Rubybox Review May 2013 [VIDEO]

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  This month’s box was a bit different to previous months as I received less items but more full size products.   What’s in the box?   1. Lamelle Correctives Hydrating HA Plus R426 I 30ml This lightweight serum is packed with moisture infusing Hyaluronic Acid. Great for fine lines & dehydrated skin. This came at the right time as I’ve just returned from 6 days in the desert. I love my serums and compared this to the Lamelle Correctives Recharge CE complex. I think I prefer the CE complex but both are amazing products.   2. Catrice Precision Eye Pencil in 080 Wildthing R29.95 I full size I love this eyeliner. It is soft enough to apply easily yet you are still able to create a nice sharp line with it and sets nicely. I love this colour as well as it has a gold shimmer to it –Read More

Burst Make-Up Brushes [Give-Away]

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brush set

I’ve just received the most decadent package of Burst make-up brushes, and have a surprise for you as well! You are going to do the ‘happy dance’ when you hear what we’ve got in store for you today!   BURST has recently launched it’s online store with high quality imported professional make-up brushes at amazing prices! These brushes are on par with the top make-up brush brands, and I was relieved to hear that  all animal hair brushes are are guaranteed cruelty free. There are 43 products to choose from, as well as some great  brush sets in different sizes. All the brushes are categorised for your convenience, with detailed descriptions to help you make your selection.   “The idea of importing my own range came after I went to buy new brushes and the total amount shocked me.  I am tired of retailers being ridiculously expensive, especially to the general public”, says LaReine.   I received their travelRead More

Where Thyme Stands Still

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  I’ve just come back from spending 6 days in the desert, so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to my pampering treat at Thyme Wellness Spa. Louda had invited me to experience their Tranquility Touch Treatment & the Dermalogica Core Facial.   On arrival my feet were cleansed in warm water, while I filled in my info sheet. What a nice touch!   As soon as I met my therapist, Nicole, I knew I was in good hands. She clearly explained the procedure for the next few hours, then left me to get ready.     We started with the massage. She explained that this massage uses very rhythmic movements and therefore would not be as firm as a regular massage, but still asked what kind of pressure I preferred. This was arguably the most relaxing massage I have ever had. She managed to combine the flowing movements with aRead More

[New Product Review] Essence Gel Lip Tint

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  As soon as I heard about the new Essence Gel Tint, I had to try it.   There are 4 colours to choose from (red, reddish-brown, pink and apricot), and I received the Flashy Apricot (03), which is an orangy red colour.     I love that it is a lip tint and gloss in one. This one is quite subtle which is perfect for me as a deep red does not suit me.   It is a water based gel tint and lasts surprisingly long as it doesn’t feel that heavy on the lips.   They are available at Clicks and Dischem for only R29.95, so everyone can afford it.   Definitely a great new ‘must-have’ item for your beauty collection.   Website: Facebook:

Issahra Argan Oil Review

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I’m sure that most of you have heard of Argan Oil by now, which has been referred to as liquid gold.   I first heard of Issahra when I reviewed their exfoliating soap, which made me want to get my hands on their Perfect Oil, which contains 100% pure argan oil.   Argan oil is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids & vitamin E, which is great to moisturize dry skin, treat psoriasis &  acne, and to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, while  anti-oxidants neutralise the free radicals that cause ageing and protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.   What makes argan oil expensive is that fact that cracking the argan nut to obtain the argan kernels, has to be carried out by hand, making it a time consuming labour intensive process. It takes about 50 kilograms of nuts to make a litre of oil.  Read More

Look Younger With IPL Skin Rejuvenation

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  So by now you know that the IPL can be used for permanent hair removal, but the great news is that this amazing technology can also help you look younger by removing uneven pigmentation that the sun has inflicted on our skin, and simultaneously stimulating the production of collagen to plump up those wrinkles.   Internationally it is the most popular, non-invasive, professional anti-ageing treatment for women and men of all ages, who wish to reduce the visible signs of sun-damage and restore a more youthful and radiant appearance to their skin.   On your first visit to Legs eleven, you will have your free initial consultation where your therapist will take you through all the important information and show you some pre & post images of outstanding results that some clients have had.   Before & After Images   Combined Facial Therapy To obtain the best possible results, they recommend combining theRead More

Nails at Shepherds Pamper Studio Review

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So many colours to choose from!

Shepard’s Market is a delightful space near my home that offers, among other things, a Chinese restaurant and an Italian restaurant. So, when driving past, I spotted that a salon had opened; I just had to try it out.     Owner Kate Graham decided after many years in the corporate world to the leave the rat race and open a beauty salon—and what a lovely place it is. Cosy and welcoming, Kate employs just two therapists. I had come to get Gelish done on my toes and fingers—and having never tried it before, was quite excited. Gelish is a kind of a polish but one that is much longer lasting than ordinary polish and also (best of all) dries super-quick, way before you leave the salon. For someone clumsy like me, it’s a real plus. Unfortunately, you can’t do Gelish too often but once in a while, it’s fantastic.Read More

Rubybox Review April 2013 [VIDEO]

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I knew that this box was going to be a winner and it certainly didn’t disappoint.   I received 2 full sized items and got to try several new brands that  I had not used before.   What was in the box?       Watch the video review:       Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush – R34.99 Blitz oily roots and give your locks a volumising boost with this awesome invention. Shake vigorously and spray Batisteinto your roots, keeping the nozzle 30cm from hair. Massage through with your fingertips and style as usual.   I have been interested in trying this for a while now, not for home but for when I’m away. I’m off to AfrikaBurn in May and this is going to totally come in handy as there are no showers there. I’ll report back on how this works then.   2. Lamelle Correctives Recharge CE ComplexRead More

Issahra Argan Exfoliating Soap Review [VIDEO]

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This exfoliating soap is made up of argan, luffa & vegetable glycerine.   The loofa exfoliates the dead skin cells & the argan oil moisturizes & restores the skins barrier.   Watch the video:   What I liked: I really like the shape of the soap as it prevents the soap slipping out of your hand while exfoliating. It lathers well and has a very rich feel to it   What I’m not sure about: The luffa is in the soap so it takes a little while before you get any exfoliation.  Also not sure how it will feel when you have more luffa and less soap left over towards the end. It smells okay but I’m a bit on the fence. On the one hand it has a very clean fresh smell but it somehow reminds me a bit of medical soap. The price. Even though I am enjoyingRead More

Best New Hair Salon In Southern Suburbs

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Marios in action in Greenpoint

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but usually my husband never notices my hair even when I’ve just returned from the hair dresser.   I’ve been away for several hours and I’ve told him where I’m going, but most often, on return, there’s the usual ‘Hey’ and life carries on as normal.   There’s always the exception to the rule and today I managed to find it.   Yip, returning from having my hair done by none other than Marios, at his new hair salon in Constantiaberg, the first thing out of my husband’s mouth was “Wow, your hair looks really great!”   Jaw drop!     Having a very successful and established salon in Greenpoint, Marios and Barry decided to expand and opened their 2nd salon in Constantiaberg. Now all you lucky ladies in the Southern Suburbs can enjoy the spectacular service by Marios and the otherRead More

Permanent Beard Removal?

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Johannes asked: Do you do removal of men’s beards permanently? What is the cost?   Dear Johannes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal provides a gentle, safe and effective solution to permanently remove unwanted hair on any body area, including male beards, with long-lasting results.   At Legs eleven IPL salon in Green Point, our focus is on making the latest IPL hair removal technology accessible to everybody with our simple and affordable pricing structure. IPL hair removal is priced at one low rate of just R380 per body area. This means that it will only cost you R380/session for the whole facial area (chin, cheeks and moustache). The neck is considered a separate body area. This is very affordable compared with traditional pricing models for Laser and IPL offered by all other salons, which charge anything from R950 per session upwards for a beard treatment.   Legs eleven usesRead More

Maintaining A Healthy Skin While Using Makeup Daily

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  How to Maintain Healthy Skin While Using Makeup on a Daily Basis   You can wear makeup every day and still maintain beautiful, healthy skin.  There are things you need to do both relating &  not relating to makeup to it to keep your radiant skin.  These can actually improve the look of your skin so that you can look beautiful with and without makeup at all times of the day.   Eat the Right Nutrients Makeup is not necessarily bad for skin, but it is not the best thing either.  You want to keep your skin healthy from the inside out and this starts with eating the right foods.  You want plenty of vitamins B, C, A, K and E.  These can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables.  You also want to get plenty of plain water to keep your tissues and skin well-hydrated.  Skin that hasRead More