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Ordinary Skincare


I read about Dr Claire Jamieson’s skincare range and immediately desperately wanted to try it as it seemed just what the doctor ordered for my rosacea-prone, sensitive and sometimes dehydrated skin. Also having recently gone through some health issues, my skin urgently needed some TLC in the form of products that would heal and soothe.


Made locally, the Ordinary skincare range has been developed especially for people with “hardworking skin” (mine definitely fits the bill!)  and they marry the finest that nature offers with the best of modern science. Plus, all the ingredients are safe and ethically sourced using sustainable ingredients and tested only on humans. What’s not to love?


I was lucky enough to test a range of products which I can now honestly say have fulfilled all of my expectations and more. The  award-winning Cleanser is exactly what I require in that it’s soap- free, mild, gentle and also easily removes eye-makeup which is fabulous. It contains, among other ingredients, olive oil for hydration and rooibos as an ant-oxidant. Both gifts from nature that my skin seems to truly enjoy.


The Day Cream is light and absorbable. The hypoallergenic ingredients include shea butter, Grapeseed Oil, Coenzyme Q10 and Aloe Ferox. it aims to improve elasticity and tone and reduce fine lines. My skin looks great, drinks it up and truly seems to enjoy these products. I use the Day Cream with SPF 30 more when spring came because I am out and about a lot and exposed to the sun. Both creams are very soothing to the skin with a light, non-greasy texture that really combats dryness— it’s no wonder they are award-winners. The Night Cream is filled with anti-oxidants and vitamins which restore suppleness and tone to the epidermis and mop up free radicals which can damage your skin. It works like a charm to really pamper your skin at night.


The Exfoliator is simply perfect for sensitive skin like mine and buffed and removed any flaking skin on the face  so gently that I can even use it twice a week without any qualms of damaging my skin ( many exfoliators I’ve tried are too rough for me). This softly polishes away dead skin cells and my skin looks brighter after use.


The Moisturising Balm is simply perfect for any dryness— I love to smooth it on beneath the moisturiser— day and night in winter— it prevented that tight feeing I often get in cold weather. It’s long lasting so once you apply it, your skin will stay hydrated for ages. I’m officially addicted to it and the texture is unlike any other product I’ve ever used. This can even be used safely for eczema. A staple in this collection is the Lip Balm which softens the lips beautifully and I often put my lipstick directly over it.


I have to say that my absolutely favourite product in the range (closely followed by the Beauty Balm) is the Eye Gel. I’ve noticed  a massive difference in the appearance of fine lines and puffiness since using it as it has been created to plump the skin around the eyes with hyaluronic acid.I really do look less tired after using it. Plus, the amazing airless dispenser with integrated spatula ensures excellent hygiene. It really has lasted for absolutely ages. I simply must get more once it finishes.


Ordinary Skincare

Website: www.ordinaryskincare.co.za

E-mail: enquiries@ordinaryskincare.co.za



Cleanser: R150

Exfoliator: R260

Moisturising Balm: R310

Eye Gel: R450

Day Cream: R285

Day Cream SPF 30:  R302

Night Cream: R306

Lip Balm: R90


Favourite Part

It’s obvious to me that these products have been made not only with a huge amount of expertise and knowledge but also love. Also, they are as natural as possible. The pump-action containers are exceptionally easy to use and recyclable.  These products also have a subtle but divinely natural fragrance. Plus, you can order online and have them delivered. Dr Jamieson will gladly assist with any questions or concerns you might have.


Least Favourite Part

When the products  finish!



I need more of these products. And because they are made locally, they are very affordable. My skin seems truly happy with them and they definitely helped get me over a rough skin patch where my skin was inflamed and irritated.  If you have sensitive skin, once you’ve tried them, you’ll find it very difficult to go back to anything else.

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