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So, the quest is always on to find the perfect skincare for my skin which is mostly dry, sensitive and generally stressed. And of course, after the age of 40 is presenting other rather distressing issues such as pigmentation and wrinkles.


Gina at Professional Skin Care Lab, my trusty salon, recommended that after my  microneedling session (see review) I needed to use the Serra range of products made by local laboratory Lamelle as these would best suit my skin and also facilitate the healing needed after the treatment.


Having previously used Lamelle’s Clarity Active Control for breakouts and been very impressed, I was keen to try out this range of products specifically deigned for sensitive skin like mine,  which also has an anti-inflammatory effect.


The Serra products have been created to maintain a functional skin barrier —essential to prevent unwanted environmental elements from penetrating into the body and causing damage. Another important function of the barrier is to trap water in the skin, which is crucial for adequate hydration.


Serra’s special formula has a multi-layer lipid structure similar to normal skin. The innovative lipid replacement therapy actually mimics the structure and function of the natural lipid bi-layer, which is critical in terms of maintaining a healthy epidermis or topmost skin layer. So far so good, but did it actually work?


Over the next few weeks, I indulged my skin in the Cleansing Gel twice daily, which cleaned my  skin without drying it out and is also paraben free. It left my skin feeling wonderfully refreshed and hydrated without any greasiness.


After cleansing, I applied the Soothing Cream to reduce skin dryness and discomfort. The advanced anti-inflammatory peptides directly interact with the skin’s immune response. I definitely noticed that any dryness or redness were reduced dramatically— my skin seemed to just soak up the cream like a sponge.


On top of the Soothing Cream, I then massaged in some Restore Cream, created to
correct deficient skin barrier function while leaving the skin smooth which was thicker but absorbed just as easily.


It’s not often I find products that calm and hydrate my skin so thoroughly. Since first trying out the products in December, I have continued to use them as the difference to the texture and appearance of my skin has been remarkable. I have discovered that one does not have to pay a fortune for top notch skincare— the Serra range is made in South Africa and is very affordable— yay! I am waiting in anticipation for them to introduce more products into their range for sensitive skin, particularly eye-care.  




Tel: 011 465 2264




Cleansing Gel: R190.72

Soothing Cream:  R629.33

Restore Cream: R432.60


Favourite Part

Finding a local skincare range that suits my needs so well. I’m happy as a lark! I have also been receiving many compliments on my skin lately so I know it’s working for sure.


Least Favourite Part



I will continue to use these products ( in between trying out other products for review purposes) as it really does work for my skin. Hats off to Lamelle for this invention. I can’t recommend the products highly enough for stressed or sensitive skin!


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