My Dermal Filler Experience [VIDEO]

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After I had my Botox treatment with Dr Alek Nikolic, we discussed dermal fillers — injections of hyaluronic acid — to fill out my sunken cheekbones and lift the corners of my mouth.  We definitely wanted to keep it looking natural, which I believe he managed to do, as once again no-one has noticed. I’ve just had a few people saying I’m looking good/healthy etc.


I was quite nervous on the day. Firstly because I didn’t know what it was going to look like afterwards, and secondly because there is a risk of complications. Regardless of how good/experienced the doctor is, there are some potential side effects. You can read more about that on All Dolled Up’s excellent Q&A here


Luckily Dr Alek is very calm and professional, which made it a lot less scary.


My main concern was loss of volume in my cheeks so he injected Juvederm fillers there, as well as the edges of my mouth, to ‘turn up’ the corners.


The procedure isn’t painful but I can’t say that it’s painless either. I could definitely feel the needles, but because Samantha applied numbing cream before, it was totally manageable.


If you think of the needle at a dentist, it’s about half the intensity of that. 


If you want to see what the procedure is like then you can watch the video below:



The day after the fillers I had a little bit of swelling and it was a bit sensitive. Not all the time but when I touched it. I only had 2 small bruises at the corners of my mouth but these disappeared after a few days.


I’m super happy with the results and do believe that it’s ‘turned back the clock’ quite a bit.  





If you have any questions please comment below and I’ll ask Dr Alek to answer them for you.


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