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Cathy Gee generously invited me to experience Smoothe’s Winter Warmer Package that they sponsored for our June Competition.


Staring in my rear view mirror I saw the last rays of sunshine disappearing into  the distance as I bravely barrelled down the N1 towards Blouberg and tarmac coloured clouds. With my feet warmly ensconced in my hubby’s socks and my winter boots, I turned up the heater and I braced myself for a long, wet journey.


Surprisingly I really enjoyed the drive. It was so peaceful, no incessant babbling from our 4 year old, no business musings from hubby and no screeching baby. Keeping the radio purposefully switched off I enjoyed the blissful silence.


After a law enforced 60 km/hour crawl (I passed a cop earlier and could still feel his beady eyes on me), I suddenly realised that I had no idea where I was. As a ‘foreigner’ to this area, I had to bite the bullet, eat humble pie and call Smoothe with my tail between my legs. Luckily, these ladies have an internal GPS and easily guided me in the right direction. Turns out I just had to drive a little further and the major blonde moment would have been avoided.




Arriving a few minutes late, I was met by Henriette at reception and was guided to our treatment room. The ladies made a mad dash when I hauled out my camera so you won’t get to see them.



I couldn’t get a good pic but as you walk down a little passage you end in a circular space with several stunning blue doors around you, each leading to a treatment room – felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland. My minimally decorated, candle lit treatment room was neat and cosy.



Cathy chooses the finest products from various lines: cosmeceutical, organic and ingredient friendly. A myriad of muscle-melting massage techniques are used while insisting that every facial is different as “skin changes daily” and customised to your needs.


Treatment and Prices

Smoothe treatment list is extensive and specialises not only in customised facials, a mix of massage disciplines and body treatments but also includes a beauty nail bar.

The Treatment

I was still pretty cold so jumping under the covers onto a heated blanket was so pleasant that had to contain my screech of excitement.


Henriette has a very calming and soothing aura about her and after an initial chat we both fell into a comfortable silence – well I was comfortable anyway 😉


The treatment started with a Dermalogica facial and she used the essential cleansing solution, followed by a Multivitamin Thermafoliant which is an Enzyme exfoliator. This stung a little but not badly and my skin definitely feels a lot smoother afterwards.


While the serum was working hard to hydrate my skin, my hands and feet were treated to a wonderful warm vanilla massage and paraffin wrap which showed amazing results in rehydrating my dry heels.

After applying a Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque she finished with an Indian head massage. To be honest, I don’t seem to purr like a kitten for head massages, give me a shoulder and neck massage any day. It’s definitely relaxing and I felt really snoozy and enjoyed listening to the lovely French music lulling me to sleep but I just don’t get that leg stomping, tail wagging joy out of a head massage. My baba goes gagga over a head rub so I realise that I am probably in the minority here.


After my 90 minutes of pure relaxation I was offered a refreshing glass of lemon water and left relaxed and warm all over.



A seriously relaxing and rehydrating Winter warming, snooze inducing treatment.


Positives: Cathy Gee’s boutique concept is refreshing in its décor, treatments and even the French and Jazzy music they play. Professional, friendly and well trained therapists that are passionate about beauty. They offer a wide range of customised treatments at affordable prices.


Negatives: None. However it is unfortunately a little far away for me for my regular beauty treatments but for something special and if you live in the area then it’s a definite must.


Location : Eden on the bay, Big Bay, 7441 Cape Town, South Africa

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Phone : 021-554-9631

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