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  MUD recently sent me two products to help me create a stunning evening look: 1. Colour Creme in Tulip 2. Eye Colour in Graphite   1. COLOUR CREME in Tulip : (For Cheek & Lips) This is great to carry with you in your handbag as you can use it to add a touch of colour to your cheeks and lips.      2. EYE COLOR in Graphite     Here’s a quick guide on how to create your evening look:     I personally prefer the softer smokey eye (below) and will practice this and let you know how it goes.     What I love about MUD is that they not only strive to provide great products but also quality education on how to use & apply their products.   For great video tutorials on how to create several different looks, go to their youtube channel: More

Bev Feldman Reflexology

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I am a huge reflexology aficionado. When I was trying to fall pregnant, I had various therapeutic sessions, which I believed helped the process greatly. Reflexology maintains that certain parts of your feet correspond with parts of your body as well as the organs. I also happen to have a foot fetish and love having my feet massaged. At home, I try and do reflex on myself but it’s just not the same as having someone else do it for you and provide that energy exchange.     Bev has been highly recommended to me and on the day I visit (I have been having digestive issues) I am really hoping that Bev can help alleviate some of the symptoms like indigestion. Once Bev begins the treatment, her grip is firm—just the way I like it. The tenderest parts of my foot are the colon area and the lower backRead More

CaraMia Toiletry Bag

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I just received this absolutely gorgeous and super handy cosmetics bag from CaraMia.     Funnily enough I have actually been looking for a good cosmetics bag for a while as I receive so much stuff for reviews. I even went so far as to see if I could import them myself and sell online as I just didn’t find anything I liked in store.   And then, this landed on my door step- and it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.   I received the Sarah Toiletry Bag with 3 mesh cosmetics bags in pink lace R357.96   What I love about it: You can hang it It has several zipped compartments It has 3 mesh cosmetics bag Plus 3 mesh compartments Perfect for travelling It’s super cute too 😉   Get yours and other great home décor items & gifts like this gorgeous door stopper or Paris LanternRead More

Beauty Must Have

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Even though I’ve seen the Tangle Teezer being used in hair salons, I’ve never owned or used one myself. I was recently lucky enough to receive the Aqua Splash to try at home and I’m totally hooked. I use it in the shower to brush my hair straight after I apply my conditioner. It also helps to spread the conditioner evenly and makes it easier to blow dry straight afterwards.   I also use it to brush my sons wet hair in the bath, which they usually hate, but with this, they don’t seem to mind at all.   It’s definitely best to use while you are still in the shower and your hair is still wet. This might feel a bit counter intuitive, as I’ve always been told that brushing wet hair will break it, but trust me, your hair feels amazing with the Tangle Teezer.   I loveRead More

Sherbet Angel Review & Give-Away

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Sherbet Angel Studio Salon & Boutique     On the Parkhurst strip lies one of the loveliest salons I have ever visited. Many a time I walked by and longed to have a treatment at this place, which looks so pretty and inviting from the outside. Inside, it’s no different. Charming and warm, Sherbet Angel is a paradise for pregnant ladies, tired moms and anyone really who needs a temporary respite from the outside world. It offers everything from slimming treatments and massages to wraps, manicures and facials. Run by a mom and daughter team, the décor is colorful and bright which makes for a cheery start to my long-awaited treatment.     Inside the comfortable room, I am treated to the Thalgo hydrating facial that is much needed, might I add. Having never used any Thalgo products before, I am pleasantly surprised by how fresh it feels. Thalgo productsRead More

Celebrate Halloween After Dark

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Looking for something to do on Friday night? Why not celebrate Halloween After Dark in gruesome chic style on Friday, the 1st of November at the five star Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa.   Line-up includes Dave Ireton, Shane Renew, Miss Taryn Pickett, JanuaryOne and Brendon Geary.   Come witches, soothsayers, vampires and vixens, indulge in delicious treats, themed cocktails and bloody good drink specials amidst pumpkin lanterns and other enchanting elements.   Upon arrival, guests will receive a complimentary welcome cocktail, and throughout the evening, Nitida wines by the glass specials and R10 tequila shooters will be on offer.   For entrance to this year’s rooftop Halloween After Dark celebration, kindly email before 12pm on Thursday, the 31st of October.   For table bookings, guests may contact with a request for one or more of the following packages:· Nitida Package: 36 pieces of sushi & 1xRead More


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Here’s something new on the market – The InvisiBobble!     The invisibobble is a hair tie made out of a telephone chord shape.   It distributes the pressure around the circumference of the ponytail unevenly, allowing for the hair to be held strongly, without being too tight, or too loose.   This effect of uneven pressure leads to a traceless result, meaning that you can wear it without getting those kinks in your hair, especially after a heavy gym session.   Apparently it also reduces those irritating ‘ponytail headaches’ since it doesn’t tug at individual hairs. The invisibobble’s smooth surface also minimises breaking your hair which is often caused by regular hair ties. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am always misplacing my hair ties, or they get so stretched that I have to toss them, so this could be  an awesome replacement.       Available inRead More

Want Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions?

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If you’re looking for natural looking full lashes, then you’re going to love what I’m about to share with you.   I may have just found the ‘holy grail’ of natural lash extensions in Cape Town. Yip, it’s like finding that perfect mascara that actual works i.e. long full gorgeous lashes, but this lasts 2-4 weeks.   The day after Samantha applied my lashes, I went for a peel, and the therapist was blown away when I told her that these were extensions, as she was just thinking how lucky I was to have such beautiful lashes.   Samantha is the consummate professional whilst being warm, open, friendly and pretty funny too.   She works from her home, and has converted her living room into the most gorgeous little salon.     Samantha specializes in lash extensions & Bio Sculpture manicure & pedicures.   We had a really interesting chatRead More

WIN The Ultimate Fashion Night Out

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 Win the Ultimate Fashion Night Out For you and Three Friends!         You and three friends will be treated to after-hours shopping with personal styling advice while having your hair and make-up done.   A stylist will create a unique look for each of you worth R1000, which you’ll get to take home.   End the evening with a fab dinner courtesy of Mr P as well!   SOUNDS FABULOUS, RIGHT? CLICK TO ENTER NOW!  

Nourish Your Skin (Give-Away & Coupon Code)

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Organic Beauty sent me a Nourish Mini Kit to review, which was a little bit like opening a birthday present, beautifully wrapped and a gorgeous surprise.     Nourish Skincare is from the UK and avoids the use of unfriendly chemicals such as synthetic colours, TEA, DEA, parabens, phenoxyetol, sulfates, mineral oils, PEGS and silicones. Nourishes uses organics, plant derived, scientifically tested ingredients to enhance and nourish your skin.   The packaging is just exquisite, and I’m in love with the feminine floral & fruit design.     I received the Nourish Balance Mini Kit for a combination skin, which includes: Detoxifying Cleanser – 50ml – A light lotion to cleanser the skin without over stimulating. Fortified with a special vitamin and mineral blend to support skin’s natural metabolism. 94% organic. Directions: Apply a small amount of cleanser to cotton wool and gently apply to the face. Rinse with coolRead More

Restoring Radiance

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  I recently had the most interesting Anti-Ageing Laser Genesis Facial, which includes microdermabrasion, laser genesis & mesotherapy, at Oasis Spa, which is situated in the gorgeous Skin & Body Renewal in the Cape Quarter, Cape Town.   While Bianca worked diligently on my face, Brittany pampered my feet with a much needed pedicure.   Bianca started with the microdermabrasion. This is totally not painful exfoliation using crystals and felt like a soft suction on my skin.  After this she targeted each area of my face separately with laser, which stimulates the production of collagen.  It feels like warm flashing light but isn’t painful at all.   Lastly, she finished with the mesotherapy, which she used to push growth hormone into my skin to again stimulate collagen production. This felt a bit odd on my forehead, but again not unpleasant at all.   The whole anti-ageing laser genesis facial took anRead More

Meadowsweet Review & Give-Away

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Every day I’m more convinced that we seriously need to start embracing and promoting natural foods and products that are free of all the preservatives and toxins that we consume daily.   This is one of the reasons I was so excited to test and review Meadowsweet products are they are free of toxins and synthetic fragrances.   I was sent a selection of Muscle Soothing therapeutic natural body care products, which contains the recommended medicinal dosage of essential oils to soothe sore muscles.    ”Muscle Soothing Range Formulated to encourage energy, confidence, concentration, stability and awareness. This range is perfect to assist with muscular aches, pains and to combat fatigue. Also included in this range is the Meadowsweet Sore Muscle Soak, an ideal gift for those with an active lifestyle. Key ingredients include Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass”     I received the following products: Mucsle Soother Bath Milk Sore Muscle Bath SoakRead More