Is Using Lemon Juice On Your Skin A Bad Idea?

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Is using lemon juice or pure lemon on your skin a bad idea? I’ve read that it is, just want it confirmed.


I’ve heard that some people try using lemon juice to lighten their skin, so I asked Dr Dilshaad Asmal (dermatologist) to answer this question for us.


” Lemon juice is highly acidic with a ph of 2. The skin’s natural ph is around 5.5 -6.5. 
If a substance with a low ph is applied to the skin it could cause damage to the protective skin barrier hence causing skin irritations and dryness.”
I’ve also read that when citrus juice interacts with ultraviolet light, it can cause a chemical reaction on your skin,  so all in all using lemon juice on skin is not a good idea.

Dr Dilshaad Asmal

Dilshaad Asmal - Photo -2016
Dr Dilshaad Asmal is a qualified female dermatologist practicing from Rondebosch Medical Centre and at Sessional rooms at Cape Town Mediclinic.

Her practice includes medical, paediatric and adult dermatology. She has a special interest in fractional laser, skin rejuvenation and skin pigmentation.

Dr Asmal has a vast media profile and has been featured extensively in both South Africa, print and television media from 2010 to date.


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