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If you love Esse then you’ll love their range of cleansers.


Most people associate probiotics (good microbes) with maintaining a healthy gut, but new research has shown that microbes are also essential for perfect skin.


There are ten microbes for every human cell in your body and this finding has turned the conventional view of skin on it’s head. Skin is a complex ecosystem – an intricate, intermingled mix of human and microbial cells that work together to optimise barrier function and keep moisture in.


Esse has used this new revelation to formulate products that maintain a balance of microbes to slow the ageing process. To do this, Esse uses prebiotics to selectively feed good microbes and they’ve used probiotic microbes in some products to deliver specific results.

  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Beauty Without Cruelty
  • Vegan


Esse Gel Cleanser, 100ml – R160, 200ml – R240

Esse Gel Cleanser is a foaming, tingling wash that deep cleanses without drying.   Peppermint and Spearmint oils refresh and improve microcirculation to aid in the elimination of toxins. pH balanced at 4.5 using mild biodegradable surfactants made from coconut oil and glucose.

African Aloe Vera exhibits anti-inflammatory properties:

  • Can be used as a body wash
  • Safe to use on acne affected skins
  • Can be used as a shaving gel



Esse Refining Cleanser, 150ml – R190.00

Esse Refining Cleanser is a lightly foaming clay wash that exfoliates while detoxifying.

Bentonite clay particles act as superfine exfoliating granules while drawing toxins. Kalahari Melon Oil adds omegsa-6 essential fatty acids to help maintain the skins lipid balance.

Conveniently packaged in a tube, this product is ideal for including in a gym bag or for traveling with.

  • a highly effective deep cleanse after physical activity
  • for oily skins that require regular, thorough cleansing.
  • a no fuss, thorough cleanse for male skins
  • between season cleanse for all skins to detox and refine



Esse Eye Make-Up Remover, 100ml – R150.00

Esse eye-make up remover is a water based, ultra light emulsion which dissolves make-up without irritation, leaving eyelids relaxed and hydrated.

Jojoba Oil acts to heal and hydrate while Aloe Vera soothes and neutralises skin irritants.

Apply to eyelids and massage gently using fingertips, remove with dampened cotton pads. Effectively removes lipstick.

Hydrates while cleansing, leaves the eyelids relaxed

  • Can be used as a pre cleanse



Esse Cream Cleanser, 100ml – R180, 200ml – R260

Esse Cream Cleanser gently and effectively removes dirt and make-up by binding with oil-based impurities allowing them to be rinsed away.

Baobab oil keeps the skin moisturised during cleansing. pH balanced and uses mild natural surfactants based on plant oils and glucose.

Palmrosa oil balances sebum production whilst its antiseptic properties ensure a healthy cleanse

Excellent eye make-up removal properties – use with a cotton pad Mildly exfoliating when used with a cotton face cloth



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