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A while back I met with Tiaan, the master mind behind Seaverah, and he kindly gave me 2 samples of his 3-in-1 Body Serum (Cellulite Removal, Stretch Mark Repair and Skin Firming).


Seaverah fast acting cellulite removal and stretchmark repair serum uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, so there are no chemicals to worry about. It is a powerful combination of seaweed extract and other natural ingredients, together with an oxygen component, which helps decrease the deposition and formation of cellulite, repair and heal damage to not just the surface skin, but especially to the deeper epidermis layer where you find the source of stretch marks, thus attacking the problem at its source. If used correctly, provides visible results within a matter of days.


Applying the serum daily, after a warm bath provides the necessary collagen and elastin support needed to prevent and improve the appearance of stretchmarks.


Cellulite is one of those issues that most women have regardless of their weight. But it’s also one of those subjects that we tend to ignore and not discuss. We are all quite happy to bemoan our saggy bits (especially post baby) but I haven’t actually had the ‘check out my disgusting cellulite’ conversation with my besties yet.


It took me a while to start using the serum. I really wanted to see results, so was adamant to use it correctly and finish the sample. Also, as it says that you should apply it after a warm bath (and bath time is still very much a splash feast with baby), I decided to apply it after my morning shower instead and made sure to target some hot water to my thighs before getting out.


I wasn’t sure if I could be consistent enough in applying the serum daily, but surprisingly I only missed a couple of days, when I was sick.


The serum is clear and not sticky at all. Once you’ve applied it and given it a good rub into the desired area, it is immediately absorbed and you can put your clothes on without worrying that it will rub off or stain them.


My skin looks and feels significantly smoother and tighter. I’m convinced that the combination of the serum and greater attention to my thighs definitely increased the circulation, metabolism and detoxing of the area. I am currently on my 2nd sample and still loving it.


No comment from the hubby yet though 😉


Other Reviews

“I couldn’t believe I was starting to see visible results within 4 days after using it. On top of that I lost cm’s around my waist as well! I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it myself. I can’t believe this is a natural formulation”
–Yvette Fourie


“I started using Seaverah’s Body Serum thinking that here is another product that promises the world but it ends up being a disappointment… I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was wrong. With regards to my stretch marks, I started seeing results within 7 days and I was shocked that by the end of the second week I could already see significant changes in my skin. It started looking healthier, stronger and younger again. On top of that, I had less cellulite”

– Eurika Petersen


I’m pretty impressed with these Before and After pics – let me hear what you have to say in the comments below.




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