[Review] La-tweez Pro Iluminating Tweezers

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OMG – I’ve just found the coolest little gadget that I’m sure you’ll all LOVE!


The La-tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers have solved one of our all time beauty irritations.


This gorgeous little tweezer has a built in LED light which illuminates those pesky little hairs that you can’t see properly.



Perfectly Aligned Tips – For perfection convenience.



These Pro Tweezers are crafted from the finest stainless steel with perfectly aligned tips.


In addition, the ultra bright LED light tweezers will assist you with greater accuracy and visibility.


It comes in a protective chic carrying case & built-in 2X magnifying mirror. 




This morning my youngest son had a splinter in his foot, and I can’t tell you how grateful I was that I had this little miracle worker at hand. The super bright light showed me exactly where the almost invisible culprit was hiding, and I managed to get it out in seconds. No mess, no fuss, no tears. 


Even though my initial excitement was for myself, I think that every household needs one of these for to help you find those invisible little splinters, thorns etc in kiddies feet. Absolutely fabulous!!!


 Available in pink, purple, yellow, green and blue at R285.00 from Sorbet salons


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