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Okay. Let me be clear about this. There are manicurists and then there are rare nail artistes and Kelly, of Ma Cherie Nails, is undoubtedly the latter. Never before have I, in all my days of reviewing beauty salons, encountered someone who can do what Kelly can with nails. This is not an exaggeration!


Basically, Kelly can paint (with her bare, tiny hands) any design you wish (and I mean any) from camo, animal and floral to stripes, stars, argyle and geometric, onto your nail. This is not a stick- on that you can buy and do yourself nor is it a print from a machine, no this is Kelly herself painting fine designs that will blow you away onto your nails. .


Trying to choose from the massive amount of designs in the magazines that Kelly offered me (or you can make up your own… how about a picture of your child, boyfriend or something to match the theme of your birthday party?) confused me terribly but I eventually settled on a vibrant tartan red design with one blue nail with a white bow and diamante. So, Kelly can also accessorize your nails with gems, diamante and crystals. Talk about bling! These are nails to cause a sensation; these are not wallflower, stand alone in the corner nails. No, they deserve to be where everyone can admire them!

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I really wasn’t sure how she would make this happen and to be honest, was cynical about it turning out like the picture but this is what happened: Kelly first motored down my cuticles (by motored, I mean with a little mechanised instrument the likes of which I have never witnessed) to professionally remove any cuticle that would be in the way of her artwork. She then filed my nails before choosing the correct colours and beginning her creation. This is a gel polish application so after each layer, my hands had to go under the light. It’s a privilege watching Kelly work because she is so precise, so talented at what she does; it’s simply amazing to see the design taking shape.


By the end of it, my nails looked exactly like they did in the picture and I was super chuffed with the result. I couldn’t believe what she had accomplished! Plus, it lasted a whole two months! During that time, I got loads of compliments and didn’t bite my nails once! I can’t wait to go back again although I need to think about what to have in advance  (also by checking out her Facebook page). This is not something just to do for a special occasion, but for if you really want to do something special and eye-catching.


Ma Cherie Nails

Virgin Active Bryanston Complex

3 Cross Place



084 445 4664



Prices depend on the design you choose.

My design was about R450.


Favourite Part

Watching the design take shape and the end result.


Least Favourite Part

It took about 2 ½ hours to get it done, but it was absolutely worth it.



Kelly is a consummate professional who learnt her skills in Taiwan –there aren’t many nail therapists around who can do what she can do. She’s a lovely lady with real talent whose creativity knows no bounds. I cannot recommend a visit to Kelly her highly enough! Please remember not to try and remove the polish off yourself or peel it off as it can damage your nails.

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