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Get Summer Ready With Africology

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I was asked to take part in the Africology Renew and Revive this Summer Blogger Campaign, where we received an Africology Deluxe Hamper to review.    The hamper consists of the Africology Cellulite Detox Body Oil and the Africology Slimming Detox Cream.    As soon as the sun starts to make an appearance we all seem to come out of hiding (well at least the Capetonians seem to hibernate) and it’s time to get Summer ready.   Even though we should try to maintain our beauty routines all year round, it’s much easier when we’re not dressed in several layers of clothing, so now’s the time to put in that little bit of extra effort. To start you off, I’ve shared my Top 10 ‘Get Summer Ready’ Tips:   1. Water, water, water!!! Water is your best friend for so many reasons. It’s great for all your organs, especially your skin (your largest organ),Read More

Looking For A Fun, Unique Way To Decorate Your Nails?

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Nail Candy Mani-Pedi-Pens are an innovative and unique way to design and create airbrushed style artwork using nail polish in a pen form.   Mani-Pedi-Pen has both a brush for painting your nails and an art tip for drawing! The secret is in the construction of the “art tip.”  It provides functionality of the plastic squeeze bottle which gives each design a unique touch.   By gently squeezing the bottle while either drawing or dragging the pen, this allows you to create any type of design you desire.  This product is great for all ages. Mani-Pedi-Pen gives you the ability to let yourself be inspired and recreate the most simplistic or intricate designs.   Nail Candy Mani-Pedi-Pens include: Two colours that each have a nail polish applicator brush and an “Art Tip” for each individual colour.   Nail Candy nail polish is free of DBP, Toulene and Formaldehyde.   I’m definitely keen to try thisRead More

Decorate With Innovative Nail Polish – Essence Effect Nails

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I’m a bit of an Essence junky as they make great products and are always coming up with new and exciting additions to their ranges.   Here are some exciting and fashionable new effects like glitter jewels, sugar in metallic, sparkling or jeans style, a holographic shimmer and polka dots combined with bright colours like rose, turquoise, blue, pink or grey-black conjure-up unique nail styles. The nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure you can touch! Available from Dis-Chem – R38.95   I can’t decide which one I want to try most, but at such a low price I’ll probably get a few.   xxx

The Spa at Melrose

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  After my fantastic eye treatments at the Melrose Aesthetic Centre, I tried out the samples given to me and discovered a skin product called iS Clinical. My skin is sensitive and dry and not everything suits it, but these products were amazing! That’s why I was so happy to try out an iS Clinical facial at Melrose Spa, the sister of the clinic, and directly opposite it.     The clinic is a situated in Melrose Arch and is a tranquil but professional space. I’ve always been careful about peels on my skin and had only tried one light one once before post-pregnancy when my skin was breaking out. My therapist warned me that the type of facial I was about to have is not a pampering facial, but an active one that yields quick results. So, I was a bit nervous but was assured that it really isRead More

Journey To Smooth Photo Shoot

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Recently Legs 11 organised a photo shoot of 9 gorgeous ladies on their Journey To Smooth.   They all met at Black Dog Studios and were styled by Fox Box, Jo Carlin, Spilt Milk, Milq&Honey, and shoes from MADISON – The Heart of New York – to show off their sexy smooth skin as each has lovely lady has experienced a course of treatments at Legs11. Behind The Scenes Pics       My journey to smooth started with Legs eleven in January 2013, so it’s been almost 1 ½ years.   I’ve now had 5 leg treatments and 6 underarm & bikini treatments and we are getting close to the end.   My hair growth has seriously slowed down and I’ve seen a huge reduction in hair as well.   I should have anywhere between 6-8 treatments to be totally smooth, where after, the ultimate reward will be the extra-ordinary privilegeRead More

SKNLogic Body Candles

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  Nourish and moisturise dry chapped skin during the harsh winter months with SKNLogic’s Body Candles.   Available in two unbelievable fragrances, pineapple and fig, SKNLogic body candles are ultra-moisturising candles that can be used as massage oil or a body moisturizing oil.       Pineapple Extract contains AHA’s that promotes cell regeneration and carbohydrates that helps the skin retain moisture.  Vitamin A promotes cell renewal.   Fig Extract has moisturising properties similar to the skin’s own and is therefore an excellent hydrator providing a gentle tightening effect. Fig Extract is rich in vitamin A and beta carotene with powerful enzymatic exfoliation action.    Shea Butter is considered to be the most respected of all butters for its intense moisturising, soothing and balancing properties. Olive oil is known to be healing and anti-ageing. Softens and moisturises the skin.Vitamin E assists in maintaining the skin’s oil balance.  Beeswax locks in moisture and protects the skin from damaging environmentalRead More

Celebrate Halloween After Dark

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VSB_Halloween After Dark (1)

Looking for something to do on Friday night? Why not celebrate Halloween After Dark in gruesome chic style on Friday, the 1st of November at the five star Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa.   Line-up includes Dave Ireton, Shane Renew, Miss Taryn Pickett, JanuaryOne and Brendon Geary.   Come witches, soothsayers, vampires and vixens, indulge in delicious treats, themed cocktails and bloody good drink specials amidst pumpkin lanterns and other enchanting elements.   Upon arrival, guests will receive a complimentary welcome cocktail, and throughout the evening, Nitida wines by the glass specials and R10 tequila shooters will be on offer.   For entrance to this year’s rooftop Halloween After Dark celebration, kindly email before 12pm on Thursday, the 31st of October.   For table bookings, guests may contact with a request for one or more of the following packages:· Nitida Package: 36 pieces of sushi & 1xRead More


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Here’s something new on the market – The InvisiBobble!     The invisibobble is a hair tie made out of a telephone chord shape.   It distributes the pressure around the circumference of the ponytail unevenly, allowing for the hair to be held strongly, without being too tight, or too loose.   This effect of uneven pressure leads to a traceless result, meaning that you can wear it without getting those kinks in your hair, especially after a heavy gym session.   Apparently it also reduces those irritating ‘ponytail headaches’ since it doesn’t tug at individual hairs. The invisibobble’s smooth surface also minimises breaking your hair which is often caused by regular hair ties. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am always misplacing my hair ties, or they get so stretched that I have to toss them, so this could be  an awesome replacement.       Available inRead More

Taking 5 Years Off With Dermal Fillers

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When the opportunity came up to be the demo model for a dermal filler treatment by Dr Maureen Allem, I was excited and nervous at the same time.   After giving it some thought I agreed for three reasons: 1. I believe that if we live our lives in fear of the unknown then we’ll never try anything new 2. I know that Maureen is a highly respected, experienced doctor, so I was in good hands. 3. I really need to experience things first hand to be able to accurately write about them.   As I was sitting in reception, seeing all the editors and bloggers arriving for the media launch I was seriously contemplating high tailing it  out of there. “What was I thinking putting myself out there like this?”   After psyching myself up to do this and then calming myself the f&*^% down again, I was ledRead More

Celebrating Women In October

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    Mindy Katz from RAIN Urban Boutique Spa is putting on a charity event on the 29th of October. The event is in aid of Pink Drive to help raise awareness of breast cancer.   As a spa that promotes clean living, they felt that this was the right cause to get behind: “Our motivation is not only to raise awareness but also help educate women on better health and beauty practices. We are a women’s only spa and this helps drive our desire to help women better understand their bodies.”   Listen to 18 year old, Jenna, who had a double mastectomy in Matric who will be coming to talk about her journey to recovery.   And take advantage of the on site bra expert to help you find your correct bra size.   Tickets cost R170 included will be: food, wine tasting, goodie bags, pampering sessions, expert bra-fittings and amazing spot prizes. R20Read More

Equinox Spa Media Day

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Sadly I couldn’t attend the Equinox Spa Media Day, so I asked Nicole Dirks, one of our readers and social media guru, to attend on Pamper Me Now’s behalf.   Read all about her fabulous pampering experience here:   “Last week the media were lucky enough to be invited to Equinox Spa at the gorgeous Cape Royale Hotel. From the moment we set foot in the door we were treated like royalty. We indulged in some bubbly and fruit tea treats.       The event was catered by Bistro 1800, treating us to delectable treats from sea food delicacies to scrumptious stir fry as we waited for our scheduled treatments.       I was delighted as I met Cynthia for my Theranaka African Wood massage. The aroma in the room was breathtaking while the music made for a soothing atmosphere. Cynthia ensured that I was comfortable at allRead More

New in SA! Ozone Jojoba Topical Gel

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ozone jojoba topical gel

  I’m always looking for products rich in Vitamins, so I was interested to hear that Jojoba oil is rich in Vit E & that the Ozone company combined it with their ozone gas to create their latest offering ‘Ozone Jojoba topical gel’.   Natural Jojoba oil, is harvested from Jojoba beans, is produced in limited quantities in South Africa (and indeed, worldwide). It’s rich in natural Vitamin E  & is super soft on the skin.   Jojoba oil is already used as a base or additive in numerous products including moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners and is often applied in its raw oil form directly to the skin or hair with excellent results. Jojoba oil also has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.   The Ozone Jojoba Topical Gel has several benefits: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Better moisturising properties with a smooth, non-greasy application. Excellent stability and shelf life (evenRead More