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In a market saturated with many multitudes of beauty treatments and facials—it’s difficult to find one that truly differentiates itself. But, I truly have!


If you read my reviews then by now you know that my skin is not run-of-the-mill as I suffer from dehydration, sensitivity and also flare-ups of rosacea which means I need a facial that takes all of this into account. I was assured by the Team Dr Joseph professionals that not only would my skin love this facial but that it would also be something completely extraordinary.


It was decided that I would receive the Intense Purifying Face Treatment for a visibly fresher complexion and to bring back vital radiance— yes, I was surely in need of this after a few sleepless nights thanks to a sick child, as well as the onset of winter which meant that my skins was beginning to feel rather sandpapery.


What I most love about the Team Dr Joseph products is that they are all about using natural ingredients to feed and nourish the skin. No harsh chemical substances —their lab uses herbs and by studying the diversity, creativity and wonder of nature, have developed high tech but natural skin care using scientific studies.


This facial is all about stimulating the five senses which begins with soothing music, room fragrance (the delicious Inspiring Balancing Air Spray) and some deep breathing to consciously let go, relax. My make-up and other impurities were removed with Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. The lymphatic stimulation was done with Active Synergy LYMPHIP for face and neck to improve lymphatic function, remove waste and to enhance the uptake of active ingredients. It also reduces congestion and redness. Yay!



Then, I was given a moist, warm herbal steam compress to open the pores with Purifying Pore Refining Essence and Crystal Salt Rosa. Just simply divine! My skin was then freed from dirt particles, soot, dust and sebum without damaging the acid protective layer of the skin and without disrupting the pH balance of the skin by using Daily Cleansing Milk. The gentle Fruit Acid Peel then gently exfoliated my skin.



This was followed by a cleansing facial massage with cupping glass – the ideal way to prepare the skin for cleansing with Intensive Repair Balm. Super relaxing. And, I think this is the part where I fell asleep!


Daily Balancing Toner was applied after which the Algae Treatment Peel Off Mask deep cleansed and purified my face while the Intense Moisturising Mask did its magic on my neck and neckline. 



Finally, the Daily Moisturising Cream was applied for my skin type.



Well, I had to rouse myself out of an extreme state of relaxation after this supreme facial. My skin was glowing like it had not glowed in months. Apparently, anyone who tries this facial is going mad for it— and I can absolutely see why.  Do your skin a favour and treat yourself to one.


Team Dr Joseph

For information and products: www.futurethis.co.za

Call: 086 001 8022  to book a facial at:

  • Toast & Co in Gauteng,
  • Le Papillon in Cape Town
  • Natural Living Spa and Wellness in Polokwane


Prices: R550


Favourite Part

Definitely, the cupping glass massage which was so lovely.

Least Favourite Part



I long to have another Team Dr Joseph facial— gentle, natural and an instant, amazing result. What’s not to love?


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