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Since the age of about 13, my mother, realising that I was part albino, started taking me to have my eyelashes and eyebrows dyed. I have kept up this ritual for the better part of 25 years. Yet, I’ve always avoided tweezing or pretty much doing anything to my eyebrows because they’re not just sparse, but also quite invisible because they are so blonde. Yet, somehow I felt very safe in the hands of the calm and gentle Michelle de Lima because she’s an eyebrow shaping professional. There aren’t many of them around, but those in the know pay a visit to Michelle for the upkeep of their brows.




Michelle first got into doing eyebrows after a car accident left her with less brow than she would have liked. As a professional make-up artist, she began to experiment with making her brows look fuller. Now, she’s become the go-to person for anyone who understands that eyebrows are not just some hairy things above your eyes, but actually act as an essential frame for your face.


Michelle uses the tweezer method because it is much kinder to the skin, is very precise and gives better definition. There are also no chemicals, artificial waxes or products involved and it is also the least painful method of eyebrow shaping. True- it didn’t hurt at all.


“They’re not twins, they’re sisters,” explains Michelle when I complain that my eyebrows are not symmetrical. She takes a good half an hour tweezing them into shape and my worst fears are allayed! They actually look fuller, more groomed and give me an open-faced look, the result of which is a non-invasive facelift! I watch as Michelle measures them precisely showing me how to make sure they are as much in line with the contours of the face as they can be. Michelle also uses some dye to darken the brows. She then fills any remaining spaces in the brows with a special powder—apparently, powder is the best way to fill in eyebrows– and all these time, I have been using a pencil—who knew!



I love my brows! They are neat, tidy and also make my little, deep-set eyes look bigger. Michelle also offers makeovers and lessons on how to apply makeup as well as doing makeup for those special occasions. Whether your eyebrows are bushy or skinny, if you pay Michelle a visit, you won’t look back.



Seeing the massive difference that Michelle’s work made to my face and my look.



Nothing except worrying that I wouldn’t have any eyebrows left. A misguided and unnecessary fear!



I’ll visit Michelle next time by brows look untidy and need a re-shaping. I will also definitely enlist her next time I need to look extra lovely. Now that I’ve seen what she can do with eyebrows, I’m eager to experience what she can do with the whole face.



73 on 11th Street




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-Browzing/17933264524


072 687 7888

Michelle de Lima

Michelle de Lima




The initial consultation is R250 and re-shapes thereafter (every 3-4weeks) R160.


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