RegimA Peel

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As you might know by now, I have been using RegimA products and having regular peels to help get rid of my pigmentation and break-outs.   I recently visited Kinetic Contours at the Blue Door again for another peel and to stock up on some much needed RegimA products.     My skin always feels super smooth and plumped up after a peel and now that my skin can handle the 20% peel easily, we will start moving up to the 40% next time.   Even though there is always a bit of a prickle when you have a peel (which obviously isn’t fun), the end result is amazing. So I am excited to book my next peel in a few weeks, in my efforts to getting flawless skin.   My beauty routine now consists of:   Step 1: Wash with Hydroactive Cleansing Gel am & pm   Step 2:Read More

Oasis Spa Review

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Last year I was invited to attend a demonstration at Skin & Body Renewal, of a new treatment called Cryolipolysis, which basically freezes your fat.   A machine is strapped your fatty area and once your fat cells are frozen, and die, they will slowly be released and removed from your body naturally. The effects are not immediate and take a few months to show, but the final result does seem to be amazing. I will write more about this at a later stage, but let me start by telling you about their spa.   To cater to their client’s needs, this specialist aesthetic centre opened the Oasis Spa which offers a full spa treatment list. I was totally taken with the beauty of the spa and put them on my Spa Wish List for 2013. They invited me to enjoy The Oasis Ritual R650 – 90mins, which includes a Full bodyRead More

Essence & Catrice Review

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Look 2

Cosmetix sent me some wonderful Essence and Catrice products for review this month which I’d love to share with you.   Cosmetix represents a number of leading international brands in South Africa, including Essence – Germany’s biggest selling make-up range – which was launched in South Africa in April 2009, with unprecedented success. Essence Colour & Go   The first product I tried, was the Essence Colour & Go (107 Naughty and Pink), which is a quick drying nail polish. This polish is quite thin so you will need to apply a few layers to get a good coverage but it does dry exceptionally fast, so if it’s speed you’re after then this is one to go for. I loved the colour on my toes and it’s lasted a little under a week. Available at Dischem for R19.95     Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss     Next I tried the 022 NudeRead More

Win Your Favourite Beauty Product

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  When I was asked to share my favourite Beauty Buys from Rubybox, I had such fun selecting my‘Can’t-Live-Without’ beauty products, that I thought that you might enjoy doing it too.   Rubybox is being super generous and is letting you choose your own prize. So without any further ado, visit Rubybox right now and select YOUR favourite beauty product from their website – and you stand a chance of winning it.   You can choose anything from the site, except the rubybox subscription box, so take your time and make sure that it’s your absolute favourite item.   Tell us in the comments below what you’ve selected and why you love it.   I’m super excited to see what you’ve chosen.   Click Here Now to visit their website, choose the item you’d love to win & tell us in the comments below.   Good Luck! The winner willRead More

Rubybox Review Jan 2013 [VIDEO]

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I’m looking forward to discovering new beauty products and cosmetics this year and I’m starting by reviewing the January Rubybox.   Get your own Rubybox here:     What’s in the box?     1) Elie Saab le Parfum – R715 – 50ml   Initially I was super excited about this Elie Saab Parfum as I absolutely adore her gowns – she’s the absolute epitome of style & glamour. However, when I wore this fragrance I just kept getting a soapy smell and I was pretty disappointed. Perfumes are truly personal and smell different on everyone, and unfortunately this one does not work on me 🙁 Happy to have had to opportunity to try it though, and that’s what having a Rubybox subscription is all about, right?   2) L’oreal Paris Revitlalift Total Repair 10 SPF 20 – R174.95 – 50ml   This is packed with 10 active ingredientsRead More

Legs Eleven – The Journey

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  I am super excited to share my Legs eleven – permanent hair removal journey with you. Deciding on who to trust with your permanent hair removal is not a decision one should take lightly. There are so many laser and IPL hair removal salons popping up all over the place, so please do yourself a favour and read this before committing to it. Because, yes, it is a commitment, and a long one at that.   My ½ leg, permanent hair removal journey with Legs eleven, will probably take a little over 2 years.Why? Because the research behind Legs eleven’s IPL technology has determined the optimal intervals between sessions to maximize hair removal results. These intervals differ according to body area being treated. For legs they set a 12 week time interval and thereafter 16 weeks between sessions. If your treatment sessions are too close together, it will beRead More

Spas Wish List 2013 – Part 2

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We’ve all got a wish list or bucket list of things we’d like to do or see, and my Spa Wish List is no different.   I visited and reviewed several spas last year but there are still a few that I’d love to experience, and have made a Spa Wish List for 2013.   Check them out here and choose your favourite in the comments below:   En Masse Bringing the best from the East to the West, what makes En Masse so appealing? 1. No appointment needed, just walk in whenever you feel the need 2. Oil-free, so you don’t need to wash your hair afterwards 3. Fully clothed Thai massage experience – you change into a white linen robe 4. I’m keen to try one of their exotic teas from their ‘tea tree’     Life Day Spa  at the Crystal Towers Hotel in Century City  Read More

Spas Wish List 2013 – Part 1

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We’ve all got a wish list or bucket list of things we’d like to do or see, and my Spa Wish List is no different.   I visited and reviewed several spas last year but there are still a few that I’d love to experience, and have made a Spa Wish List for 2013.   Check them out here and choose your favourite in the comments below:   Oasis Spa at Skin & Body Renewal in the Cape Quarter   What makes Oasis Spa so special? 1. Spectacularly beautiful spa 2. Highly trained therapists & medical doctor for aesthetic & non surgical treatments 3.Signature Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting treatments 4. Wi-Fi available, male & female steam room & sauna & chill lounge 5. This sums it up for me: “Oasis Spa offers a refuge of serenity amid the chaos of life, giving you a feeling of relaxation and calm without havingRead More

Anouschka’s Rubybox Must Have’s

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It’s always fun to be asked to contribute to a magazine or company that you really love and enjoy working with.   Rubybox wanted to find out…”If SA’s beauty blogger elite could only buy three products from the rubybox beauty store, what would they be?”   When Rubybox asked for my ‘Can’t-Live-Without’  beauty products for Summer, I found it hard to limit myself to just 3.   However, here are my favourite Summer Beauty Products available from Rubybox:   1. Africology Pedi-Scrub and Foot Balm Combo Set   2. Africology Anti-Oxidant Serum   3.  Piz Buin Tan & Protect Tan Intesifying Sun Lotion, SPF 15     You can read the full article and check out what other bloggers (Tori from Kiss, Blush & Tell,  Leigh from Lipgloss Is My Life, and Emmy from Rouge) in their online magazine here: Rubybox Magazine   Now it’s your turn!   Tell usRead More

Mommy Wellness Day Spa – Review

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Mommy Wellness Day Spa specialises in the wellness of all mothers. They offer treatments for moms-to-be, first time mothers, mothers that can handle 5 kids at a time and mothers that are grandmothers.   Izelle, owner of Mommy Wellness Day Spa, and I, thought it would be fun to ask one of the Pamper Me Now! readers to write a review and selected 6 month pregnant mom-to-be , Farah Ebrahim, to be treated to a Mello Mama full body massage.   MELLO MAMA A complete, relaxing, full-body massage using a safe but effective pre-natal techniques with award-winning Omega-rich oils to relax the specific lower back muscles that carry your beautiful bump. This 55 min massage is suitable for anyone (pregnant or not), and costs R450.   Read Farah’s Review Here: Being six months pregnant I desperately needed a good full body massage that would relax me both mentally and physically, theRead More

Rubybox Review – November 2012 [VIDEO]

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I want to quickly share with you, what I got in the November RubyBox.   Due to the truck strikes, I received my beauty box quite late this month and I had read a few grumbles on the Rubybox Facebook page as this must have affected quite a few deliveries.   However, I have been so busy that I honestly had not even noticed how fast time had flown by and was pleasantly surprised when the courier rang my doorbell.   If you don’t know what you can expect to receive every month from your Rubybox subscription, then stick around and I’ll show you exactly what November’s box contained.     Click here if you want to subscribe to Rubybox:    What’s in the box?   1) R100 5Rooms coupon – haven’t shopped there yet – so keen to check it out.     2) R20 off Piz BuinRead More

Marios Company For Hair – Review & Give-Away

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The end result!

As you can probably imagine, I don’t usually write reviews on hair, as it is such a personal experience, that you tend to stay with the same hair dresser for years (well forever really), as you don’t want to risk anything going wrong.   However, when Barry invited me to put my tired tresses in Marios experienced hands I jumped at the chance. I have friends who rave about him, and having kept a close eye on his Facebook page, his reputation of making women feel gorgeous, definitely preceded him.   Walking into Marios Company For Hair is a little bit like waking up on Christmas morning. You’re excited and nervous at the same time, as you know that there will be presents under the tree, but you have to wait in anticipation to unwrap them and see what you received.     Marios has been in this stunning loftRead More