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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful women at Serayu Beauty Salon in Durbanville. Being an ex Durbanville girl, I was looking forward to visiting my old stomping ground.


Yvette Adonis recently acquired Serayu Beauty and has been upgrading this beauty salon allowing clients to indulge in even more beauty and slimming treatments.  Situated in Sadre Park, there is parking in front of the Salon but as these were taken I found parking across the road.


Although I always try to arrive early, I had forgotten that this was the last day of term and as we also had a teacher’s farewell that morning 🙁 , I had to do some speeding up the N1 to try and get there on time. Yvette was there to meet me and even though she was multitasking, she had a sense of organised calm about her.


Do what you Love and do it often

Serayu is decorated with a feminine touch, from the orchid and statue on the front desk to the wonderful quote on the wall. 

There are four treatment rooms and three therapists

 There is also a stunning little coffee shop which serves the best coffee (worth the trip for this alone) and some delicious treats.

Serayu includes the CEYA slimming treatments which is fantastic for lifting and weight loss. Yvette also recently invested in the “Light Sheer Duet’ laser hair removal system for all your hair removal needs.


Serayu proudly uses Ceya, Optiphi, Mamma Mio, Dermalogica and Environ.

Treatment and Prices

They have an extensive treatment list ranging from regular beauty treatments like waxing and pedicures and eyelash extensions, which are well priced, to the Ceya non-surgical lift and laser hair removal.

The treatment

After chatting to Yvette for a little while about the Salon, Angelique escorted me to the treatment room and once I was warmly tucked in on the bed (with heater blanket = bliss), she explained which treatment she was going to do. Yvette had invited me to experience the Optiphi Facial with the Ceya Non Surgical Lift which combined would take 90 min.


Completely non-invasive, the CEYA non-surgical face lift uses radio waves which increases the blood flow to the area. The penetration of products is increased by 50% after the CEYA treatment, simultaneously supplying nutrients and oxygen while carrying away toxins and waste. The result is toned skin and a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It is a completely pain free experience and all you feel is some heat which is your skin reacting to the radio waves. If it feels to hot, they can turn the setting down a little.

She started with a deep cleanse, where after she applied the Optiphi peel which stung a little bit but not uncomfortably. After my skin was duly hydrated, I go to experience the CEYA in action.


She asked me if I would like to see the effect on half of my face during the treatment or if I just wanted to relax. Ever the curious one, I obviously wanted to see it, and I was exceptionally impressed with the results. My left eyebrow was noticeably higher than my right and the fine lines next to me eye and side of my mouth looked filled and definitely less noticeable. She mentioned that it is also very effective if you have a double chin as it has amazing lifting results.

Zelda’s Before & After pics – check the eyebrows! 

I can highly recommend experiencing the effects of the CEYA Non Surgical Face Lift, but if you must see it to believe it, then you are in luck as every new CEYA client can experience either a FREE face or body consultation which includes an actual CEYA treatment worth R190.
CEYA is not only used on the face but also for lifting and slimming effects on the body. It can lift, tone and tighten saggy skin on the body, reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. CEYA Slimming Treatments are safe, pain-free and very relaxing.


Angelique is a highly trained, experienced therapist, confident in her knowledge and the use of the CEYA treatments. The Optiphi facial was lovely and the effects of the non-surgical face lift were amazing. Yvette has put in a lot of effort to ensure that Serayu Beauty is a beautiful, tranquil haven, with friendly competent staff.


Professional yet welcoming and knowledgeable. The CEYA non-surgical face lift was a totally new experience for me, and I was blown away.




Location : 2 Hibiscus Street, Unit 3 Sadre Park, Durbanville

Email :

Phone : 021-9753547
Website : http://www.serayubeauty.coza
Facebook Fanpage:

Exciting News:

Yvette has very kindly offered not only a wonderful Competition for all our Facebook fans in July, but she has also put together an unbelievable Special Offer for you and a friend to enjoy the Optiphi Facial and CEYA Non-Surgical Lift as I have. Check our Special Offers page to view and book.


We’d love to hear from you, so let us know in the comments below, which lucky friend will be joining you for FREE when you book this Special Offer.


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