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When I read about the Rain Metamorphosis treatment I was immediately drawn to the idea of shedding my Winter skin and emerging new and refreshed, ready for Summer. 


I’m going to come right out and say that this was probably one of the BEST massage treatments that I have EVER had. 2 hours of pure pampering. One thing that sets Rain apart from other spas is that everything has a journey, and it’s led by the client. Sylvia, my therapist, gently guided me on a journey of the senses, starting with me choosing which products she was going to use for the exfoliation, body and head massage.


Tester station where you choose your products for the treatment.

Tester station where you choose your products for the treatment.


Everything was perfection. The product choices were varied and top quality. The treatment was structured in such a way to minimise the client having to turn over or move. Yes, you have to get up to shower between the exfoliation and the body wrap, but I didn’t even have to turn over to exfoliate my entire body. 


Presentation is everything

Presentation is everything


After the shower, my entire body was slathered in coconut and shea cream, and wrapped up like a cocoon, all warm and snug, while Sylvia massaged my head with a hair mask that I selected. Bliss! 


Finally, I had a full body massage that was perfect in pressure, and how much time she spent on each area. Usually, you feel disappointed when the massage is over and wish you could have more time, but I felt totally satisfied at at the end. Don’t get me wrong, I would have enjoyed more, but I was completely happy and relaxed at the end.


While I obviously enjoy experiencing different treatments for review, I do tend to think about what I’m going to write, try to remember the process etc. This time, I kept catching myself coming ‘back’ to the room, as my mind had wondered off. True sign for me that I was completely relaxed.


Arising from my cocoon ;)

Arising from my cocoon 😉

 Afterwards, I had a shower to wash my hair, using their natural shampoo and conditioner, which left my hair feeling super soft. I loved the products so much that I bought the body polish that she used as well as some natural lavender hand wash. I know that I’ll be back to get more products asap.


You even get to take some goodies home afterwards

You even get to take some goodies home afterwards



“A symbolic ritual of purging and shedding of the old – old hurts, feelings, fears, old dead skin.


A soothing body brush starts the treatment – signalling to the brain that a detoxification process has begun.


Next comes the body‘s metamorphosis with a gentle skin exfoliation using Rain’s famous Body Polish – guaranteed to effectively slough away tired superfluous cells, and give your skin the chance to rehabilitate itself naturally.


With a clean palette of fresh skin, a slathering of our uber rich Coconut and Shea Massage Cream is applied and allowed to slowly soak in while your body is kept snug and warm.


Then the head is massaged with Biologie Scalp Conditioning Oil and then you are left alone for a few minutes to absorb and regroup.


Lastly you will experience a soothing long stroke body massage and an ostrich feather body tickle to gradually bring you to the end of the transformation process.”









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