Hair Growth Cycles & Why It is So NB To Understand Them

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Starting my Smooth For Life journey with Legs eleven has been an amazing learning experience so far.


If you recall, my first appointment had to be postponed as I had to take certain medication which was contra-indicated with having treatment.


After waiting 4 weeks, I finally saw Cynthia again and we started my hair free journey.


Starting my Journey


I’ve opted to start my journey on my legs as I hate shaving them and always seem to cut myself.




As usual I was met by a friendly and well groomed receptionist and then waited a few minutes while Cynthia chatted to her previous client.


We had done a  patch test at our initial consultation, so now she shaved my legs (dry so that no hairs stick to the skin) and then we started with the treatment.


They use standard ultra sound gel to improve the absorption of the light and it also allows them to see where the applicator has been as it leaves an imprint in the gel.


I always have loads of questions, so I took a bit more of her time but usually you should be able to complete your 1/2 leg session in 45 minutes. BTW combined under-arm and bikini is also 45 minutes.


Hair Growth Cycles


Apart from how impressed I was with their state-of-the-art technology and safety standards, one thing that gave me an “Oprah AHA” moment, was when Cynthia explained hair growth cycles, and why adhering to their treatment intervals is vitally important in obtaining maximum benefits.


The best way to explain this is to look at this diagram:




Your hair grows in different stages and the ideal stage for hair to be permanently destroyed is in the Anagen or growth phase, as there needs to be a hair follicle for the laser to be able to ‘attack’ the melanin in the hair shaft and destroy it.


In the Catagen phase, the “perfect” stage for treatment has passed. This is the regression phase when the lower part of the hair stops growing but is not shed and the follicle is reabsorbed.


Exogen phase is when the hair naturally falls out of the hair follicle in preparation for the new hair to develop.


Telogen Phase is the final “resting” stage.  As there is no hair visible, there is no melanin for the  laser to attack and disable the follicle.


Hair growth is not synchronized. Each of your hairs goes through these different growth phases at different times. This means that only a certain percentage of hair (20-30%) is in the active growth stage (visible) at any one stage.


That is why IPL hair removal is not possible to be completed in one session but needs to be repeated several times at specific intervals. Over the course of several treatments you are able to catch all or most of the hairs in the active (anagen) growing phase.


Recommended Treatment Intervals


The research behind Legs eleven’s IPL technology has determined the optimal intervals between sessions to maximize hair removal results.


These recommended treatment intervals differ according to the body area being treated (from 6 to 16 weeks apart).


For Example:

* Underarms and bikini: 8 weeks time interval, then 10 weeks time interval and thereafter 12 weekly sessions.

Legs12 weeks time interval and thereafter 16 weekly sessions.


If your treatment sessions are too close together, it will be a waste of your time and money, since the “dormant” hair follicles in the area will not yet have moved into the appropriate growth phase to be treatable. They therefore won’t be able to stick to their guarantee of 6-8 sessions.


If you wait to long between appointments then you might miss the hair growth synchronization that they hope to achieve after your 3rd visit, where more hair is in the growth stage than previously.


How painful is it?


My first session was almost pain free. I have a very low pain threshold and on a scale of 1-10 it was between a 1 and a 3 i.e. hardly painful at all. It’s a bit warm and has a slight sting.


Cynthia explained that after 21 days, I will be able to see which hairs were treated as I will literally be able to gently pull the treated hairs out.


I’ve scheduled my next appointment in 12 weeks time and look forward to it already, as I know it brings me another step closer to NEVER having to shave my legs again. Bliss!


Special Fan Only Offer


Legs eleven has generously agreed to give a LIMITED number of vouchers to PAMPER ME NOW! fans from now until 30 March.


Instead of paying R380 for your 1st session, you only pay R199! And that includes your first consultation with patch test.


To grab your voucher CLICK ON THIS LINK NOW!  Hurry before they run out. First come, first serve.


PLEASE NOTE: This is for new Legs eleven customers only!


Terms & Conditions:

Offer limited to new Legs eleven customers only. One per customer.
Includes free initial consultation
Clients must complete 1st IPL treatment session before 30 April 2013.
24-hour cancellation policy applies. No-show or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will forfeit offer.


For more info contact Legs eleven:

Tel: 086 132 4752



Facebook page:

Address: Shop 5, Winston Place, 65 Main Road, Greenpoint, 8005 Cape Town, Western Cape




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