My top 5 Anti-Aging tips that really work

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Simple, Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatments that everyone should do.

As soon as we hit our 30’s and certainly by the time we start nearing our 40’s, most women (and some men) will have noticed that fine lines turning into wrinkles. As collagen production drops dramatically after 35 yrs of age, how can we best combat these signs of aging?

If you didn’t start a beauty regime in your 20’s then it’s not too late, but certainly time to try and slow down the aging process.For those of us that don’t (yet) want to try invasive treatments, there are many non-invasive anti-aging treatments that can not only slow down the process but even reverse some signs as well.


To be clear, we will be focusing on simple non-invasive facial treatments in this post.


What are my top 5 anti-aging tips that really work?


1) SPF !!! We lather our kids in the stuff but frequently forget to cover up ourselves. If you do one thing, then buy a tinted SPF like Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50, which not only gives you excellent protection, it also gives you a wonderful smooth coverage and you won’t need to apply foundation. My absolute best time saver and must-have item.

2) Now that we have any future sun damage covered, we need to try and reverse what you’ve already done. Treatments like Chemical peels and Derma Rollers can effectively treat acne, scarring, dull/devitalised skin, fine lines, wrinkles, photo damage and pigmentation for all skin types. But remember that nothing happens overnight and you will need several treatments, but it does work.


3) Exfoliation is an absolute must as not only does it get rid of dead skin cells, this also allows products to be absorbed into your skin better which is obviously why we are putting it on in the first place. Microdermabrasion has excellent results and you can even use home products to exfoliate your skin like the Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion which is my all-time favourite. There is a debate as to whether an exfoliating enzyme is better than a granular exfoliator but we can tackle that argument at a later stage.


4) Time to start a skin care regime. Yes I know you’ve probably used store bought face wash and creams but it’s time to invest a bit more into boosting the collagen in your skin. Speak to your beautician or visit an aesthetics clinic or dermatologist and find out which products would be best for you to use. I was advised to use Neostrata moisturiser. It’s now also important to use a heavier night cream – which I must admit I am seriously guilty of forgetting/avoiding. I need to start practising what I preach a bit more!


5) I know you will probably roll your eyes and stop reading right now, but unfortunately it’s the truth. Yes, you guessed it – a healthy diet and exercise. Sorry, but we just can’t get away from it. Drink a lot of water (gulp – just headed my own advise there), get lots of exercise (even if it’s a brisk walk outside to get some fresh air), and of course eat your fresh fruit and veggies and stay away from sugar (:( bye-bye cookies).


It is easier to try and slow down the signs of aging than to reverse them. I am researching some interesting new developments in anti-aging and will do a post on these at a later stage, but we can at least start with these simple basic steps.

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