Comparison: Vita Liberata Body Blur vs Caribbean Tan Shimmer Cream

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In this video I compare the Vita Liberata Body Blur to the Caribbean Tan Shimmer Cream. Both are must-have Summer purchases but at a different price point. Watch the video to find out how they compare.  

[Review] Ordinary Skincare

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Ordinary Skincare I read about Dr Claire Jamieson’s skincare range and immediately desperately wanted to try it as it seemed just what the doctor ordered for my rosacea-prone, sensitive and sometimes dehydrated skin. Also having recently gone through some health issues, my skin urgently needed some TLC in the form of products that would heal and soothe.   Made locally, the Ordinary skincare range has been developed especially for people with “hardworking skin” (mine definitely fits the bill!)  and they marry the finest that nature offers with the best of modern science. Plus, all the ingredients are safe and ethically sourced using sustainable ingredients and tested only on humans. What’s not to love?   I was lucky enough to test a range of products which I can now honestly say have fulfilled all of my expectations and more. The  award-winning Cleanser is exactly what I require in that it’s soap-Read More

New York Style Cape Town Beauty Bar

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New York Style Cape Town Beauty Bar Opens its Doors   (Cape Town, South Africa) An all-new New York style express beauty bar, based in Cape Town’s Cosmopolitan CBD, opens its doors to the public. Headed up by innovative entrepreneurial power couple, Dean and Jessica Meldau, The Cape Town Beauty Bar is set to change the industry in South Africa as we know it.   The niche beauty boutique includes: a blow-dry bar for a range of blowouts and hair styling which includes a lavish ‘African Queen’ menu bosting one of the top ethnic stylists in the country. The lash and brow lounge for eyelash extensions uses Vogue lashes and the Adele Sutton range, anail bar for mani’s and pedi’s, a tanning lounge using Vita Liberata Luxury Tan, and a makeup station. With a glass of bubbly in hand, this girl-on-the-go concept caters ideally for the fast paced lives ofRead More

Francolin Cottage – Greyton, South Africa

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We recently spent a few nights in Greyton, one of my favourite places near Cape Town.   Turning left off the N2, you’ll find Greyton at the end of the R406 tar road, nestled in a hollow in the majestic Riviersonderend Mountain range.   This gorgeous village manages to maintain a quaint and natural feeling, while offering several excellent restaurants and gorgeous vintage shops and galleries.   There are lovely hikes in the nature reserve and along the rivers, and we also enjoyed strolling down the dirt roads checking out all the beautifully renovated and maintained cottages.   We stayed at Francolin Cottage, which sleeps four, and combines the romance of a peaceful riverside cottage with all the amenities you might need. It was raining for the first few days, so we couldn’t enjoy the beautiful garden much, but on a sunny day, sitting under the shade of the oak tree would be obligatory.   We spentRead More

Style Bar – Summer Ready

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Every couple of months I have the pleasure of visiting Style Bar in Constantia for my hair fix, and I have to admit that this is truly one of my very guilty pleasures.    Sharing a bottle of wine with a good friend is one of the best feel good moments I can think of, and having my hair done comes a close second.   I always enjoy having a squizz at some of the new products they bring in and I thought I’d share some of these with you. Love my colour! After some chit chat and catching up on a few magazine articles, I was ready to head back to my normal day of fetching kids and making lunches. It was fun to feel like a schmodel for a few hours anyway..   Style Bar For more info visit: Website: Facebook: Twitter:

[WIN] Impulse Fragranced Body Spray

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I received these lovely perfumed body sprays from Impulse to test and to give-away to some lucky readers.   All three Fragranced Body Sprays cost R19.95 for 75ml, and are available at Pick n Pay.  Directions: Hold can 15cm from body and spray all over body for a fresh all day fragrance. Dermatologically tested and gentle on your skin.   Dynamique Feel absolutely irresistible with this intense perfume, which blends musky vanilla scents with amber notes (Main notes, rose, Musky, vanilla, powdery, amber), leaving you ready to dazzle.    City Collection – London Vibe  Get caught up in the trendy London Vibe, which blends woody, vanilla notes with citrus and white floral. Leaving you ready to take on the fast city life. (Main notes, sandalwood, vanilla and grapefruit scents).   City Collection Paris Chic  Get swept away in a fashionable moment with Impulse Paris Chic Fragranced Body Spray. It’s intense perfume blends fruity, white floralRead More

Cotton On Body Launch

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Cotton On Body have just launched a beautiful new bath and body range, Botanicals by Cotton On Body. The 12 piece range is the first extension of the brand into the beauty arena and features products quintessential to your bathroom and beauty bag, including hand creams and wash, body oils and lotions and a hair treatment.    The products are all paraben and sulphate free and are created using natural botanical extracts like aloe vera, chamomile and cacao butter.   The range has launched exclusively in the Mall of Africa Cotton On store, although will be expanding into more stores countrywide in October.

Why are actual amounts of active ingredients not listed?

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“Why do cosmetic companies not indicate the actual amount of each active ingredient in their products? How can we compare which products are better value for money if we can’t see how much each product contains?”   Answer: This is a great question but it is a fairly complex one to answer. I do believe we need to divide the answer into over the counter skin care products and cosmeceuticals or skin care products that are dispensed through a doctor’s rooms or a speciality skin therapist. We also need to know that not all active ingredients are created equal so concentrations can also be misleading. There are differences within Vitamin C types, hyaluronic acid, retinol, etc. so concentrations are not the only factor we should be looking at.   Over The Counter (OTC): Almost all OTC skin care products do not list ingredient concentrations and some do not even listRead More

Morgan Taylor Summer 2016 Street Beat

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The latest Morgan Taylor Summer 2016 Street Beat colours launched on 1 September 2016 in leading salons and retailers nationwide.   This collection introduces 6 new super bold and eye-catching shades, that will brighten up your summer.     Here are the 6 colours that make up the Street Beat Collection:   Morgan Taylor retails at R138 per bottle, available at leading salons and retailers nationwide.   Check out these Behind The Scenes images in this video below:    For more info go to   I’m absolutely LOVING these bright colours.   

Is Using Lemon Juice On Your Skin A Bad Idea?

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Is using lemon juice or pure lemon on your skin a bad idea? I’ve read that it is, just want it confirmed.   I’ve heard that some people try using lemon juice to lighten their skin, so I asked Dr Dilshaad Asmal (dermatologist) to answer this question for us.   ” Lemon juice is highly acidic with a ph of 2. The skin’s natural ph is around 5.5 -6.5.    If a substance with a low ph is applied to the skin it could cause damage to the protective skin barrier hence causing skin irritations and dryness.”   I’ve also read that when citrus juice interacts with ultraviolet light, it can cause a chemical reaction on your skin,  so all in all using lemon juice on skin is not a good idea.   Dr Dilshaad Asmal   Dr Dilshaad Asmal is a qualified female dermatologist practicing from Rondebosch Medical Centre and atRead More

Botox! All Your Questions Answered

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Having received several questions regarding Botox, I decided to group them all together so that they could be answered in one go.   A big THANK YOU to Dr Alek Nikolic, for taking the time to answer these for us: I want to have Botox but I’m scared of all the side effect I read about on-line? How do I know who to go to? This is a great question but also a difficult one to answer. Upfront Botox® and dermal fillers should only be administered by a qualified medical doctor registered with the HPCSA. Ideally you also need to see someone who is not only experienced (minimum 3 years of treating patients) but who have also been trained according to worldwide accepted consensus recommendations. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify this 100% as any physician who practices cosmetic injectables in their practice will consider they are experienced and that theyRead More

How To Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

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How do you put eyeshadow on without the powder falling all over your face?   There are several tips and tricks to avoid eyeshadow falling on your face and ruining your make-up.   Apply your eyeshadow first, and your foundation afterwards. This way you can clean up anything that falls on your face before applying your foundation.   Apply a primer or a little bit of foundation onto your eyes before applying your eyeshadow. This gives the powder something to ‘hold’ onto.   Use the correct brushes to apply your eyeshadow. Use smaller, denser brushes to apply the eyeshadow, and longer bristled, softer brushes to blend.    Build up your eyeshadow by applying a little bit at a time. Put some eyeshadow on your brush and gently tap some of the powder off before applying onto your eyelids.    You can also use eyeshadow ‘guards’ or even fold a tissueRead More