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Recently we had the privilege of meeting Paula  Begoun, the original Cosmetics Cop & founder of Paula’s Choice Cosmetics.


This is her first trip to South Africa and she’s here to launch her own cosmetics range Paula’s Choice in South Africa.


Can you believe Paula’s 60?!


I personally really enjoyed meeting her and listening to her story as it resonated with me. I started my blog to review spas and beauty products, to be more informed and to share my finding with my friends and now readers. I envisioned being the ‘go to person’ when it came to anything pampering.


I loved her down the earth, matter of fact, way of speaking and that she doesn’t mince her words. If something is complete rubbish, she’ll say it. I know how hard it can be to criticize a spa or product without being rude. Believe me, if something is really crap, I’ll say it, but most of the time, a spa or a product is pretty good and it’s very subjective as to whether or not it’s better than another.


Beauty Myths Busted!

She debunked a whole bunch of commonly held myths ~my favourite that you don’t need a separate eye cream. Yay! One less product to buy. Her argument being that ” all your eye area needs is a well-formulated product, and that can certainly be the same product you use on your face”.


Say No! to cosmetics in jars

We discussed why it’s not good to use jar packaging for cosmetics ~ because every time you open the container, you let air in, which breaks down the active ingredients in your products. Plus, it’s just yucky to stick your fingers in a jar and possibly leave some unwanted germs behind.


Which ingredients we should look out for

Paul also gave some great insight into which ingredients are important to use and include in your daily beauty regime ~ anti-oxidants, skin identical ingredients & cell communicating ingredients.


Start with sunscreen

I loved that she was extremely vocal that prevention is so much better than ‘cure’, when it comes to sun exposure and that sunscreen is the most important product to use.


I’m looking forward to reading the latest edition of her book (which should be here soon), and very excited that we can now shop for Paula’s Choice online in SA


I also got a lovely product to try myself – which I’ll chat about some other time.


 Want to know more about Paula Begoun and her cometics range? Go to



 Thanks goes to Freebees Marketing & PR for organising this lovely breakfast at the One & Only.

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