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10 Benefits Of IPL Hair Removal For Men

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I recently went for my 4th IPL hair removal session on my legs at Legs Eleven and mentioned it to my mother, at a family braai. Much to my surprise, my brother overheard and starting asking me about it. I would never have guessed that he would be interested in this, but he sounded pretty keen on learning more about it.   The great thing about IPL is that you can go all the way and be totally Smooth For Life, or just have a few treatments and thin the hair which is often enough for men.   I chatted to Tiana, my therapist, and surprisingly they have a huge male client base.     So if your other half ever complains of hair, chat to them about IPL, as you might find them very open to the idea.   Here‚Äôs some info I received that you can share withRead More

IPL vs Waxing Costs

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If you read my blog and my Facebook posts, then you’ll know that I am documenting my Journey To Smooth with Legs Eleven.   I recently went for my 3rd leg treatment and as usual, I was in-and-out in less than 1 hour and it wasn’t painful at all. ¬†Having IPL on my legs is almost relaxing and it’s over before I know it.     While I was having my treatment done, I came to the realisation that I must be saving myself pooh loads of money now that I’ve stopped waxing.   Think about it. When I was waxing I would have to go religiously every month and at on average cost of R150 per session (1/2 leg) that’s R1800 per year, every year for the rest of my life. Now that I’m using IPL for my permanent hair removal, I only have to go 6-8 times atRead More

How To Get Your Smooth On For FREE! [GIVE-AWAY]

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Refer A Friend

I don’t know about you, but I trust my friends’ opinions above anything else. Obviously I read up a lot on beauty treatments, and we all have access to vast amounts of information out there, but when a friend tells me how happy she is with a spa, salon, therapist or treatment, I’m all ears, and make a mental note to check it out.   Well, let me be your friend today, and tell you about the Legs eleven ‘Refer A Friend’ programme as I really think you should hear this.     Legs eleven has a very exciting refer a friend programme, which rewards you for spreading the word about them. Upon completing your first IPL treatment session you will be offered your own Legs eleven referral cards to hand out amongst your friends and colleagues.   Every time you refer a friend and they book and pay forRead More

Look Younger With IPL Skin Rejuvenation

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  So by now you know that the IPL can be used for permanent hair removal, but the great news is that this amazing technology can also help you look younger by removing uneven pigmentation that the sun has inflicted on our skin, and simultaneously stimulating the production of collagen to plump up those wrinkles.   Internationally it is the most popular, non-invasive, professional anti-ageing treatment for women and men of all ages, who wish to reduce the visible signs of sun-damage and restore a more youthful and radiant appearance to their skin.   On your first visit to Legs eleven, you will have your free initial consultation where your therapist will take you through all the important information and show you some pre & post images of outstanding results that some clients have had.   Before & After Images   Combined Facial Therapy To¬†obtain¬†the best¬†possible¬†results, they recommend combining theRead More

Permanent Beard Removal?

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Johannes asked: Do you do removal of men‚Äôs beards permanently? What is the cost?   Dear Johannes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal provides a gentle, safe and effective solution to permanently remove unwanted hair on any body area, including male beards, with long-lasting results.   At Legs eleven IPL salon in Green Point, our focus is on making the latest IPL hair removal technology accessible to everybody with our simple and affordable pricing structure. IPL hair removal is priced at one low rate of just R380 per body area. This means that it will only cost you R380/session for the whole facial area (chin, cheeks and moustache). The neck is considered a separate body area. This is very affordable compared with traditional pricing models for Laser and IPL offered by all other salons, which charge anything from R950 per session upwards for a beard treatment.   Legs eleven usesRead More

Legs Eleven – The Journey

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  I am super excited to share my Legs eleven ‚Äď permanent hair removal journey with you. Deciding on who to trust with your permanent hair removal is not a decision one should take lightly. There are so many laser and IPL hair removal salons popping up all over the place, so please do yourself a favour and read this before committing to it. Because, yes, it is a commitment, and a long one at that.   My ¬Ĺ leg, permanent hair removal journey with Legs eleven, will probably take a little over 2 years.Why? Because the research behind Legs eleven‚Äôs IPL technology has determined the optimal intervals between sessions to maximize hair removal results. These intervals differ according to body area being treated. For legs they set a 12 week time interval and thereafter 16 weeks between sessions. If your treatment sessions are too close together, it will beRead More