What Is The Difference Between Brazilian Blowdry and Micro Keratin Treatment?

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I recently heard about a new treatment called the Micro Keratin Treatment and wondered how this compared to other keratin treatments and the Brazilian Blowdry.


The main benefit that I could find is that there is no formaldehyde in the Micro Keratin Treatment so you won’t be breathing in any of those bad fumes.  Intrigued to find out more, I asked the experts at Style Bar & Micro Keratin to answer a few questions. 


What’s the main difference between Brazilian Blowdry and Micro Keratin Treatment ?

MK works with a much smaller Keratin particle that has the ability to work deeper into the hair and at the same time deposit more of them into the hair strand. This results in hair that is much more repaired soft and smoother making it much easier to style and maintain a style. Its similar to a Brazilian but the technology allows for the hair to feel lighter, less heavy and less oily as MK does not cover or coat the hair as we usually find with Brazilians.

Is it similar in that it slowly ‘washes’ out or does it grow out?

It does fade over time and the best way to make this treatment last is to take care of your hair and use the correct after care. Our after care range contains 10% Nano Keratin and replaces all lost Keratin wash after wash. The mask however is the king of them all and really boosts the hair whenever you feel keratin is lost.

How is Micro Keratin different from Keratin? Most info on the web is about Keratin treatments which you leave in for 3 days.

I think the above will give you more of an true indication of what makes MK different to the rest. The real plus here too is that there is no rinsing needed in salon after the treatment was ironed and also no waiting period before you can was again. Its all instant and takes about 2 hours to get done in salon from start to finish.


How long does the Micro Keratin Treatment last?

It lasts 3 to 6 months. This depends on you hair type, your level of activity and after care investment to maintain the treatment.

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