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I was sent the latest Lipidol sunscreen oil with SPF 20 to test and review, which arrived at exactly the right time, just Summer in Cape Town.


Even though it’s an oil, which usually triggers thoughts of sunburn, rather than sun protection, this protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, while supplementing your skin’s natural oily layer at the same time.




I was happy to note that it does absorb quickly but it does still feel a bit oily if you apply a lot. So apply sparingly if you’re going to the beach for example. However, saying that, my son was rolling in the sand and I managed to wipe off most of the sand before he got into the car, so it’s probably similar to creamy sunscreens.


My skin felt really moisturized at the end of the day, and no sunburn in sight. My son has quite sensitive skin, and there was no reaction to the oil at all. I’m really enjoying using the Lipidol Sunscreen on my body, but do still use my higher SPF on my face, as I’m really trying to avoid getting more pigmentation on my face.


It contains natural plant extracts and is scented with Cypress and Basil essential oils, which smells wonderfully fresh, but doesn’t stay on the skin very long after application.


I’ve given two friends a bottle of Lipidol as well, to test out, and I’ll ask them to comment below once they’ve had a chance to form an opinion.



For more info:

Website: https://lipidol.com/za/en-za

“Sunscreen Oil SPF 20 creates an invisible barrier that helps to protect not only against the sun, but also against the harsh effects of wind and water. Apply before going outdoors. Reapply after swimming. Fragranced with Cypress and Basil essential oils. Available at Clicks at the recommended retail price of R79.99.”

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