I still have some fine hairs which I do shave if I know I’m going out or to the beach, but otherwise they’re not noticeable at all and I can’t remember when last I shaved.   Here’s a before and after pic one week after shaving, before my 1st treatment and after my last (6th treatment) I’ve done all my treatments at Legs Eleven and cannot recommend them highly enough. They are specialised in this field and really help you through your ‘Journey To Smooth’ with sound advice and amazing service. Very well priced as well.   2. Self Tanning Oil My next favouriteRead More