Miha Bodytec Training Review

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I was invited by Kinetic Contours, to experience a revolutionary whole body training called miha bodytec.


“It is a full body training exercise using impulse current. Muscles are stimulated through the electrodes while you do a series of low-impact exercises. This combined training leads to an additional increase of tension producing highly effective training results. The personal trainer can control each muscle group individually by adjusting the training intensity according to your individual goals. “



OMW – this will give you the most intense and most effective full-body workout that you can imagine.


I’ve often wondered how celebrities look so good, as surely they don’t have time to go to the gym everyday. I think this might be one of their hidden secrets. (I see that Arno Carstens has his weekly bodytec fix too.)


I was completely unaware of what I was signing up for, so had a bit of an eye popping moment when I first saw all the gadgets & electrodes that I had to wear.




First I had to change into a thin bodysuit, and then strap on the pads (which have to be very wet to conduct properly) and attach the electrodes.


Nadine then set the machine at a level that I was comfortable with. Each electrode stimulates a major muscle group, so you basically work out your whole body at the same time. 20 minutes are equivalent to several hours of traditional weight training.


At first it feels VERY strange – almost like a deep tickle in your muscles. If you don’t hold your hands together, they actually jump apart when the muscles are stimulated.


Once we’d set the machine and started doing some very basic low impact exercises (like lunges), I actually started to enjoy the feeling as it felt more like a deep vibration.


What I loved about it:

  • It’s low impact so it gentle on your joints (no weights required). So you don’t feel like you are hurting or over exerting yourself at all.
  • Time effective. Minimum effort, maximum result. 20 minutes & some gentle exercises had me feeling the effects for a week afterwards. It felt like I had climbed a mountain.


I would certainly recommend this for several reasons:

  • If you want to lose weight or get fit but don’t have much time : you only do 20 minutes of this per week and you’ll feel like you’ve done a week’s worth of training.
  • If you want  a personal trainer: you are guided by a professional trainer who focuses on your specific needs
  • If you want to improve your athletic performance: general strength, endurance & specific performance training all in one
  • Beneficial for: pre and post operative strengthening, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, incontinence and sports rehabilitation.


For more info contact:

Website: http://www.kineticcontours.co.za/

Tel: +27 21 462 3004

Email: info@kineticcontours.co.za

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheBlueDoorCPT

Miha Bodytec Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/mihabodytec



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