How To Find A Good Aesthetic Doctor

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button-32259_960_720I’ve said many times that if you’re going to have some aesthetic procedures done, that the most important thing to start with is to make sure you find the best doctor around. I’m not advising that you have anything done, but if you have decided on this path, then best you do your homework.


Even though the effects of most aesthetic procedure, like botox and fillers, don’t last forever, you still want to make sure that you don’t end up in the “Botox Gone Wrong” category. 


So I wanted to share my strategy for finding the best doctor around.


Google Is Your Friend

Firstly, once you’ve decided to have an aesthetic procedure done, start researching for aesthetic medical practitioners in your area. If you live in a big city, then you’ll probably find loads, but if you live in a smaller town, then perhaps extend your search to include the nearest city.


You’ll want to select a few doctors that are medically trained, have a lot of experience, and seem to have a good reputation in your area.  


Check out their websites. Read through their social media pages. Type in their names in Google and see what comes up. If you have a local Facebook group page, type in their name and see if anyone has mentioned them before.


Believe me, most people only comment if they’ve either had a really bad or a really good experience, so you can weed out the bad quite quickly.



Take Your Time

The next step is to take your time. Don’t just go rushing out and booking an appointment immediately. 


Keep your ears open and start speaking to a few people you know. You’ll be surprised by how many people you speak to will ‘know someone’ that has had botox etc, and will quickly tell you if they’d recommend their doctor or not.


The more you listen, the more info will come your way, making it easier to make an informed decision.


Evaluate The Recommendations

Now think about the people you’ve spoken to and see if you like what they’ve had done. Some doctors will advice you to be more subtle, while others might inject too much. In the end it’s a discussion between your doctor and what you want, but everyone has a preference as to what they think “looks good”. I definitely prefer a more natural look, and don’t want anyone to actually notice what I’ve had done (except that I look fab of course!), so I want a doctor that has the same view as me.


You can also look at the staff that works in the practice, as they will often have tweaks done at work, so this will give you a good indication as to what they consider “aesthetically pleasing”.


If you’re not sure, then book a consultation with a few doctors and see how they respond to your questions and listen to what they suggest before making your choice.


Where Do They Practice?

Check to see where they practice. Do they have their own business or do they travel from spa to spa? Even though some doctors do offer their services one day a week at a spa for example, I do think it’s wise to choose a doctor who has his/her own practice. Not only do they have a whole business to protect, they also have a lot of experience if this is their core offering. You generally want someone who specialists in aesthetic treatments, and not a spa that offers the whole range of treatments from waxing & pedicures to botox & fillers.


On that note, don’t ever attend a botox party. A room full of drunk girls with a doctor you don’t know and will never see again – is just asking for disaster.


You Get What You Pay For

Even though most doctors will charge similarly for the product, their experience is what you’re looking for, and with anything, that’s worth it’s weight in gold, especially if your dealing with your body & health. Don’t go for Special Offers that seem to be too good to be true. Unless your doctor that you know well is offering his current clients a super special, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.


Everyone needs to learn their trade at some point, so you’re probably getting someone that doesn’t have that much experience if it’s highly discounted. On that note, make sure that the person doing the procedure is the doctor and not someone else in their clinic.


I hope this helped you. If you want to read about my Botox experience you can do so HERE.


Let me know if you have any other tips that I’ve forgotten to mention.

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