Bella Bronze Review

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After the tan :)

There’s nothing like a tan to make you feel healthier, more attractive and to trick you into imagining that the holiday you’ve just returned from is lasting a little bit longer. When you’re as pale as I am, even the slightest bit of colour can make you feel exotic. So, I was very pleased to accept a spray tan from Kim of Bella Bronze. Kim uses the very latest technology for her tans—and best of all, she comes to your house. Yes! A travelling tan mistress.   Before the tan, Kim asks me to shower or bath and exfoliate my skin with a loofah or exfoliating gloves, but no oil based exfoliators. If you have neither, you can simply add a bit of sugar or salt to your normal body wash, which will work just as well. This ensures that there is a smooth, fresh surface to bronze and thatRead More

pHformula Skin Resurfacing

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After chatting to Dr Kim Prescott from Anuyu Body and Skin, she invited me to experience the pHformula A.G.E. facial which is a range she came across in Europe.   On returning to Cape Town, she introduced this range to her Wynberg spa and I asked her why this particular product stood out for her.   Kim explained that pHformula was hitting Wow factor in London for quick and very good results, but was still very new here. It is developed in Barcelona using a new generation approach (multiple gentler fruit acids, lactic acid, lactobionic acids etc) and a high technology skin delivery system for enhanced penetration of active products.   Very importantly, they are trialled on sun-exposed skins – both in Spain and Middle East. Most of glycolic ranges are developed for use in Caucasian skins and there are big risks for inflammatory responses and hyperpigmentation – or hypopigmentationRead More

Phumula Spa At The Hyatt Regency

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I am fairly suspicious of hotel spas as I often find that the therapists who work there are not as good as in boutique salons. Of course, there are exceptions and the Phumula Spa at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosebank is one of them.     When I made the appointment, I had not had a facial for a very long time (a few months at least) and so was looking very forward to having the skin on my face pampered. As one would expect of any good hotel spa, the change room facilities offer a locker where you can put your things, a fluffy gown and slippers both of which had the immediate effect of making me want to sleep.     Décor-wise the spa is apparently due for an upgrade of its kind of African, natural-toned interior, so the manager explained. It will then be congruent with theRead More

Sorbet Parkhurst Review

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Awesome ombre effect for my hands

  It seems that everywhere you look, there’s a Sorbet salon: they’re taking over the local beauty world—and for good reason!  It seems like it might be easy to find a good mani/pedi because of the proliferation of nail bars in Jozi, but it isn’t. The latest Sorbet to open is in the heart of vibey Parkhurst—and just like the others, the décor is bright, fresh and no-frills.     I love having my feet and hands done simultaneously as it really does save time. Bridget is assigned to my fingers and Happy to my toes. The pair of them are just lovely and I am very impressed with their professionalism. Bridget is the very first nail therapist to suggest some acrylic to fill in the ridges on my thumbs, which are badly damaged from years of nail and cuticle biting. Once she carefully applies it, my nails are instantlyRead More

10 Benefits Of IPL Hair Removal For Men

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I recently went for my 4th IPL hair removal session on my legs at Legs Eleven and mentioned it to my mother, at a family braai. Much to my surprise, my brother overheard and starting asking me about it. I would never have guessed that he would be interested in this, but he sounded pretty keen on learning more about it.   The great thing about IPL is that you can go all the way and be totally Smooth For Life, or just have a few treatments and thin the hair which is often enough for men.   I chatted to Tiana, my therapist, and surprisingly they have a huge male client base.     So if your other half ever complains of hair, chat to them about IPL, as you might find them very open to the idea.   Here’s some info I received that you can share withRead More

Can we really lose cm’s without exercising?

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Before & After 2nd treatment

  I was recently invited to try out a couple of Vaser Shape treatments at Sculptique.   Scluptique is an aesthetic practice situated in Wynberg, founded by Dr Barlodien Kotze, an aesthetic practitioner, with a passion for expressing herself through the art of facial rejuvenation and body sculpting.   They are the ONLY clinic in South Africa with the Vaser Shape machine, so it’s still a hidden gem that none of your friends will know about 😉   Vaser Shape is a completely non-surgical, non-invasive ultrasonic therapy that targets your problem (fatty) areas. By increasing blood circulation, each treatment helps the body’s metabolism, resulting in cm reduction.   How does it work? “Two beams of ultrasound energy warm and treat fatty tissue beneath the skin. This promotes fat cell mobility and encourages the body to metabolize, drain or reabsorb excess fluids. Ultrasound therapy is delivered using a special concave handpiece.Read More

Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction Facial

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  Over the years I’ve noticed a move from treatments for purely pampering reasons, to those that actually show results as well.   With this in mind, I was excited to try review the skin tightening effects of the Maximus Tri-lipo machine, at Anuyu Skin & Body spa at the Andros Hotel in Claremont.   Kim explained that the Maximus Tri-lipo machine can be used for fat removal and lymphatic drainage, as well as skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.   I was invited to experience their Super Wow Facial Rejuvenation Treatment, which incorporates the Maximus Skin Tightening Facial, with Stem Cell Serum and a PH Formula Vitamin C boost 1 week later.   The facial took about 1h15 and started with a cleanse, toner, exfoliation and then a lymph drainage massage with Theravine Hydrating Pinotage oil.   Cari then used the Maximus Tri-lipo medium applicator on most of my faceRead More

SpaRitual ‘Uncomplicated’

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The latest Fall 2014 collection from SpaRitual is absolutely on trend.   Their ‘Share’ color collection features timeless natural neutrals, shimmering copper, midnight blue, and deep red.   The colour I chose spoke to me immediately, not only because of it’s natural nude colour but definitely ‘cos of it’s name as well – Uncomplicated – yip that’s my motto for next year!   With everything so hectic with work and kids & school & homework & friends & family & husband & pets & home etc etc etc – I’ve had to take a breather and step back and say ” Let’s try and keep things as uncomplicated as possible!   What I love about SpaRitual Uncomplicated Nail Polish: 1. The brand – All nail lacquers and nail care essentials are vegan and formulated without DBP, toulene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin 2. The name – ‘Uncomplicated’ – great reminder to keepRead More


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  MUD recently sent me two products to help me create a stunning evening look: 1. Colour Creme in Tulip 2. Eye Colour in Graphite   1. COLOUR CREME in Tulip : (For Cheek & Lips) This is great to carry with you in your handbag as you can use it to add a touch of colour to your cheeks and lips.      2. EYE COLOR in Graphite     Here’s a quick guide on how to create your evening look:     I personally prefer the softer smokey eye (below) and will practice this and let you know how it goes.     What I love about MUD is that they not only strive to provide great products but also quality education on how to use & apply their products.   For great video tutorials on how to create several different looks, go to their youtube channel: More

Bev Feldman Reflexology

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unnamed (2)

I am a huge reflexology aficionado. When I was trying to fall pregnant, I had various therapeutic sessions, which I believed helped the process greatly. Reflexology maintains that certain parts of your feet correspond with parts of your body as well as the organs. I also happen to have a foot fetish and love having my feet massaged. At home, I try and do reflex on myself but it’s just not the same as having someone else do it for you and provide that energy exchange.     Bev has been highly recommended to me and on the day I visit (I have been having digestive issues) I am really hoping that Bev can help alleviate some of the symptoms like indigestion. Once Bev begins the treatment, her grip is firm—just the way I like it. The tenderest parts of my foot are the colon area and the lower backRead More

CaraMia Toiletry Bag

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I just received this absolutely gorgeous and super handy cosmetics bag from CaraMia.     Funnily enough I have actually been looking for a good cosmetics bag for a while as I receive so much stuff for reviews. I even went so far as to see if I could import them myself and sell online as I just didn’t find anything I liked in store.   And then, this landed on my door step- and it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.   I received the Sarah Toiletry Bag with 3 mesh cosmetics bags in pink lace R357.96   What I love about it: You can hang it It has several zipped compartments It has 3 mesh cosmetics bag Plus 3 mesh compartments Perfect for travelling It’s super cute too 😉   Get yours and other great home décor items & gifts like this gorgeous door stopper or Paris LanternRead More

Beauty Must Have

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Even though I’ve seen the Tangle Teezer being used in hair salons, I’ve never owned or used one myself. I was recently lucky enough to receive the Aqua Splash to try at home and I’m totally hooked. I use it in the shower to brush my hair straight after I apply my conditioner. It also helps to spread the conditioner evenly and makes it easier to blow dry straight afterwards.   I also use it to brush my sons wet hair in the bath, which they usually hate, but with this, they don’t seem to mind at all.   It’s definitely best to use while you are still in the shower and your hair is still wet. This might feel a bit counter intuitive, as I’ve always been told that brushing wet hair will break it, but trust me, your hair feels amazing with the Tangle Teezer.   I loveRead More

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