invisibobble Wild Whisper Limited Edition

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Fancy Flamingo

Newly Launched Wild Whisper Limited Edition   If you haven’t tried the invisibobble yet then you’re probably experiencing some serious FOMO.     The magic trick to invisibobble’s traceless outcome lies in its peculiar telephone cord shape. Wrapped around any type of hair, it distributes the pressure around the circumference of the ponytail unevenly, allowing for the hair to be held strongly, without being too tight, or too loose. This effect of uneven pressure leads to a traceless results.   And there is even more to this revolutionary hair ring! Since it doesn’t tug at individual hairs, it completely avoids headaches. The invisibobble’s smooth surface also treats the hair with care and avoids the split ends which ordinarily arise from tying ones hair up!   invisibobble has just launched 4 fresh new colours in their ‘Wild Whisper’ collection: Queen of the Jungle C U Later Alligator Fancy Flamingo Fata Morgana    The invisibobbleRead More

Best Body Skin Review JHB

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FB cpver

I am always looking for treatments that I have never tried before and only from the most professional people. You can’t take chances with your body or your face. That’s why I am so pleased to have discovered  Best Body Skin in Birdhaven.   Often salons which offer cutting- edge, skin and body treatments can feel intimidating, but no so with Best Body Skin. The staff, team of experts and the bright décor put one instantly at ease—especially important considering I was about to embark on a programme, which included multiple injections to my face!   After an in- depth consultation with somatologist Hajira, we decided to concentrate on the areas of my face, which cause me the greatest concern. Namely, pigmentation, dullness and loss of elasticity due to ageing, lack of sleep and general stress. In other words, I really wanted to try and recapture my youthful glow! NoRead More

Style Bar Mother’s Day Win

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I’ve been visiting Style Bar in Constantia for a few months, and I recently got the chance to try out their Palmyra branch.   Once again the salon was busy with clients popping in for product advise or just to say ‘Hi’ to their stylist.   My stylist was super fast and I left with extra time on my hands, which was an added bonus.   As my hair was pretty dry after the Summer, she advised to add a treatment. The Schwarzkopf BC Bonscure Power Shot Repair Concentrate did absolute wonders to my hair, which is now soft and bouncy and looking so much healthier.     If you haven’t had a treatment before, then your hair is missing out on some serious pampering. So here’s your chance to spoil yourself and your mom as well.   You can WIN a Treatment and Blow Dry for you and yourRead More

Daily Dish Review

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lamb sliders

Here’s something different that I was asked to review. For once it has nothing to do with beauty. It’s a recipe and ingredients delivery service called Daily Dish.   There are 4 delicious meals delivered each week and you can choose from the following meal type: Classic menu (includes meat) Low Carb menu Vegetarian menu   This includes free delivery to your door on a Monday. I chose the Low Carb menu and here’s my experience.   Service, delivery and packaging were fantastic. The courier arrived on Monday afternoon, and all the ingredients were packaged neatly in a box with a cover letter and beautifully printed recipes to follow.     They advise you to put the ingredients in the fridge immediately, and even give you a suggested order of cooking your meals based on the expiry date of the ingredients.     As you can see, everything is beautifully packagedRead More

The Tan Lab Review

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Being in constant pursuit of the perfect tan I’ve tried many sunless tanning products – some decidedly better than others.   Applying your tan is an art form in itself as you don’t want those tell tale streaks or patchy ankles & heels.   I was recently sent a package from The Tan Lab to test and review, which had some interesting new qualities.     Here’s some interesting background info from their website:   “After extensive product testing and research we established that many sunless tanning products contain only one active tanning ingredient – DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). Those containing a combination of Erythrulose and DHA proved to last longer, fade evenly and did not streak.   So, why didn’t all sunless tanning products contain Erythrulose? Firstly, it is much more expensive in comparison to DHA and secondly it takes longer to develop.   At The Tan Lab, we have created aRead More

Time To Visit Style Bar

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After the holidays and a crazy start to the new year, I was desperate to visit Style Bar again and give my hair some much needed attention.   Nicole booked me in with a new stylist who lives in my area, so we quickly started chatting about our local neighbourhood.   Style Bar is always busy with customers popping in just to say ‘hi’ and catch up with their stylists and friends.   They have loads of products in store too, so if you’re looking for a top salon brand, you’re sure to find it there, or on their online shop Retail Box    I decided to go back to blonde for Summer so we ditched the low lights and only added highlights this time.   I spent the time waiting for my highlights to take, catching up with fellow blogger Kathryn Rossiter, who was there having her hair done as well.  Read More

Pure Wellness Skin And Body

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Sometimes, I stumble completely by accident on a salon that I otherwise would not have known about. This was the case with Purewellness who happen to be five minutes away from where I live. And boy, am I glad that I discovered them!     Tucked away on Jan Smuts Avenue, they offer all manner of beauty treatments in a comfortable space where bright and lovely owner Angie Nunes will make sure that you’re comfortable and happy.     I’d decided on a coral coloured OPI pedicure as my toes were desperately in need of some TLC—luckily I had come to the right place. My lovely therapist worked quickly and expertly to give me a stunning pedicure that I was proud to show off in my sandals. The pedi consisted of a lovely foot and leg massage too, which went a long way in relaxing me for the rest ofRead More

Morgan Taylor – Cinderella Collection

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 I’m a huge Morgan Taylor fan, so you can imagine my excitement when I was sent a pre-launch press pack of 3 gorgeous new shades from their Limited Cinderella 2015 Edition.   I wasn’t home when it was delivered, but my son told me that “Prince Charming came, dressed in a wedding suit, and brought you something!”   The presentation with glass slipper was truly impressive.   Collaborating with and drawing inspiration from Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action film Cinderella, the collection includes six NEW shades:   Party at the Palace (iridescent teal) My Carriage Awaits (coral creme) Watch Your Step, Sister! (hot pink creme) If the Slipper Fits (light blue glitter) Ella of a Girl (light pink creme) Best Ball Gown Ever (iridescent periwinkle)   I received Watch Your Step, Sister! (hot pink creme), If the Slipper Fits (light blue glitter) and Ella of a Girl (light pink creme).  Read More

Morgan Taylor – Enchantment Collection

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Morgan Taylor has just launched it’s latest nail lacquer collection.   Named The Enchantment Collection 2015, where you can escape to fantasyland with this limited-edition palette of six majestic hues. “Prepare to be mesmerized by six whimsical shades inspired by all things magical and magnificent. All six so soft and dazzling you won’t be able to resist their allure.”   Hocus Pocus (dusty mint creme) Who-Dini? (blue grey creme) I’m The Good Withc (pink copper glitter) Magicianis Assistant (soft mauve creme) Now You See Me (chocolate brown shimmer) Simply Spellbound (nude creme)   I got to try Who-Dini? (blue grey creme) and Magicianis Assistant (soft mauve creme), and totally love both of them.   The colours are super complimentary so I’m wearing them together. What do you think?   Available from 1 February 2015 at selected Dis-Chem stores, all Sorbet stores and leading salons and spas nationwide. RSP R110  

Pure Velvet Skin Clinic & Body Boutique

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As a complete facial addict, who is pretty obsessed with the state of their skin, I am always on the lookout for wonderful, undiscovered places to try out and then shout out about. So, listen up! Pure Velvet is not somewhere that you will easily see from the street as it’s hidden away in a complex behind the Virgin Active in Bryanston (in the same space as the miraculous Ma Cherie Nail Salon which has already been reviewed on Pamper Me Now).   Of course, I am sure that many of the gym fundis in the area have ventured inside to sample what this special salon has to offer and have never looked back. Well, I did too—and am so glad! Owned by somatologist (that’s skin and body expert to the laypeople) Carla Blumenthal, they sure do know skin. Whatever your needs are, they can be addressed by her teamRead More

Brookdale Healthy Hydro Review

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There is a place far away from here where your life is just about you. It’s nestled in a pretty valley with trees and stream. Inside, three delicious meals a day are served and in between that, pampering like no other awaits… Does this sound like a daydream? Well, for a working mom, or for anyone at all for that matter, Brookdale is paradise and it really, truly exists.   My love affair with Brookdale began about 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. The first few months of the pregnancy I was so ill, I could barely even get up in the morning to brush my teeth. I had a glandular fever infection and the chronic fatigue was so extreme that even the smallest task seemed insurmountable. I had to so something to set me off on the road to healing —and that catalyst wasRead More

Style Bar Review

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Having moved to Hout Bay recently I was a bit concerned about having to drive back to town to my favourite spas and salons for my monthly beauty fixes.   You probably agree that your hairdresser is someone you stay with for life, and that moving is probably the only reason why you’d even consider trying someone new.   However,  when I was invited to try out one of the new Style Bars, and they had a salon conveniently situated in Constantia (just over the hill if you’re not from Cape Town), it seemed like perfect timing, so I was keen to give it a go.     I was still a bit nervous but was welcomed with open arms and a friendly smile. The salon was already buzzing at 8:30 in the morning.   Delia was my stylist and we chatted for a while about what I’d like to do with my hair.Read More