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I am a big believer in shopping online— mostly because I am too busy to actually hit the shops and it is very convenient. But, I had no idea that skincare uniquely chosen for my specific skin issues, could also be ordered online.


Skin Miles offers you the chance to have a “consultation” with renowned aesthetic medical practitioner, Dr Alek Nikolic and then receive your products to your home.What a novel and fantastic idea!


It’s pretty simple—I filled out on online form about my skin, my major concerns and skin challenges as well as what I was looking for in products and which products I already was using. My main concerns this winter were dehydration, anti-ageing and pigmentation and I was also very anxious about not provoking a flare-up of my rosacea, which appears mostly in times of stress but can also be aggravated by products and foods.


So, I popped the form to the doctor via e-mail together with a high resolution picture of my face so he could also see my skin. The response time was a quick 24 hours or so.


A few days later, I received a parcel via courier beautifully wrapped with the products that has been chosen especially for me and  a personalised note.


I was very excited to start using the products.


Here’s my skin diary:


Week 1:


Got off to a bit of a rocky and late start with my products as was really ill with kidney issues after I had received them and had to be hospitalised. My skin has taken a battering and borne the brunt of illness, tons of medication and stress. As the body’s biggest organ, the skin has been doing what it could to detox from all of that which means breakouts and rosacea on top of the usual winter dryness. The kidneys are also a detoxifying organ so my poor skin has really suffered.


But, the minute I began using the Dermaceutic RegenCeutic Skin Recovery Cream, my skin relished  it and is just soaking it up.  I am also enjoying the Exuviance Soothing Toning Lotion as it really feels as if it’s cleaning my skin well from any debris at the end of the day without drying it out. I know that the skin takes a while to adjust to new products so am waiting to see how my skin reacts.


The Exuviance Multi Protective Day Cream is also nourishing— it seems as if it is being absorbed deep into the skin.  


Week 2:

These products are definitely more active (I only have to read the ingredient list to know that) than to what I was previously using. They are very gentle products that simply cleaned, but did not treat any of my issues (as Dr Nikolic explained).  I am now really starting to see some changes in my skin.

There is some peeling of the skin, but it is very mild and only in places. I know this can happen sometimes with new products and especially more active ones as the skin adjusts. It’s not unsightly at all and I know, as per instructions, that I just need to persist.


Week 3:

So now I am finally starting to see the real benefits of my SkinMiles products. My skin has stopped peeling and especially on my problem area of my forehead, I can see a difference where the skin looks softer, smoother. I am alternating between the Skin Recovery Cream and the Dermaceutic Activ Retinol Serum Anti-Age because I don’t want to overload my skin.



Even though I am tired, my skin seems to be rallying and not looking too bad at all. I think my favourite of the products is the Exuviance Multi Protective Day Cream— I love that it has a sunscreen included in it so that I don’t have to apply another cream. When you’re busy, you need a simple and quick  beauty routine.


Week 4:

I am officially addicted to these products… they’ve kept my skin glowing in even the chilliest of temperatures, stress, toxins, illness and lack of sleep, I don’t look like a zombie as I so often can: pale and drawn in winter from the dry air and stress of being cold.


I have realised too that because of how active they are for me, I only need a drop of them to make a difference.  And price-wise, I think they are very reasonable considering the high quality of the products.  



Website: www.skinmiles.com

E-mail: smile@skinmiles.com

Tel: (021) 761 6238



Free online assessment

Free delivery of products

Exuviance soothing toning lotion R385

Dermaceutic RegenCeutic skin recovery cream R670

Dermaceutic Activ Retinol Serum anti-age R840

Exuviance Multi Protective Day Cream SPF 20 R394


Favourite Part

I feel so relieved and pleased that I could treat my skin to some products with active ingredients without irritating my sensitive skin and causing a rosacea flare-up. My skin needed some TLC and this is what it received! And it was so easy to receive my own personal skincare regime delivered to my door.

Least Favourite Part

I was a little concerned when my skin peeled  and seemed dehydrated but it was just an adjustment period which did not last long and well worth it in the end.



I love that I could get an assessment from a professional online and be able to receive my products in the post without leaving my house. The service was  impressive: quick and professional and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The website has a range of products that you can order online and I can’t wait to try out some of their other products.

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