Aura Skincare Clinic Review

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Cosy Treatment Room

Aura Skincare Clinic   Nights of not sleeping due to a restless and teething 1 year old have taken their toll on my skin which is pallid, dull and in need of some TLC. Dry in winter, my skin needs moisture desperately: Enter the Dermalogica hydrating facial. My therapist identifies my dryness immediately and this is what she recommends for my skin.     My treatment room at Aura is warm and cozy and I am grateful (it’s cold outside) to be able to snuggle up in what looks like a bedroom. Once settled in, my therapist preps my skin with steam and a cleanse before extractions. It’s so wonderful after months of not having a facial to be able to have someone concentrate on my skin and give it what it needs.     Lastly, a serum, a mask and soothing massage to the neck sends me into aRead More

Diamonds & Gold Dust Facials! [Review & Give-Away]

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gold kit2

Nature’s Essence Aromatherapy Beauty Solutions   I’ve just been thoroughly spoilt by Nature’s Essence. They delivered a couple of their favourite products for me to test and review.   Diamond Facial Kit The first thing I tried was their Diamond Facial. They sent a mini kit which includes the 5 steps that you would enjoy at a spa. * Face cleanser 1-2 min * Scrub powder 3-5 min * Serum10-15 min * Shine Pack 15 min * Polish Cream 10 min   Each step does take a few minutes, so it’s not a quick facial, but more like an in-house spa facial. Each tube has about 5-6 treatments in it.   What I love about it: The Diamond facial offers amazing exfoliation and has a great polishing effect. I tested it at night so I didn’t notice that much when I went to bed, but when I applied my foundationRead More

New in SA! Ozone Jojoba Topical Gel

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ozone jojoba topical gel

  I’m always looking for products rich in Vitamins, so I was interested to hear that Jojoba oil is rich in Vit E & that the Ozone company combined it with their ozone gas to create their latest offering ‘Ozone Jojoba topical gel’.   Natural Jojoba oil, is harvested from Jojoba beans, is produced in limited quantities in South Africa (and indeed, worldwide). It’s rich in natural Vitamin E  & is super soft on the skin.   Jojoba oil is already used as a base or additive in numerous products including moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners and is often applied in its raw oil form directly to the skin or hair with excellent results. Jojoba oil also has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.   The Ozone Jojoba Topical Gel has several benefits: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Better moisturising properties with a smooth, non-greasy application. Excellent stability and shelf life (evenRead More

Rubybox Review August 2013 [VIDEO]

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Another fantastic Rubybox just landed on my desk and just to start with, I am really loving the new box that it comes in – very useful indeed.      I’m also crazy about the design on the card explaining how you can Earn & Spend rubyrands * 1 rubyrand = R1 *   So What Was In My Box? Because products are matched to your beauty profile, everyone will receive goods that are best suited to their beauty needs, and will therefore vary slightly. 1. Bramley Magnolia Body Butter R24.99 | 250g Rich in nourishing Vitamin E and Bio-Pharm Oil this is the perfect little moisturiser to pop in your handbag, especially now with this cold weather.   2. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Lift and Firm Moisturise Cream SPF 30 R585 | 50ml Perfect trial size to see if you skin loves this line-fighting favourite. With Ceramide Triple Complex andRead More

Beauty Night Out!

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Don’t miss out on the most glamorous beauty night of the year. Glam it up and join the rubies at the Mount Nelson Ballroom on 30 August at 6pm.   For just R290 per ticket (R250 for VIP members): * you can build your own, customised rubybox and take home beauty products worth R400+ * transform your look with a Stila Makeup Your Own Rules Makeover, and hit the Scar Express Hair to transform those tresses into a work of art. * indulge in a pampering scrub, massage and mani with theIssahra Experience by WOW Spa * and stand a chance to win beauty hampers worth R5000+. * recharge with Absolut Vodka infused cocktails, scrumptious canapés and elegant Saxenburg wines * before hitting the photo booth and capturing the glam on camera!   Tickets are limited so rally the girls and book now to secure your spot!              

It Pays To Go Green

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  The lovely peeps at Beauty Factory recently sent this package my way, and their ‘go green’ strategy really impressed me.   Not only do they make stunning luxury bath & body products, they also reward you when you ‘go green’.   Just bring your empty product packaging back to a Beauty Factory store, and they will not only recycle it, but also give you 20% off a similar Beauty Factory product.   How awesome is that! Big thumbs up to Beauty Factory – truly love this!   Luxury handwash in Desert Dune & Morning Dew R89.90 each.   They often have specials on their website so be sure to pop in regularly.   Website: Facebook Page:      

Cinderella’s Secret Is Out

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While running the Cinderella’s Secret competition for you all, I was lucky enough to be sent a surprise package of all these wonderful goodies to try myself.   I am totally in love with these bath products and my son keeps asking me why I smell so good 😉   My favourite product is probably the Body Scrub. I use it in the shower and as it is a creamy body scrub, not only does it exfoliate, it immediately moisturises as well, leaving your skin super-soft and smooth. Another great tip is to use it to do your important breast examination every week in the shower.  My aunt has just been diagnosed with breast cancer so I can’t stress enough how vital this is for all of us to do regularly. My next favourite are the bath products. I adore the bath milk and my kids have already finished theRead More

Instant Facelift Review & Give-Away

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Skin Doctors Instant Facelift

Skin Doctors Instant Face lift Review   I received the Instant Facelift from Skin Doctors to review which made me pretty excited. Who doesn’t want an instant facelift without going under the knife? What it does: * It improves sagging skin because it tightens, lifts and boosts firmness. * It improves the elasticity and tonicity of the skin * Instantly smooths wrinkles and best of all it works in just 5 minutes * Effects last between 4-8 hours   How to apply: 1. Apply to clean dry skin 2. Place a few drops on your palm and apply in an upward motion with your finger * from your chin to your ear along your jaw line * from your nose to your temple along your cheek bone * from your eyebrow up towards your hairline 3. Once applied, try not to make any facial movements (smiling/talking) for 2-3 minutes untilRead More

Rubybox Review July 2013 [VIDEO] & [WINNER]

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We’ve been waiting with bated breath to see what was in the July box, and it’s finally here. We asked you in last month’s video what you thought this exclusive new product would be and had many of you were very close. So what was this exciting NEW product that we found in our July box? None other than the Lash Card! Brand new to SA & exclusive to Rubybox, the Lash Card is loved by Glamour, and showcased by the Vogue Fashions Night Out. Watch the video: What was the exclusive mystery product? 1. Lash Card – 10 individually wrapped mascara shields R69.95 | 10 shields   The Lash Card is a simple yet effective tool, shaped to cover your eyelids,  used when you apply your mascara & helps prevent mascara smudging and clumping.   What else was in my box? 2. Rubybox Beauty – Va Va Voom Mascara inRead More

Essence Nail Polish Review

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Essence Colour & Go has just released 7 new colours for Spring for us to play with.   What I’ve always loved about Essence Colour & Go is: * The fast drying time. * It also has a great shaped flat brush which makes application even easier & you end up with a much neater finish. * There are no damaging ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and softening phthalates. * The size! At only 8ml, you might just actually get to finish a bottle of nail polish and it keeps the cost down to only  R19.95.   I received 2 colours to try (orange & blue) and at first I thought that I wasn’t that keen to try them out, as I felt that they were too bright for me. BUT once I did, I had loads of fun with it & really enjoyed them both.   In  total there areRead More

Meeting The Cosmetics Cop

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Recently we had the privilege of meeting Paula  Begoun, the original Cosmetics Cop & founder of Paula’s Choice Cosmetics.   This is her first trip to South Africa and she’s here to launch her own cosmetics range Paula’s Choice in South Africa.   I personally really enjoyed meeting her and listening to her story as it resonated with me. I started my blog to review spas and beauty products, to be more informed and to share my finding with my friends and now readers. I envisioned being the ‘go to person’ when it came to anything pampering.   I loved her down the earth, matter of fact, way of speaking and that she doesn’t mince her words. If something is complete rubbish, she’ll say it. I know how hard it can be to criticize a spa or product without being rude. Believe me, if something is really crap, I’ll sayRead More

Fancy A Spree For Free?

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  If you’ve ever been tempted to sign up to Rubybox but just haven’t gotten around to it yet, then now is the time to act!   All new August rubybox subscribers, will get a R100 shopping coupon inside their August rubybox.   So not only will you be getting your exciting  beauty products to the value of R250 to try out, you’ll now also be able to buy something you’ve always wanted from their website, with your R100 coupon.   You need to sign up before 26 July at 12pm to get his amazing offer, and you can expect to receive your debut rubybox between 8 & 15 August 2013.   Here’s a clue as to what’s in the August box: “Whether you’re looking to cover up or let your true beauty shine through, the August box is just for YOU! Knock on the red door of an allRead More