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I know that some of my friends are pretty wary of peels and thought that some of you might feel the same.  As I was recently invited to experience a RegimA peel, I wanted to share it with you, so that you had a clearer insight into what a peel is and does.


Linda from Kinetic Contours @ The Blue Door

Linda from Kinetic Contours @ The Blue Door, and RegimA invited me to have a peel done last week. I have what some call adult acne or hormonal break outs once a month, and I absolutely hate them. Obviously because they don’t do anything for my vanity or self confidence, but mainly because these buggers are actually darn sore. They come out of nowhere and just sit there for days, even weeks and you just cannot do anything to them except try to avoid them like the plague.


I had heard that peels are great for pigmentation but wasn’t sure how my pimples would react to them.


Big surprise! They totally dried up and vanished. I’m serious. I had a huge monstrosity on my cheek for over a week and it just shriveled up and disappeared  I still have a dark spot where it was but the actual zit has been zapped.


Then I had another little bugger, just starting to form on my chin and yes, that one totally disappeared as well, and no dark spot as we got to it before it could grow and do any damage.


Had I done my homework, I would have known that the RegimA Peel & Heal is perfect for acne as well.


As you must understand, I am now a total convert and I am going to commit to having a course of peels to get rid of my pigmentation and other blemishes which I tend to try and cover up with foundation.


I have to tell you another little fun tit-bit that happened as a result of having this peel.  I was told not to use any other products after having the peel as my skin would obviously be pretty sensitive afterwards, so my usual tinted sunscreen and foundation were off limits. RegimA gave me a whole bag filled with creams to use, including a foundation. Now I must admit that initially I did not really rate the foundation as it didn’t really have great coverage, HOWEVER, that evening my husband mentioned, that he didn’t know what it was but he thought that I looked really good that day. WHAT? After discussing it for a bit (which is already unheard of), we decided that it was probably the fact that I wasn’t wearing foundation and tinted sunscreen etc, and that he really liked that fact that he could see my skin. He thought I looked fresh and healthy :O


So here I am spending pooh loads of money testing and buying different foundations and tinted ‘whatever’s’ to try and cover all my blemishes and hubby says he likes me ‘au naturel’.


We still have one little issue though, and that is, that even though he might like how I look, I still have to like how I look and I don’t yet feel confident not covering my zits and warts and all (0kay I don’t have warts  😉


So, this is why I am definitely committing to a course of peels, as once my skin is clear and radiant, I won’t have to cover up and we will both be happier.


The Treatment

RegimA  New Age Peel & Heal Treatments come in 20%, 40% 70% and 90% strength.

It’s not just about peeling the skin, but also about repairing and restoring at the deeper skin level. It gently, gradually removes the outer dead layer of skin and works down to the dermis (the living layer). The formulation then stimulates collagen production. In essence RégimA ‘Peel & Heal’ is thickening and re-elasticizing the skin. Benefits all skin types and skin becomes firmer, smoother, even in colour and texture.



What kind of acid is in RegimA’s New Age Peel & Heal?

RegimA uses natural rather than synthetic/chemical acids. It contains malic, lactic, citric and natural fruit acid complex. Malic acid ( from apples) and lactic acid (from milk) are the main choice for RégimA in high concentrations in the peel and night products because, being natural, they are the most skin friendly. Malic acid has the AHA and BHA action so suits young, oily, mature skin. Lactic acid naturally exfoliates, increases skin moisture and results in a smoother looking and feeling skin. Citric acid (from citrus fruit) works on evening out pigmentation.


What does the peel feel like?

They start off with 20% and leave it on for about 15 min depending on how your skin reacts. As it contains potent AHA’s (fruit acids), once it is applied to your face, you will start feeling a slight stinging sensation, it’s not painful but definitely uncomfortable. Emily massaged my face while it was on, which not only distracted me from it, but also alleviated some of the itch.  The acidity allows it to successfully kill bacteria rendering it perfect for problematic skin.


I was also treated to the most wonderful foot massage (which is my absolute best) so I was pretty happy.


After about 15 min, Emily asked me to get up and wash my face thoroughly to clean and neutralize the skin. I had to wash several times to not feel any tingling anywhere, and my skin was definitely a little bit pink afterwards.  She then applied some products which really soothed it and my skin definitely felt very smooth. The following day my skin felt a bit tight (which is normal) and was slightly dry on my chin so I put some of the Scar and Stretch repair on it, which sorted it out.


RegimA products that I received after the peel

They gave me some products to use at home and I am definitely hooked on the ALPHA LIPOIC + VITAMIN C – A special formulation containing the universal anti-oxidant plus Vitamin C helps slow the ageing process by protecting against free radical damage.


I still need to test my NIGHT RENEWAL ULTIMATE BOOSTER – Ultimate rejuvenating night cream combining highly concentrated natural fruity acids and powerful anti-ageing botanicals, as I was advised to wait a few days before using it as it contains fruity acids as well.


I will probably have 20% peels until I can manage it on my skin for 45 min and then move up to the 40%. I don’t know yet how many I will need, so I’ll have to keep you updated as I go along.


If you want to know more then please feel free to write any questions in the comments below and I will ask them for an answer.




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