My Botox Experience – Before, During & After

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I’ve been considering getting Botox for a while now and finally got the courage to not only do it, but I also decided to document my journey.


I contacted Dr Alek Nikolic, who has been my ‘go to’ expert in my ‘Ask The Experts’ section on Aesthetic procedures. 


After a consultation we decided to do Botox, Neostrata peels, and fillers to target some of the areas and skin issues that I’m not that happy with.


I have to admit to being quite nervous to document this, as I know that there are many people who would never do this, but it’s for all those people in the middle, who are interested but not totally sure, perhaps a bit scared, that I wanted to document my journey, so that they can make an informed decision. 


I’m not advocating that anyone should have any of these treatments, but hopefully my journey will give you enough insight to make up your own minds.


The most important step, once you’ve decided to have aesthetic treatments, is to choose your doctor. Read more about this HERE.


I’ve documented the process of getting Botox, so that you can see exactly what it’s like.


Watch the video here:


Before & After pics: Apologies for the funny faces 😉

Before - Eyes

Before – Eyes

After Eyes

After Eyes


Before Frown

Before Frown

After Frown

After Frown – I really am trying to frown

Before Forehead

Before Forehead


After Forehead

I am so happy with the end results, and I’m pretty sure that I will continue doing this, to keep those pesky deep static lines at bay.


A huge thank-you to Alek and Samantha Nikolic for helping me document the procedure and for making it a very pleasant experience. 


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Bookings: (021) 7970960



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