Get Summer Ready With Africology

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I was asked to take part in the Africology Renew and Revive this Summer Blogger Campaign, where we received an Africology Deluxe Hamper to review.    The hamper consists of the Africology Cellulite Detox Body Oil and the Africology Slimming Detox Cream.    As soon as the sun starts to make an appearance we all seem to come out of hiding (well at least the Capetonians seem to hibernate) and it’s time to get Summer ready.   Even though we should try to maintain our beauty routines all year round, it’s much easier when we’re not dressed in several layers of clothing, so now’s the time to put in that little bit of extra effort. To start you off, I’ve shared my Top 10 ‘Get Summer Ready’ Tips:   1. Water, water, water!!! Water is your best friend for so many reasons. It’s great for all your organs, especially your skin (your largest organ),Read More

Skin Solutions – Derma Pen Review

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It’s very rare that I get to experience a true professional and someone who stands out in the skin arena. By now I have been all over town trying out facial therapies and have found that it’s unusual to discover a person who really knows skin and offers something different.  Elfriede from Skin Solutions is one of these people and also loves what she does with a clear passion for uncovering the best skin that you can have.   After an initial consultation with Elfriede, we decided to go for the Dermapen treatment as she it would benefit my skin most and treat the issues that were bothering me including fine lines, dehydration and pigmentation.     The Dermapen is a nifty little gadget, which, as it rolls over your skin, creates tiny little holes, as a miniature needle would. Not only does this increase blood flow and collagen toRead More

Love It!

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One of the best things about being a beauty blogger is that I get to discover all these wonderful new spas and salons that I might never have known about otherwise.   I’ve just come back from having a super gorgeous Gelish mani done by Candice Goldschmidt at Love It Spa at Nova Constantia.     It seems that the timing was perfect for Candice to move out on her own, after working for several high end spas, and open Love it spa on this 5* boutique hotel’s premises.   Catering for international clients in season, Candice also has a loyal local client base and I can see why.   She created a simple yet super comfortable haven of tranquillity, where you immediately feel comfortable and at home. Candice delivers top quality treatments and products and you can see she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.    Read More

Alabaster Box Beauty Salon

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One of my favourite spas recently closed down, but luckily for us, the therapist that I’ve raved about previously (Kim Lochner) decided that it was time to open her own brand new beauty salon in town.   Alabaster Box Beauty Salon opened down at the Foreshore at the bottom of town, near the Cape Town Convention Centre.   Kim has not only brought her own professional touch to the salon, but she’s hired the best therapists that share her passion for and knowledge of all things beauty.   I was treated to an exceptional Environ facial and massage by Kelly – who pampered me for close to 3 hours with great care and absolute professionalism.   I left floating down the road, feeling so much lighter and happier than when I arrived.   There are 3 treatment rooms, and she offers all the regular spa treatments one would expect, including the Fish Therapy.   Environ isRead More

TanOrganic Review

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If you ever worried about what you’re putting on you skin, or hate the sticky feeling and smell that one usually associates with self tan, then look no further, I’ve just discovered one that is totally organic, has absolutely not smell or stickiness. Want to know what it is?   It’s called TanOrganic, and it’s Eco-certified, meaning it has been certified by one of the most stringent processes in the market, whereby the entire production chain is checked, from the raw materials to the finished product. Certified by PETA, The Organic Trust, The Ethical Company Organisation and Approved by Irish Eczema Society to name a few.   I received the Tan Trilogy Try-Me Kit R499, which is a limited special offer to get started! Each Try-Me Kit contains: 1 x 30ml TanOrganic Original, 1 x 30ml Oil Arganic, 1 x Tan Erase, 1 x Tanning Glove.   So here’s whyRead More

Bon Acure

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As I couldn’t attend the launch of the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy, I was sent a few products to try at home.   I was sent the following products to try: Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Shampoo Repair Rescue Conditioner Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Treamtent Moisture Kick Beauty Balm Volume Boost Perfect Foam Time Restore Q10 Rejuvenating Serum I tried the shampoo and conditioner first. I keep using too much shampoo, so a little goes a long way with this shampoo. It’s really foamy and makes your hair feel squeaky clean. You know how your hair feels when you’ve just been to the salon? Well now you have that same effect at home. The conditioner is surprisingly not as creamy as you would expect but works a charm. I did tend to want to add more, as it doesn’t feel rich and creamy, but when I combed it out with my TangleRead More

Ma Cherie Nails

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unnamed (1)

Okay. Let me be clear about this. There are manicurists and then there are rare nail artistes and Kelly, of Ma Cherie Nails, is undoubtedly the latter. Never before have I, in all my days of reviewing beauty salons, encountered someone who can do what Kelly can with nails. This is not an exaggeration!   Basically, Kelly can paint (with her bare, tiny hands) any design you wish (and I mean any) from camo, animal and floral to stripes, stars, argyle and geometric, onto your nail. This is not a stick- on that you can buy and do yourself nor is it a print from a machine, no this is Kelly herself painting fine designs that will blow you away onto your nails. .   Trying to choose from the massive amount of designs in the magazines that Kelly offered me (or you can make up your own… how aboutRead More

Fat Girl Slim

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  Since giving birth to my youngest daughter about 2 years ago, I’ve struggled to get rid of the kangaroo pouch—that unsightly potbelly leftover from the large pregnant tummy, which refuses (despite diet, Pilates and gym) to budge. This potbelly causes me much consternation as it prevents pretty much all of my pants from fitting comfortably.   So, I booked a series of slimming treatment, Laser Lipo, with Parkhurst salon, Fat Girl Slim, in the hope that, as their name says, they would be able to help me get back into my pre-pregnancy pants.   My lovely therapist Tumi and I decide to do 5 treatments of 30 minutes each, targeting the offending lower abdominal area. The laser treatment consists of pads hooked up to a Lumislim machine that are wrapped around the tummy and produce a pulsing, warm sensation and really, all I had to do was lie thereRead More

A Change Is As Good As A Holiday

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Salon Now

A change is as good as a holiday (or so it’s been said), so after 40 yrs of being a blonde, I decided to try something different. Marios has been working his magic on me as a blonde for a while:   And now as a brunette:   It seems that most people prefer me as a blonde but I’m enjoying the change and feel more ‘grown up’.  A friend sent me a research article on how people respond to different hair colours and I’m quite curious to experience and test this.   I’d love to know your experiences so feel free to share them in the comments below.   Co-incidentally, Marios’ salon also had a recent make-over, and he has two fantastic new stylists on board.   The salon used to be bright and white:   And now it’s beautifully moody. I adore the chandeliers:   They’ve also hired twoRead More

Africology Parkhurst Review

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  If you have meandered in Parkhurst lately then no doubt you have been past  (and smelt the aromas emanating from inside) the gorgeous new Africology store.   Yes, they sell all manner of these wonderful all-natural products (I am addicted to their Sleep Balm) but did you know that beneath the shop lie ones of the most amazing spas I have ever visited?     The kind of treatments here differs from anywhere else I have seen or been to. So, I decided, after much contemplation, to go for the Oxygen therapy facial in the hope of revitalising my complexion.       Firstly, my therapist placed an oxygen mask over my face and I simply breathed in pure oxygen for five minutes. This is to get the blood plasma flowing. She then placed her hands over my face so I could smell the uplifting eucalyptus oil. Her handsRead More

Retail Box Spoils

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I while back I received a R500 voucher to spend on anything I wanted from the Retail  Box website. Super excited, I spent quite a lot of time surfing the site, checking it all out and seeing what they had on offer. They specialise in hair care products but also have tools & accessories and make-up products as well.  I want slightly over budget and spoilt myself with the following products:    1.  Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 1 (25mm barrel) – R50 – On Sale Best for… The small barrel of the size 1 brush is perfect for creating root lift in shorter styles and blow-drying fringes or shorter layers. This ceramic -barrelled brush retains its heat to allow for a faster blow-dry.   To use… Blast hair until it’s 80% dry. Working with small sections, place the brush into the root area and direct the heat from your dryer at theRead More

Creightons – Made-In-England – Sunshine Blonde

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Sunshine Blonde

I’m really enjoying the Creighton’s Sunshine Blonde shampoo and conditioner at the moment.     Not only is the packaging just beautiful, it smells super amazing and my hair looks and feels great. Two thumbs up.   The Sunshine Blonde & Beautiful Brunette ranges are specifically made for colour treated and naturally coloured hair, for everyday use. Daily use helps to enhance both colour and shine, contains Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to repair split ends and damaged cuticles.     At only R44.95 each this is definitely my new favourite go to shampoo & conditioner.   Available in Sunshine Blonde and Beautiful Brunette at all Pick & Pay stores.