Instant Facelift Review & Give-Away

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Skin Doctors Instant Face lift Review


I received the Instant Facelift from Skin Doctors to review which made me pretty excited. Who doesn’t want an instant facelift without going under the knife?

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift

What it does:

* It improves sagging skin because it tightens, lifts and boosts firmness.

* It improves the elasticity and tonicity of the skin

* Instantly smooths wrinkles and best of all it works in just 5 minutes

* Effects last between 4-8 hours


How to apply:

1. Apply to clean dry skin

2. Place a few drops on your palm and apply in an upward motion with your finger

* from your chin to your ear along your jaw line

* from your nose to your temple along your cheek bone

* from your eyebrow up towards your hairline

3. Once applied, try not to make any facial movements (smiling/talking) for 2-3 minutes until the cream has completely dried

4. Follow with foundation or other make-up


NB: Do not apply a moisturizer when using Instant Facelift as it will affect the integrity of the film

Clean face – before applying Instant Facelift.
(Obviously way too early to crack a smile)


What I thought of it:

It sinks into your skin very quickly and dries fast, so you won’t need to wait for long to see the effects.

I  felt a tightening of the skin and thereby my skin felt smoother as well.

With Instant Facelift after 5 minutes

With Instant Facelift after 5 minutes

As my skin isn’t really that saggy yet, more wrinkly, I felt the effects more than seeing them.

No-one commented when I applied it, so not sure if anyone noticed.

Once I applied my foundation the tightening feeling disappeared so I’m not sure how long the effects lasted.

After applying make-up over the Instant Facelift

After applying make-up over the Instant Facelift


As I definitely felt a tightening, I would like to see someone that has a bit more sagging skin, to try this and tell us what they thought.


Therefore, we have a Skin Doctors Instant Facelift to give away to a reader who feels like they could benefit from using this product. It can be for you or your mom or gran, whoever you think would really be able to give this a good test & review it for us.

Enter the competition here:

Tell me in the comments below why you want it, and we’ll draw a winner shortly.



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