Permanent Beard Removal?

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Johannes asked:

Do you do removal of men’s beards permanently? What is the cost?


Dear Johannes

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal provides a gentle, safe and effective solution to permanently remove unwanted hair on any body area, including male beards, with long-lasting results.


At Legs eleven IPL salon in Green Point, our focus is on making the latest IPL hair removal technology accessible to everybody with our simple and affordable pricing structure. IPL hair removal is priced at one low rate of just R380 per body area. This means that it will only cost you R380/session for the whole facial area (chin, cheeks and moustache). The neck is considered a separate body area. This is very affordable compared with traditional pricing models for Laser and IPL offered by all other salons, which charge anything from R950 per session upwards for a beard treatment.


Legs eleven uses the very latest IPL technology from Europe, clinically proven to result in up to 95% permanent hair removal after 6-8 sessions. It is the only IPL system with scientific research publications on results and is safe and effective on all skin types (from European to Aftrican skin tones). Results do vary from individual to individual depending on skin type, hair growth, hair colour, hair thickness, area to be treated, gender and age etc. The IPL treatments are much more comfortable than laser and in addition to removing hair, the pulsed light also heals and prevents any ingrown hairs and helps to improve overall skin tone and texture. At Legs eleven we follow international best practice with specialised treatment protocols and highly trained and experienced IPL therapists, operating under the supervision of a clinical pharmacist, to maintain the highest medical aesthetic standards.


Should you require any information about our IPL treatments, please contact Legs eleven on 0861 324 752 or pop into the salon at 65 Main Road, Green Point. We offer all our clients a free initial consultation, where one of our experienced IPL therapists will provide a full explanation about how our treatments work, ask you some questions about your medical and lifestyle history to make sure there are no contra-indications to IPL therapy and assess your skin and hair type. Your therapist will then perform a skin patch test to determine the optimum settings for your treatment plan and design a customised treatment program just for you. Your first treatment session will be scheduled 1 to 2 days laterLegs eleven really believes in rewarding our customers for their loyalty with our innovative “Refer a friend programme” and “Red Carpet Rewards Loyalty Programme” which will be explained to you in more detail at your initial consultation.


There is a wealth of information on our website, including a comprehensive list of FAQ, before and after photos, client reviews, a section for men and a convenient on-line booking system. You can also follow our promotions and specials on facebook at


We look forward to hearing from you

Sue Vaz

Owner / manager Legs eleven

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