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A few months ago I walked past this elegant yet unassuming Spa called Kimya in Camps Bay, and popped in to get a treatment and price list. What immediately impressed me was the warmth and friendliness of the ladies who made me feel really welcome, even though I was just picking up a brochure.


When I was invited by Aashika to experience a Slimming Detox Wrap, I was certainly looking forward to visiting them again.




Kimya Spa opened in May 2011 and is situated in The Promenade on Victoria Road in the heart of Camps Bay. There is ample parking inside the Promenade which is always an important factor to me, with regard to safety and convenience.


I arrived early so that I could meet Aashika before my treatment and was greeted warmly and openly. There are some glorious Kalahari testers while you wait in the front to play with .Once I had filled in the usual information form, my therapist, Kim, introduced herself with a friendly smile and a firm handshake.


There are four treatment rooms, one of which is primarily used for waxing, and 3 full time therapists.


Kimya Spa has an understated elegance and each treatment room is decorated in a serene and sophisticated style. The Spa is impeccably clean and neat and blissfully quiet.


There is a pedi station as well as a Fish Spa where you can relax and enjoy a total sensory experience for your feet that will leave you skin feeling luxuriously smooth. The little fish gently remove dead skin cells helping to revitalise and renew your skin.


Kimya Spa uses and stocks Kalahari, Africology and Moya – all natural South African products. This was an important decision for them, as they strongly believe in beauty from within. There are so many products that contain parabens and other substances which are harmful to the body without us even realising. These products contain pure essential oils and plant extracts from companies that focus on providing products that embody mother earth’s purity.

Treatment and Prices

They have an extensive treatment list ranging from regular beauty treatments like waxing and pedicures which are well priced, to extremely pampering experiences that will take you on a journey of de-stressing and relaxation of mind, body and soul.

The Treatment

Kim escorted me to our treatment room and carefully explained everything and discussed my information form with me, querying any relevant comments pertaining to my treatment. I really appreciated this, as so often you fill in the form and nobody actually looks at it or takes any of your information into consideration.


The room was warmed to a perfect 24C and once I had put on the robe, Kim started with the soothing Welcome Foot Ritual which consists of a salt foot scrub and warm water rinse.


The Slimming Detox Wrap is not only a slimming and detox treatment but a 2 hour journey of release and relaxation of the mind, body and soul.


The treatment begins with stimulating and exfoliating, working on circulation and lymph before the warm wrap is applied. Covered by a sarong, Kim exfoliated and used warm towels to clean the skin before applying the natural mud.  She used an African plant combination infused into a natural mud to help with circulation and lymph. This very effective clay contains l-carnitine and caffeine which act as fat strippers and mobilisers to stimulate lipolysis, along with paulina cupana seed extract and cysteric acid to trigger fatty acid liberation. Rooibos tea extract and aloe vera have a soothing and calming effect when combined with essential oils of juniper, clary sage and lemongrass.


Once the mud mask was applied I was wrapped in plastic and treated to a heavenly head massage while we gave the mask 20 minutes to work its magic.Kim stepped out to start the shower for me, so all I had to do was hobble along and step into the steaming spray to wash off the mud. I was tempted to stay in there but the lure of the anticipated massage put an end to that very quickly.


Back in our treatment room, Kim put me into a deep trance with a circulatory massage. She is exceptionally trained and experienced as every massage stroke seemed to have a specific purpose and flowed into the next. She also had subtle differences in her technique, like lifting my leg up to massage my calf (pure bliss) and that special hand hold to massage your hand that not many therapists seem to know.  Although one never wants a massage to end, I truly felt that she had massaged each and every bit of my body to perfection and I just couldn’t ask for anything more.  The treatment started and ended with energy balancing and a cup of ginger and honey tea to assist in cleansing the body.


After showing me which home care products I could use and discussing how often one should do these treatments for slimming vs detox, I left the haven of tranquillity a bit of a zombie but on a huge high.


She mentioned that I might feel the effects of the detox the next day, especially as I had just finished a course of antibiotics, but I drank a lot of water and felt great. 


This was truly one of the best Spa experiences that I have ever had. Kimya Spa has a deep understanding of mind, body and soul and has brought together a choice of massage techniques from around the world that relaxes the body, quiets the mind and soothes the soul.


The Slimming and Detox Body Wrap Therapy is not just a treatment, and more of an incredible sensory journey and a memorable experience to be relished long after the treatment has ended.


Positives: Professionalism, friendliness, natural products, and that it’s not just a treatment but a holistic journey to relax mind, body and soul.  All treatments begin with a welcome foot ritual and they offer each and every guest a delightful combination of honey and ginger tea.


Negatives: Not one.


Kimya Spa
Location: The Promenade, Victoria Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: 021-438 1387
Facebook Fanpage:



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