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Hair Growth Cycles & Why It is So NB To Understand Them

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  Starting my Smooth For Life journey with Legs eleven has been an amazing learning experience so far.   If you recall, my first appointment had to be postponed as I had to take certain medication which was contra-indicated with having treatment.   After waiting 4 weeks, I finally saw Cynthia again and we started my hair free journey.   Starting my Journey   I’ve opted to start my journey on my legs as I hate shaving them and always seem to cut myself.     As usual I was met by a friendly and well groomed receptionist and then waited a few minutes while Cynthia chatted to her previous client.   We had done a  patch test at our initial consultation, so now she shaved my legs (dry so that no hairs stick to the skin) and then we started with the treatment.   They use standard ultra soundRead More

Legs Eleven – The Journey

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  I am super excited to share my Legs eleven – permanent hair removal journey with you. Deciding on who to trust with your permanent hair removal is not a decision one should take lightly. There are so many laser and IPL hair removal salons popping up all over the place, so please do yourself a favour and read this before committing to it. Because, yes, it is a commitment, and a long one at that.   My ½ leg, permanent hair removal journey with Legs eleven, will probably take a little over 2 years.Why? Because the research behind Legs eleven’s IPL technology has determined the optimal intervals between sessions to maximize hair removal results. These intervals differ according to body area being treated. For legs they set a 12 week time interval and thereafter 16 weeks between sessions. If your treatment sessions are too close together, it will beRead More

How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair?

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  Halima’s Delights asked: “Good morning I am an indian female and I would like to know what is best to remove unwanted facial hair,waxing damages my skin easily – what would you ladies feel best.thank you“   Expert, Linda Niehaus, from The Blue Door, answered: “Hi Halima Laser hair removal could possibly be your best option depending on your specific skin type and color. Laser hair removal is not always recommended for dark skin, however, if you go somewhere that has the proper technology, you could have satisfactory results. Some lasers are NOT meant for darker skin, and some establishments are not experienced in treating darker skin. The best laser for very dark skin to my knowledge, is the Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength laser. It is designed to bypass the melanin (pigment) in the skin, while targeting the hair follicle and destroying it.   The Lightsheer Laser Diode (we useRead More

Kim & Kanye Are One Smooth Couple

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were recently spotted at a laser hair removal clinic together. Having recently admitted to Oprah that she has lasered everything, it now seems that she’s introducing her boyfriend to her regular treatments as well.   Here is the video clip from The Oprah Show:     The power couple showed up at Kim’s regular laser clinic to zap some pesky hairs away.   The daily mail revealed that:   “ Kim was jovial as she attended her monthly visit, smiling and chatting to her technician.     As they walked inside Kanye tenderly put his hand on her behind.     In her interview with Oprah last Sunday, Kim revealed that she had all her body hair removed as she works hard at being ‘pretty’,Expanding on the sacrifices her beauty regime requires, she added: ‘It is a job. Gym everyday. I’ve lasered everything.’ “  Read More

Serayu Beauty Salon in Durbanville

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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful women at Serayu Beauty Salon in Durbanville. Being an ex Durbanville girl, I was looking forward to visiting my old stomping ground. Location Yvette Adonis recently acquired Serayu Beauty and has been upgrading this beauty salon allowing clients to indulge in even more beauty and slimming treatments.  Situated in Sadre Park, there is parking in front of the Salon but as these were taken I found parking across the road. Welcome Although I always try to arrive early, I had forgotten that this was the last day of term and as we also had a teacher’s farewell that morning 🙁 , I had to do some speeding up the N1 to try and get there on time. Yvette was there to meet me and even though she was multitasking, she had a sense of organised calm about her. Facilities Serayu is decoratedRead More