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Look Younger With IPL Skin Rejuvenation

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  So by now you know that the IPL can be used for permanent hair removal, but the great news is that this amazing technology can also help you look younger by removing uneven pigmentation that the sun has inflicted on our skin, and simultaneously stimulating the production of collagen to plump up those wrinkles.   Internationally it is the most popular, non-invasive, professional anti-ageing treatment for women and men of all ages, who wish to reduce the visible signs of sun-damage and restore a more youthful and radiant appearance to their skin.   On your first visit to Legs eleven, you will have your free initial consultation where your therapist will take you through all the important information and show you some pre & post images of outstanding results that some clients have had.   Before & After Images   Combined Facial Therapy To obtain the best possible results, they recommend combining theRead More

Issahra Argan Exfoliating Soap Review [VIDEO]

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This exfoliating soap is made up of argan, luffa & vegetable glycerine.   The loofa exfoliates the dead skin cells & the argan oil moisturizes & restores the skins barrier.   Watch the video:   What I liked: I really like the shape of the soap as it prevents the soap slipping out of your hand while exfoliating. It lathers well and has a very rich feel to it   What I’m not sure about: The luffa is in the soap so it takes a little while before you get any exfoliation.  Also not sure how it will feel when you have more luffa and less soap left over towards the end. It smells okay but I’m a bit on the fence. On the one hand it has a very clean fresh smell but it somehow reminds me a bit of medical soap. The price. Even though I am enjoyingRead More

Maintaining A Healthy Skin While Using Makeup Daily

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  How to Maintain Healthy Skin While Using Makeup on a Daily Basis   You can wear makeup every day and still maintain beautiful, healthy skin.  There are things you need to do both relating &  not relating to makeup to it to keep your radiant skin.  These can actually improve the look of your skin so that you can look beautiful with and without makeup at all times of the day.   Eat the Right Nutrients Makeup is not necessarily bad for skin, but it is not the best thing either.  You want to keep your skin healthy from the inside out and this starts with eating the right foods.  You want plenty of vitamins B, C, A, K and E.  These can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables.  You also want to get plenty of plain water to keep your tissues and skin well-hydrated.  Skin that hasRead More

Miha Bodytec Training Review

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I was invited by Kinetic Contours, to experience a revolutionary whole body training called miha bodytec.   “It is a full body training exercise using impulse current. Muscles are stimulated through the electrodes while you do a series of low-impact exercises. This combined training leads to an additional increase of tension producing highly effective training results. The personal trainer can control each muscle group individually by adjusting the training intensity according to your individual goals. “ SOURCE   OMW – this will give you the most intense and most effective full-body workout that you can imagine.   I’ve often wondered how celebrities look so good, as surely they don’t have time to go to the gym everyday. I think this might be one of their hidden secrets. (I see that Arno Carstens has his weekly bodytec fix too.)   I was completely unaware of what I was signing up for, so hadRead More

Acne Attack – Treatments & Celebrities with Acne

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Looking for Acne Treatments?   From Topical Lotions, to Cover-Up Techniques, to Natural Treatments & Cleansers, this info-graphic has it all. Typical Acne Treatments Include: * Over the Counter Topical Treatments – mild lotions that dry up oil, kill bacteria, and promote shedding of dead skin cells * Rx Topical Treatments – strong lotions that promote cell turnover and plugging of hair follicles. * Antibiotics – a short course of oral antibiotics can reduce bacteria and fight inflammation from acne. * Isotretinoin / Accutane – a powerful medication for sever acne, sometimes considered a “last resort” since it has some nasty side effects.   Alternatives There are many alternatives to commercial acne treatments – many of which you already stock in your house. Why not try one of these alternatives at home: * Olive Oil for Cleanser * Lemon Juice for Toner * Honey for Spot Remover * Egg Yolk forRead More

Africology Anti-Oxidant Serum

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Every month I’ll not only be reviewing the Rubybox subscription beauty box for you, but I will also be choosing a product to review from their beauty store as well. How lucky am I!   I’m really excited to be able to trying the Africology Anti-Oxidant Serum as I’ve been convinced for a while now that we all need to add a serum to our daily anti-aging routine.   I wrote an article about this last year and listed the Africology Anti-Oxidant Serum as one of the serums that I’d like to try.   What are antioxidants? In the simplest of terms, they are molecules that can inhibit the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals, which can contribute to cell damage.   What does an anti-oxidant serum do? In the context of skin care, the use of a serum containing antioxidants can greatly enhance any skin careRead More

RegimA Peel

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As you might know by now, I have been using RegimA products and having regular peels to help get rid of my pigmentation and break-outs.   I recently visited Kinetic Contours at the Blue Door again for another peel and to stock up on some much needed RegimA products.     My skin always feels super smooth and plumped up after a peel and now that my skin can handle the 20% peel easily, we will start moving up to the 40% next time.   Even though there is always a bit of a prickle when you have a peel (which obviously isn’t fun), the end result is amazing. So I am excited to book my next peel in a few weeks, in my efforts to getting flawless skin.   My beauty routine now consists of:   Step 1: Wash with Hydroactive Cleansing Gel am & pm   Step 2:Read More

Win Your Favourite Beauty Product

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  When I was asked to share my favourite Beauty Buys from Rubybox, I had such fun selecting my‘Can’t-Live-Without’ beauty products, that I thought that you might enjoy doing it too.   Rubybox is being super generous and is letting you choose your own prize. So without any further ado, visit Rubybox right now and select YOUR favourite beauty product from their website – and you stand a chance of winning it.   You can choose anything from the site, except the rubybox subscription box, so take your time and make sure that it’s your absolute favourite item.   Tell us in the comments below what you’ve selected and why you love it.   I’m super excited to see what you’ve chosen.   Click Here Now to visit their website, choose the item you’d love to win & tell us in the comments below.   Good Luck! The winner willRead More

Legs Eleven – The Journey

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  I am super excited to share my Legs eleven – permanent hair removal journey with you. Deciding on who to trust with your permanent hair removal is not a decision one should take lightly. There are so many laser and IPL hair removal salons popping up all over the place, so please do yourself a favour and read this before committing to it. Because, yes, it is a commitment, and a long one at that.   My ½ leg, permanent hair removal journey with Legs eleven, will probably take a little over 2 years.Why? Because the research behind Legs eleven’s IPL technology has determined the optimal intervals between sessions to maximize hair removal results. These intervals differ according to body area being treated. For legs they set a 12 week time interval and thereafter 16 weeks between sessions. If your treatment sessions are too close together, it will beRead More

Anouschka’s Rubybox Must Have’s

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It’s always fun to be asked to contribute to a magazine or company that you really love and enjoy working with.   Rubybox wanted to find out…”If SA’s beauty blogger elite could only buy three products from the rubybox beauty store, what would they be?”   When Rubybox asked for my ‘Can’t-Live-Without’  beauty products for Summer, I found it hard to limit myself to just 3.   However, here are my favourite Summer Beauty Products available from Rubybox:   1. Africology Pedi-Scrub and Foot Balm Combo Set   2. Africology Anti-Oxidant Serum   3.  Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan Intesifying Sun Lotion, SPF 15     You can read the full article and check out what other bloggers (Tori from Kiss, Blush & Tell,  Leigh from Lipgloss Is My Life, and Emmy from Rouge) in their online magazine here: Rubybox Magazine   Now it’s your turn!   Tell usRead More

If You Can’t Get To It, Beauty Spoon It!

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  Have you heard of the Beauty Spoon?   New to South Africa, this cosmetic tool can be used to remove all the remaining product from nearly empty bottles and containers.   It’s ergonomic handle, flexible stem & contoured spoon, makes it easy to retrieve every bit of liquid and cream from those pesky hard to reach places.   Designed by Claudia Hoexter when she couldn’t get to the bottom of an expensive serum she’d purchased, and realised that she most probably wasn’t the only woman with this problem.   Click Here to see Claudia use the beauty spoon on Live Well Network.     Recommended retail price for the single pack is R110 & for the double pack (show above) is R169.   This is definitely going to come in handy, especially with my foundation bottles that drive me insane as you can see all your precious product just sittingRead More

Rubybox Christmas Gifting

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If you are already dreading the annual Christmas shopping rush, then Rubybox might be just the answer for you.   Not only do they have a great Xmas gift guide, packed with gorgeous beauty editor-endorsed gifts, it also includes free gift wrapping, a customized hand-written note and free delivery. I’m already breathing a sigh of relief.   And finally, as if that’s not enough, they’ve got one last surprise. Every time you place an order, you’ll receive three free beauty samples of your choice!  I love a gift that keeps on giving 😉   Now that’s the way I like to shop.   Here are just a few of the items I’d love to receive in my Xmas stocking – and there are over 250 items to choose from:                       Happy Festive Shopping Everyone!   Click Here to see what else theyRead More