Konjac Puff Sponge

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It’s not often that I receive totally different and innovative products to review, and when Infinity Skincare offered me the Konjac Sponge to try out,well, I could not resist!     The sponge basically makes your daily cleansing routine a lot simpler and more efficient. The amazing thing is that you don’t need a cleanser with it because the 100 % natural vegetable fibres of this nifty little sponge do all the work!   Made from the root of the Konjac plant (a naturally moisture-rich, edible plant) the sponge is very alkaline which means it won’t upset the delicate PH balance of your skin. The sponge has a net-like structure, which gently massages the skin and stimulates the blood flow, refining the pores and encouraging the growth of new skin cells.   Well, by day 3 of using my sponge, my skin was glowing, clear and also very soft becauseRead More

Younger Looking Skin Through Exercise

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My husband recently sent me some really interesting articles saying that we can get younger looking skin through exercise.   One article actually instructs to “Forget expensive anti-aging creams, scientists have discovered that regular exercise may be the key to reversing the skin’s aging process.” Source   My husband goes to the gym almost every day and absolutely thrives on it. I go twice a week and it’s a chore for me, but I know that I do feel better afterwards, plus I need to keep up my Discovery points 😉   This article is so interesting to me (now that I’m 40) as it shows that even if you start exercising later in life, younger looking skin could still be achieved.   Through their initial trails on mice, researchers noted, “that a steady regimen of exercise could stave off or even undo the signs of early aging in theseRead More

Retail Box

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Magic Flowerpot Princess Pink Tangle Teezer

I recently discovered this awesome site  called Retail Box. It’s the online store for all Tosca Hair Salons, bringing you everything you need for your hair.   I received this super package the other day which had  this gorgeous ‘Magic Flowerpot Princess’ Tangle Teezer. I’ve already got the larger version that I use in the shower, so this was a very welcome addition. I absolutely love the Tangle Teezer – one of my all time ‘Best Buys’.     I also received a very generous R500 voucher to spend in their online store, and now I get to browse through their amazing selection of professional hair brands, like Brazilian Blowout, Kerastase, Morgan Taylor, Paul Mitchell, Veaudry, to name but a few. More to follow on that later…..   They also stock a few make-up and nail products as well as Xen Tan (which we’re definitely going to need now thatRead More

Essence Pampering

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I just had a little surprise in the post and unpacked some little treasures from one of my favourite brands – Essence.   They’re always coming out with new ranges and colours and fun things to try. Luckily their prices are also very ‘user friendly’ 😉 so it is actually possible to play around and try them out.   I received their pro white glow nail polish (R27.95), which is a nail whitener with an anti-yellow formulation. This is definitely worth a try, as I always feel very un-chic when my darker nail polishes leave my nails with that horrible yellow tint.   It’s a pink-transparent nail polish which enhances the natural color of your nails, and visibly lightens the tips for a gorgeous, pampered and glossy look.     I also received their 6in1 nail candies in ‘oh lolli lollipop’ (R27.95), which is a really soft creamy pink.  The sixRead More

The Melrose Aesthetic Centre Review

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  Stepping into the futuristic, stylish Melrose Aesthetic Centre raises my hopes—they specialise in the latest treatments, which include botox, laser resurfacing, fillers, teeth whitening and laser lipolysis. My wish is that Dr. Gordon Cohen will be able to help me look like I did before I had children. In other words: like I haven’t had 3 hours of sleep a night for what seems like aeons. Or at least make me seem and feel a little fresher and less worn out.   My experience in such methods is limited so I am fairly anxious about what to expect—especially since I don’t want to look “worked on” and stay natural.  But, my meeting with Dr Cohen puts me at ease and I am more than happy to detail what I perceive to be my body and facial flaws for him. The litany of offences my body has raged against meRead More

Rouge Day Spa Review

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Susi & I feeling super relaxed. Who will you be bringing along?

I never know how comfortable I’m going to feel when I first visit a new spa, and this time I was invited to bring a friend along, so I was even more aware of being a little bit nervous.   Luckily, Rouge Day Spa is as comfortable and welcoming as they get. Not pretentious at all, yet every bit as professional and gorgeous as one would want. Situated in a beautiful house, with wooden finishes, you feel immediately at home and relaxed.   I had invited my friend Susi to join me as it almost her birthday and this would be the perfect way to kick off the celebrations.   We relaxed on the couch in the lounge and enjoyed delicious tea and cupcakes while our therapists worked on our feet.     It was raining, so if we wanted to relax a bit longer, we could have watched aRead More

Essence Stay Natural Concealer

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Essence Concealer

  This sounds like something fun to try!   The natural nuances of the Essence Stay Natural Concealer make this so popular. Its tried-and-tested texture contains vitamin a and is easy to apply accurately thanks to the soft brush. This way, skin imperfections and dark circles under your eyes are perfectly concealed.   essence is available in Clicks & Dis-Chem, and at only R29.95, it’s worth giving a try.    

Bella Bronze Review

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After the tan :)

There’s nothing like a tan to make you feel healthier, more attractive and to trick you into imagining that the holiday you’ve just returned from is lasting a little bit longer. When you’re as pale as I am, even the slightest bit of colour can make you feel exotic. So, I was very pleased to accept a spray tan from Kim of Bella Bronze. Kim uses the very latest technology for her tans—and best of all, she comes to your house. Yes! A travelling tan mistress.   Before the tan, Kim asks me to shower or bath and exfoliate my skin with a loofah or exfoliating gloves, but no oil based exfoliators. If you have neither, you can simply add a bit of sugar or salt to your normal body wash, which will work just as well. This ensures that there is a smooth, fresh surface to bronze and thatRead More

pHformula Skin Resurfacing

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After chatting to Dr Kim Prescott from Anuyu Body and Skin, she invited me to experience the pHformula A.G.E. facial which is a range she came across in Europe.   On returning to Cape Town, she introduced this range to her Wynberg spa and I asked her why this particular product stood out for her.   Kim explained that pHformula was hitting Wow factor in London for quick and very good results, but was still very new here. It is developed in Barcelona using a new generation approach (multiple gentler fruit acids, lactic acid, lactobionic acids etc) and a high technology skin delivery system for enhanced penetration of active products.   Very importantly, they are trialled on sun-exposed skins – both in Spain and Middle East. Most of glycolic ranges are developed for use in Caucasian skins and there are big risks for inflammatory responses and hyperpigmentation – or hypopigmentationRead More

Phumula Spa At The Hyatt Regency

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I am fairly suspicious of hotel spas as I often find that the therapists who work there are not as good as in boutique salons. Of course, there are exceptions and the Phumula Spa at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosebank is one of them.     When I made the appointment, I had not had a facial for a very long time (a few months at least) and so was looking very forward to having the skin on my face pampered. As one would expect of any good hotel spa, the change room facilities offer a locker where you can put your things, a fluffy gown and slippers both of which had the immediate effect of making me want to sleep.     Décor-wise the spa is apparently due for an upgrade of its kind of African, natural-toned interior, so the manager explained. It will then be congruent with theRead More

Sorbet Parkhurst Review

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Awesome ombre effect for my hands

  It seems that everywhere you look, there’s a Sorbet salon: they’re taking over the local beauty world—and for good reason!  It seems like it might be easy to find a good mani/pedi because of the proliferation of nail bars in Jozi, but it isn’t. The latest Sorbet to open is in the heart of vibey Parkhurst—and just like the others, the décor is bright, fresh and no-frills.     I love having my feet and hands done simultaneously as it really does save time. Bridget is assigned to my fingers and Happy to my toes. The pair of them are just lovely and I am very impressed with their professionalism. Bridget is the very first nail therapist to suggest some acrylic to fill in the ridges on my thumbs, which are badly damaged from years of nail and cuticle biting. Once she carefully applies it, my nails are instantlyRead More

10 Benefits Of IPL Hair Removal For Men

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I recently went for my 4th IPL hair removal session on my legs at Legs Eleven and mentioned it to my mother, at a family braai. Much to my surprise, my brother overheard and starting asking me about it. I would never have guessed that he would be interested in this, but he sounded pretty keen on learning more about it.   The great thing about IPL is that you can go all the way and be totally Smooth For Life, or just have a few treatments and thin the hair which is often enough for men.   I chatted to Tiana, my therapist, and surprisingly they have a huge male client base.     So if your other half ever complains of hair, chat to them about IPL, as you might find them very open to the idea.   Here’s some info I received that you can share withRead More