How To Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

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How do you put eyeshadow on without the powder falling all over your face?


There are several tips and tricks to avoid eyeshadow falling on your face and ruining your make-up.


  • Apply your eyeshadow first, and your foundation afterwards. This way you can clean up anything that falls on your face before applying your foundation.


  • Apply a primer or a little bit of foundation onto your eyes before applying your eyeshadow. This gives the powder something to ‘hold’ onto.


  • Use the correct brushes to apply your eyeshadow. Use smaller, denser brushes to apply the eyeshadow, and longer bristled, softer brushes to blend. 


  • Build up your eyeshadow by applying a little bit at a time. Put some eyeshadow on your brush and gently tap some of the powder off before applying onto your eyelids. 


  • You can also use eyeshadow ‘guards’ or even fold a tissue over and hold under your eye when applying, if you prefer to apply your foundation first.


  • Lastly, there are finishing sprays that ‘hold’ your make-up for longer, but I’ve personally never tried them, so cannot recommend one to you.


I hope these tips and tricks will help you avoid that dreaded eyeshadow fallout. 



Credit: Eyeshadow image by Courtney Rhodes on Flickr

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